ALL IN THE FAMILY: PART TWO OF THE TIAMAT QUESTION (on Patreon) SHARED GNOSIS FOR PATREON MEMBERS ONLY: this entire article is divinely inspired (prayed for) remote writing. Only previews from this article (as installments) will appear here on Adjunct to some of the content from my upcoming book,…


Sky beings spotted, warnings and whistles blown, discourse on miscarriage, and what it means to be in the Order of Melchizidek in these days

Nanotechnology and Morgellons and Personal History 101

I have been dealing with nanotechnology with complete conscious knowledge of it in my own body since I took samples of smartdust bot plates which were exuded from my right arm to a dermatologist on October 31, 2015. She confiscated them, told me I had blue fibers growing under my skin, and had me see a psychiatrist because I "was delusional". I had been attached to by about 30 nymph deer ticks on Memorial Day weekend of 2015.


June 4, 2019 The electrogravitic crafts are increasing in number now. The amount of spraying done is staggering, and I have been watching for over ten years, and becoming very vocal about it since 2011. The number of cloaked crafts…

Living Death, The Parasitical Response, via Aug Tellez

Concise explanation of the parasitic control. Everyone has parasites. Mucous is parasites, sleepies from eyes, arthritis and all disease. The soul trap of trauma is their capitalization on the prison of the mind created by the trauma. Sin is a…

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