Murdered aborted babies shipped to Curtis Bay Energy

SHAME ON BALTIMORE – Curtis Bay Energy accused of burning aborted babies’ bodies for electricity

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man." - Matthew 24:36-37 (And they hide their faces,)

America The New Sodom & Gomorrah – Pastor Sandy Armstrong

Amen to this. All of it. I had a vision during it of my own aborted child comforting me in Heaven. It is very hard to know one could have been a more Godly, obedient parent, and see one's children lost. This is what prayer is for: God answers. All agendas and narratives hide truth, but soon every knee will bow. One needs to wake up and  meet Jesus now, before it is too late.


Open your eyes to the fallacies we have been entrained to call food!

As being of The Elect with the Metagene, by being vegan, detoxing parasites and eating clean, we are redefining all presupposed elements of eating (food IS a drug, manipulated to perpetuate trauma and enslave humans), including the meaning of what food is, mealtime and frequency, literally Eating LIGHT, as our cells are each the equivalent of an atomic coronal mass ejection, waiting for the day our Messiah returns with the clouds (Revelation 1:7).

Food Factory Destruction page

New page – Updated List of 100+ US Food Factory Plants Destroyed

New page - Updated List of 100+ US Food Factory Plants Destroyed.

Sheep inside a Bubble by Emily Little Bruno, and Escaping the Labs by Max R. Little - gnosis of the children of Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, @EatingToAscend


One day we’ll be together in heaven. I love you very much.

The Shroud of Turin is photographic evidence of the Ascension of Jesus Christ

TEN HISTORICAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES OF JESUS – urgent repost of my November 2021 article

TEN HISTORICAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES OF JESUS - urgent repost of my original November 2021 article Because when the Singularity Event called the Rapture comes, if you have not reconciled these facts within your spirit, it will be too late. This…

2022 Feasts and New Moon Dates

We need to remain in prayer and obedience to the ONE TRUE GOD, JEHOVAH, who as Jesus Christ broke the genetic gain of function sin contract for all His Elect believers with His supernatural blood. We need to know not only what year it is, but the season, the month and the day - we can now.

Fentanyl use setup image

Bill introduced to designate fentanyl as weapon of mass destruction

Fentanyl is a drug so deadly poisonous that the Russian military has reportedly weaponized it. Our country uses it in their war against its own citizens.

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