L’ Escargot Is Our Cargo – SNAILS LIVE IN THE BODY

Snails live in the human body. As a matter of fact, we are full of sea creatures, a veritable polluted ocean of them... CLICK LINK TO READ ON PATREON


The cleanse is going well. On Day 5, I popped out 20 of these dime-size yellow pods ( photo included) This is not undigested food. I don’t know what it is but whole batch of them were eliminated in one poop! On Day 4, a ball of the serpentine strings came out, larger than a golf ball, all tangled up (6-7 ropes) and all looked like the picture previously sent. I realize now after doing this for one week, that on the very first day, I believe I eliminated 2 segments of tape worm ( both 6-7 inches long.) I did not take a photo as I was not expecting anything on Day 1. It was a massive elimination and very messy, but in the middle of it were the white segments. Now I keep a tupperware with water and soap in the bathroom with chopsticks. I am getting the hang of this, feeling much better. Doing everything right! Thank you so much, this is the best protocol ever because of the incredible results!

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