Container Ship Hough Diptych 18July2022


Billions of dollars worth of cargo is land-locked off the coasts of America because the shipping industry - railroads and trucks - has been hamstrung - in the Bible it was done by houghing horses' hooves - is being prohibited from allowing the ports to unload and to bring that cargo inland in order to replenish the supply chain already houghed by the JUST IN TIME supply chain.

Comet Kahoutek K2 Asteroid Apophis in earth's atmosphere 28June2022

ARRIVAL OF K2 – why would the magicians wait almost 3 weeks to publicize this?

"The geologic record reflects some of the earliest attempts at agriculture and animal husbandry in this region sometime around the sixth millennium, B.C." is where His Story picks up at Genesis 1:1, In the beginning.

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