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January 20, 2020

I believe it is really this clearcut: All human beings, unless reborn in Jesus Christ, are inhabited to some extent by demons, the disembodied spirits seeking a dwelling place in a human body.

You know when you meet someone, or see someone you already know, what can start off as a relaxed, no red lights interaction can suddenly and for no reason feel just off?

That the demons in them reacting to you, and yours to them.
Detoxing removes them over time, and the spiritual detox is so much easier when the body and the brain where the mind is are as parasite-free as possible, and this is why people fast. Food is the garment of death. In the west, it’s a past time, a vocation and a sport. In the east, they are lulled into ignorance of synthetic biology, nanotechnology, heavy metals, GMO effects including the rise of transhumanism, and the fact tha their diabetes and cardiac issues, varicose veins, et cetera, are all from parasites.
Djinn. Now glorified as superheroes and Disney characters and anime.

The prison of the ego keeping them from the sword of truth is disassociation, neurosis, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, the identity-splitting of the human mind enabling demonic possession. Thus duality is introduded to the ongoing ‘reality series’ [sic] called life. People are either ruled by higher or lower forms of spirit.  Prion disease – zombification (FEMA has a plan for it) – is being spread through all cultures by natural flavoring food and product additives and all factory meat, especially ground or lab synthesized. https://eatingtoascend.com/tag/soylent/

CERN opened portals for more entities since we have so many more because of the fibers, synthetic biology and GMOs, Lyme and Morgellons, and all the parasites. Demons are not external and unseen. We are surrounded by them, and I see them in almost everyone. They entice and say smooth words and act like friends or foe in all the ways of this world. Their cellphones, Facebook, WhatsApp and all apps and social media on SMART devices – including watches – are lifelines deathgrids for them, courtesy of the matrix. Why, they’re just keeping in touch with their friends! No, it’s soultrapping. Their jars are full of ignorance and they have slowly, slowly been boiled as frogs.

People are targeted by these demonic entities working in the alphabet agencies and corporations with their ad nauseum-discussed symbology (I studied this in the 80’s and 90’s in college, not as a recent/self-described ‘woke’ person) for the devil – all of this existence is a holy war – and traps are laid daily. Most are sweet-smelling diversions in the garden of each day, sometimes these traps are obvious, but rarely, as then they could be avoided! That’s not how deception works. We mistake the rope for the snake.

I have realized this is why people take the path of silence – vipassana and brahmanchari – renunciation – fast and pray and seek discernment, asking YHVH to open the scriptures up.

The object of vipassana practice is to learn to see the truths of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and the selflessness of phenomena.

At no time more than now has this been necessary. The conditioning via every sense and sheath and syntax is so vast and interconnected that it can no longer be explained. One’s DNA is synonymous with karma and is how the spheres of conciousness work in what the 3D beings we are quantify as “dimensions”, which in definition are still time dependent. Our journey, THE SOULSHAPING LAW free will process of life, is the effect upon light information within the cells being transformed by the vibrational states, and why yoga works. It defeats death. In Hindi this is called mrityunjaya: liberation from death.

The Christ Jesus studied yoga with the masters in the Himalayas of India and the east’s holy lands, and taught meditation to his disciples after He lived during those erroneously labelled ‘lost years’ from age 12 to 33. Through release from the cymatic, cellular mind illusion called Maya, only Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Isha) offered rebirth through release from the body, and ascension: all of this is recorded in the Essene Gospels that were hidden from humanity. NO OTHER HAS CLAIMED TO BE GOD: JESUS IS GOD.

“Now we come to the vital body of prana, which is the life breath with the five organs of action. The afrementioned sheath of food enters upon its course of activity when filled with this vital force. It is nothing but a modification of air. And like air, it enters into the body and comes out of it. It does not know its own desires and antipathies, or those of others. It is eternally dependent on the self. Therefore the vital body cannot be the self. The mental sheath is the mind with its organs of knowledge. This is the cause of the wrong concept of the self as I and mind. It is very powerful, being endowed with a diversity of thoughtforms [my note: parasitic demons], beginning with the I thought, [This author @eatingtoascend has been contemplating the last few months why babies cry and toddlers experience the “terrible twos” with temper tantrums, and this is likely why] it fills and pervades the vital sheath and the ever-blazing fire of the mental sheath is consuming this whole world lit by the five sense organs as sacrificial priests [the genesis of Ba’al] fed by sense objects as the fuel, and kept ablaze by the latent tendencies. There is no ignorance apart from the mind. It is the cause of the bondage of birth and death.” – Vivekchudamani Part 2 – Shankaracharya – Ramana Maharshi – Advaita

The word medication was [witch]crafted from meditation, and that is sorcery. The west has its Food and Drug Administration: why are they one entity even? #PHARMAKEIA We live in a world of illusion, no matter how sweet it seems. There are two sides and there’s no soft middle ground. Disinformation agents masked as content creators I have previously referenced abound, and I doubt most of them even know that they are mind controlled.

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  1. Thank you for one more wonderful post.

    I found that the best way to find tweaked / possessed souls is to have a look at their pictures; specially their eyes! Just observe the eyes together, individually and then again together! If your mind is empty / silent, you will soon get an uneasy feeling by just staring at the eyes! So, now you know what you have discovered!

    I am thinking that when we are required not to do anything that is routine, we get simply bored! We are simply addicted to work… for the ego. When we have actually nothing to do, either we day dream or over think and get fearful for non-existent fears! We find it very difficult to go beyond daily routine and routine thinking, when we are so called idle! Yet, beyond the boredom caused by mind, lies a phase of observing. When we can cease all routine activities of mind and body, the soul activities starts!

    All the traps are laid so that we can’t go beyond the daily routine and routine thinking! To be able to go beyond is not so easy. The detoxing and de-worming help so much to go beyond!

    I hope this understanding I have derived is accurate and help the readers.

    Thank you for all.


    1. You’re welcome. I am happy that your interaction here is rippling out so strongly to others!

      About the eyes, the difference between right and left truly does reveal the extent to which the body/mind is influenced, and by who/what. In the cabal, the illuminati hide their left eye. In the presidents and heads of state and monarchs (a play on MK Ultra and collective consciousness soul control agenda), they sustain black left eye knockouts in their pedovore human ritual sacrifices passing children over the fire to Baphomet. (You know all this, I am just recapping for readers.) The eyes difference though is part of that entire louche (most misspell it “loosh” as Max Spiers did in a video, God Bless His Soul (I think my some Max is from same cloned body) (a small black fly just flew up out of my keyboard as I typed those words in previous ellipses). Louche is from the French, and before that it was Gaelic/Latin, and derives from “lucre”: money, the root of all evil and they traffic in human souls.

      We have sex kittens and wolves in sheep’s clothing, so not all are revealed so clearly by the eyes! Few really are, except as addictions and mind control and pharmakeia of allopathic “health”/death industry continue, we see peeps like in this collages of crack addicts and false flag shooters who have been voice-to-skulled. For me I began hearing white noise/droning intermittent voices like a mistuned radio in the mid-80’s on a daily basis, after I launched an investigation into my brother Charlie’s death, ruled a suicide but really a result of CIA mind control.

      About addiction to work. Until my ex Kurt of WUSA9, the secretly wanna-be transgender newsman stole everything I owned and tried to have me murdered, I had animals and art and family all my life. Boredom or lack of purpose has never lacked for me. That’s why I place some of my artwork here on the page http://eatingtoascend.com/soul-of-work-retrospective as I have always been of spirit, even when they were trying to destroy me fracturing me into alters – especially then, really, as suffering anneals the soul, the soulshaping law to break free from the wheel of karma I see that is the handle of so many gates here, entrances to homes, and ship captains steer by it. If someone is bored, they need to be reduced to ashes. Only then can they discover who they are – or are not. As we agreed before, most simly don’t have it intheor DNA, whihc is the fruit of karma.

      The detoxing is really key. And you have absolutely resonated with the reason there are traps. The second part of Vivekchudamani – Shankaracharya – Ramana Maharshi – Advaita is spot on with this, and yet so profoundly subtle I am on my fourth listen. I keep to myself all day except for outings, talking with no one, limiting phenomena washing over me. This online presence I do tasks, and I take breaks and people think I am negligent and have disappeared. Not so. I am digitally detoxed. I force myself to get online here. No cellphone. I do it out of ethical soul responsibility which is love and seva (service to others). The posts are almost always remote writing <3

      Also tasks and meditation. As I have done all my life, I am sewing right now, one of my most ambitious projects. I walk 8-10Kms a day too. Fast all day until one meal in evening. I writethis so others can as well. If I can do it, amyone can, if they choose.


      1. Oh yes. Somehow, I restricted on writing about comparing the eyes and wrote only individually observing!

        Apart from the things you explained on left eye, there is also a ritual of drawing blood from a place near the left eye… on face. It is said that this blood is most enriched and higher level evil beings use it for their sustenance. Sometimes, drawing blood haphazardly can also create a black eye !

        Interesting about flying out of a black fly. I think you need to have a fly squasher handy! If you squash such flies, you may then able to find about natural or an AI bot!

        Thank you for explaining louche. From the spelling I got that it is French word. But didn’t have to go search for its meaning as you have already given!

        I believe that the predatory nature of entity hiding inside human hosts can be seen in the eyes of the humans. The wolf hiding in sheep skin, sometimes difficult to observe. May be that tares turning into deadly chafes! That is soul loosing its light!

        What did you do when you began hearing white noise/droning intermittent voices like a mistuned radio on a daily basis? Have it stopped? What actions people should take to stop it? Does detoxing / de-worming help?

        Wonderful, you are hearing / viewing frequently same video. For me, little time and so many to videos to see / listen and read! Some of the videos are so long, I just can’t watch them. Viewing/ listening it in part sometimes confuses more than understood! Good that you are freed from that ‘smart’ trap!

        What are you sewing? For whom?

        Good that you are fasting. Have you started sun gazing?


      2. How many drone flies and mosquitoes have I captured in the last two-three years! If I can trap this one, I will photograph it. That DARPA post I did, THE APPLE YOU NEED TO STOP EATING has pictures of drone insects… People accept everything, almost. Tis a fallen world!
        Don’t know about that eye blood-letting yet, please msg me with… although I DO know about blood;etting for humors, an age-old treatment for demons AKA diseases.
        YW re louche, researched that last spring…
        The V2K stopped after I began detoxing with all the things I speak of, in earnest in 2016, then adding the cabbage juice protocol June 2017, in concert with deworming. Our bodies are antennas. We can only try for optimal health on this prison planet.
        I can’t say yet what I am sewing…
        Oh I sun gaze, yes! Thank you for that! My vision is improving!
        Namaste, doing digital detox now, have a beautiful day. 🙂

      3. Well, I know that you have captured the machines in past. I am looking for a proof of it in India! Well, people almost accept all BS and discard the truth!

        I need to search for that blood letting. The post I read was also giving technical details of human anatomy. I have even forgot where I read it! I am now very selective when being online! So, can’t promise much on that.

        No thanks please. I just wanted to know about your progress. I am happy that you are improving the vision! It will also improve the other visions! Also, as more and more you have it, you would slowly reduce food in take. That would help in not adding any parasite in body! So, your optimal health would be far healthier than one can imagine!


      4. #illusions
        Listen again to the Apopcryphon of John in which error (ignorance) is defined, and we are told how material bodies are punishment, and how form came to be. Christ came from the hills of the Himalayas (where he is still) in a vision to tell John things in words people in that time could understand, the same things in the Vedas…
        Joni Mitchell was given Morgellons too, like I have/had/all do now really, thanks to the world-over spraying and nanotechnology as they make humanity transhuman and surveillance us all using the within-body antennae of molds/nano/yeasts/fungus/GMOs/heavy metals, which MY PROTOCOLS AND ADVICE DESTROY!!!
        [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtT48aADxpU&w=560&h=315%5D

      5. Oh, material bodies are punishment! I thought that it is punishment if we are not learning any lessons… else it is a process towards moksha.

        Himalayas is considered sacred because it is residence of so many yogis. That is why it is called Dev Bhumi – Land of gods!

        I personally believe that the gravest situations in life is actually pointing us out something else that we should take up.

        In your case, you took the alternate course of life and now have become a guiding beacon for people in same or similar situations.

        Thank you for all.


  2. Thanks for that glimpse into how you spend your time in India. Was curious 🙂 and maybe a bit jealous, that you got out of the belly of the beast.
    You mentioned the celebrity black eyes, as a punch in the face during their baphomet rituals…I’m wondering if you know why they do that? I thought it had to do with chip to brain implantation through the eye socket…

    1. Transmute that egoic emotion into right action. You can and should move here. All truth is here. Anything else is illusion.
      When I find out why they do that, I’ll tell the world here. I have thoughts on it, but they’re just in process. Chips and circuitry only duplicate something else. remember that!

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