United States military financial accounting contractors' projected loss of nearly 300 million North American lives by 2025


Get up to speed on Snowden, for the sake of the human race.


Now I am sharing that I feel something NOW. I have no desire for food, no hunger, no nervousness. I'm writing, reading, doing good personal things, feeding animals, interacting with others I see. Mostly I am connected and I FEEL SOMETHING VERY STRONG AND IT IS SOMETHING SUBLIME AND BEAUTIFUL COMING.


At 7:30-ish AM all heaven began to break loose, and it's been ongoing, finally with some - not much - rain, but lots of seemingly random wind gusts, which to me sound like communication. I checked the site traffic, amazed at how many want to know about the fact that we are being biometrically datamined and Gates patented it last year. I was looking east at the sky, hearing the frequencies, feeling in awe, and began to sing...

The 5G Global Protest Webinar Starts in ONE HOUR – BE THERE!

The 5G Global Worldwide Protest is today, Saturday April 25, 10am-12noon California time. You can join the webinar here:

Aluminium: The Not Green At All Metal

I must say that if an average person would just think further and research a bit, they will realize that what this advertisement says is exactly opposite of what is necessary for health and avoidance of disease! As I had read about this metal in the blogpost HOW DOES THE ASCENSION DIET AFFECT THE SOUL, I concluded that my coming upon this Aluminum magazine article is synchronicity and it must be mentioned here!


Young people who 'appear asympotomatic for Covid-19 Coronavirus' are developing feet that look like this: this is caused by the parasites in the synovial fluids of their toes, the first joints that are affected by the filarial hookworms and roundworms picked up from life on earth. The 5G microwave radiation triggering the nanotechnology in their bodies causing them to reject the alien RNA in their systems and their immune system is mounting a histaminic response. Because this is being seen in youth, it demonstrates that is due to their having more efficient circulatory system that older people (mean averages being discussed) who have more heavy metal, toxin and plaques, less venous flow. Children will develop sepsis and cytokine swarms rapidly from this. The protocols I teach will save lives. 

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