Jesus in my dream last night, August 7, 2021 (repost)

... in wondering amazement at how childlike I felt and how His Love drew this from me in perfect peace as the geoengineered weather is hiding the Wormwood system overhead as demons run amok...

Bareback On Isabelle, 2012


My daughter appeared at my side, holding on her outstretched palms a perfect circle...


Then this morning after contemplating the dream, the sky showed me the day was beginning. I saw the massive geoengineered cloudcover they had set in place to hide the two suns. Still dark outside, one sun was already well up behind clouds, the other approaching the horizon line to rise. Through the manipulated satanic clouds I caught occasional brief glimpses of the sun that they don't want us to see, but they have had over sixty years of practice to perfect their occulting of the Signs and Wonders, but I saw it with my eyes, and anyone looking at these images can see that there are two illuminating lights in the sky to the east, of differing strength of luminosity and color value, both distorted and transformed visually by the nanotechnology particulates that we are all also forced to breath, drink and eat. You see, the fallen angels devised nanotechnology thousands of years ago to change the way light shines through glass. So I continued documenting the eastern sky until they literally began spraying directly over my house, and they made a whiteout haze and the local radio station says it will rain this afternoon.

Jesus in my dream last night, August 7, 2021

I was toward the back of a group of people in a dark, rainy woods. We were wearing BOBs (bugout bags) and following Jesus, who led us through the darkness with his own illumination: HE was the light we saw by. He showed us the path, what was dangerous on either side, what to avoid stumbling over, and what to look for to eat. Dressed in...


Now I am sharing that I feel something NOW. I have no desire for food, no hunger, no nervousness. I'm writing, reading, doing good personal things, feeding animals, interacting with others I see. Mostly I am connected and I FEEL SOMETHING VERY STRONG AND IT IS SOMETHING SUBLIME AND BEAUTIFUL COMING.

Planetary Alignment Images: my dream and NASA's side-by-side


May 24, 2019 The municipal water is poisoned, and smells like anesthetic used for surgeries, operating pre-op and post-op recovery rooms COMPLETELY. Or like the numbing lidocaine, novacaine or procaine injections for dental procedures, sutures and bone-setting. I smell bromine…

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