Christianity, which the world has been led to believe is a religion, for the elect few, it is in truth THE TRUTH. This culture has ingrained everyone to feel a sense of moral politeness and to respect others' beliefs or be called narrow-minded and intolerant...

Letter #132, 2021, Tuesday, October 12: Archbishop Viganò speaks to thousands of Italians protesting in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo against the introduction of a “green pass” throughout Italy

Today we discover that the administration of Propofol an anesthetic used to induce pharmacological coma was not only practiced by the Montichiari head physician arrested for voluntary homicide but was common practice in all hospitals as confirmed in an interview by the President of Primaries and as Dr. Scoglio reported. (link)


I am your mother and you are wronging me in the worst of ways. My concern is not for myself, but for your souls. What you are doing will result in your own eternal damnation. I will continue to instruct you and admonish you until the Living God, the ONLY MOST HIGH GOD JHVH, JEHOVAH, takes back the breath of soul in my body and draws my spirit back to Him...

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