Objects in the mirror are closer than you think

The evolving narratives too are a distraction. Babel. From my geographic as well as detoxed vantage point, I see how close the Purifier, Wormwood, is. This is prophecy and evangelism. Please heed these words and manually share this blog and the DNA rescue mission Christ died for. They hid the fact of the third strand of Satan in our miscegenated DNA. AI is all over my attempts to communicate.

The power of the senses, 8th century wisdom you need NOW

The ego, being intent on pleasure, regards the five senses as means of enjoyment. Foolish and ignorant persons are bound to sense objects by the rope of desire... detoxing the ropeworm removes the scales from the eyes, and the path of the seeker of truth is enlightened. This is why truthseekers renounce the world, fast and meditate.

Stop the re-capture

Denial is the longest river of shit in the world, and as we keep executing the "No, I'm not a robot" reCATPTCHA to use the internet and to live life (for it has come to that now, ~UNdeNIably), we are giving ourselves to the captors. When we we cease to exist, unless WE JUST STOP?

Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and the Egyptians

A re-cap to "flesh out" the previous repost, this from 2016, shortly after Max Spiers, SSP supersoldier from the Bases was murdered. Now we have lost Harald Kautz-Vella. Before them, William Cooer, Phil Scheneider, Jim Marrs. Be aware, my brethren, that we are of a lineage of the Tribe of Levi, Lions of Judah, and respect those who laid down their lives so you could share here now.


Note to the reader: the spiritual category word BELIEVER is what the first now-called-christians referred to themselves as. Yeshua never wanted to make a religion or a church. He came as the energetic force of the Most High on a…

Maille Mail Male Chains Gcomm

The Freemasons are Lucifer and his fallen angels deceiving all of humanity with one end goal which the film GRAY STATE revealed https://rumble.com/v28vuda-gray-state-official-trailer-2017.html