NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR TRUTH! In the last week, both Dr. Mercola and Mike Adams have been pressured to back off, in different ways. Dr. Mercola received threats of an undisclosed sort and removed all Covid references from his website (book is still selling well on Amazon). The Health Ranger", who all we Morgellons people respect so much because HE was the one who proved that McDonald's meat is made with pink slime soylent (although he didn't come right out and say so, but it's common knowledge in the truth world now) redacted today’s podcast Situation Update and loaded an apology for “misconstrued intent”.


This describes our own “cancel culture” situation to a tee.  And it is being carried out by leftists who make up arbitrary rules, signal their own virtue for keeping those rules, and try to destroy the lives of those who don’t follow them, who never agreed to them in the first place. Jesus’ response is a lesson in how to deal with virtue-signaling “woke” types.  He “knew their thoughts,” but rather than conform or run away, He openly and publicly doubles down.

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