Satan the Artificial Spirit

The Apocryphon of John revealed AI, Sumerian computer code used to enslave mankind, and Satan, the Artificial Spirit

The clamor of voices attempting to explain these crimes against humanity being committed IGNORE ONE FACT: This computer code artifical intelligence is THE DEVIL, whose language is a binary duplication of an inverted reality. Are they refusing to speak of the reason for all of this - JESUS CHRIST? THE AI IS THE ANTICHRIST, AND ALL DENYING JESUS BY OMISSION ARE TOO. (1 John 2:22)


This morning I awoke from a dream as if I were a very young child whose first thought was that today was the day 'we' were going on a trip that had been promised and was waited for in the purity of heart and trust of expectation only a child can have. Then as the morning progressed, the LORD showed me how we are His children... OF LIGHT.