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2Feb2023 UPDATE! Proof that removing poisoned feed restores egg production in 2-3 days added below

January 31, 2023

Please bear with me as I preface this extreme disclosure, because this war against humanity has taken another mind-boggling turn. THE CHICKEN FEED SUPPLY IS NOW POISONED.

Layer crumbles now contain a toxin that stops egg production, January 31, 2023
Layer crumbles now contain a toxin that stops egg production

It’s simply not enough that the controllers have infected poultry worldwide with the bioweapon Avian Flu, driving the cost of eggs to $10.00 a dozen – and higher. Or that 100,000 hens were killed three days ago in yet another food factory fire , this time at Hillendale Farms in Connecticut. But now they have added bioweapons directly to the poultry feed sold by America’s giants of animal and livestock industry. (Giants, hmm…)

Holding a hen

I am a Chicken lady. It started at age four at my Uncle Mike’s farm in Flintstone, Alleghany County, Maryland,  and reached a height with my non-GMO organic produce and poultry farm business once featured on NPR – my license plate two trucks in a row was BRNEGGS – and my “Chickenladyhood”  returned with the recent gift of a small flock of six young hens (pullets less than a year old) a few weeks ago. I had already began caring for them on December 22, 2022, the very day a massive winter storm rolled in, and I do mean rolled! I had my camera with me and got this image as the winds swept in with intense force as if a switch was flipped – and since weather is weaponized, it was.

Roll cloud stormfront 22December2023

A few weeks later, I was given the six hens, their ‘coop’ and run, and the sack of Purina Layer Crumbles they had been fed by the previous owner. I added on cracked corn and scratch grains (corn, oats, barley),  but they still had free access to the crumbles, and I noticed that they didn’t even like them (which I thought odd based on past experience with my own flocks). I knew that prior to the Purina brand crumbles they’d been fed TSC (Tractor Supply Company) layer crumbles, but planned on moving away from factory feed as soon as possible. Here are the eggs before they ate crumbles exclusively, starting December 22nd:

Eggs before feeding only on layer crumbles
Eggs before feeding only on layer crumbles

Until December 22nd the hens had free-ranged, which meant that they did not rely solely on feed, and I collected a couple of eggs daily. That dramatic front brought 35-50MPH winds and driving snow for nearly a week, with temperatures as low as 30 below zero (with windchill), so the ‘girls’  became “cooped up”. When temperatures rose after Christmas, I let them range again – until a large and hungry fox was spotted checking them out.

Late yesterday evening I saw this video and learned why my hens had stopped laying:

This morning I threw the poisonous layer rumbles into the burn pit, and made this video:


It’s not a conspiracy, and it has nothing to do with fewer hours of sunlight – in decades of having chickens and geese I never experienced a total loss of production from my hens. Toxins being added to layer feed that makes chickens quit laying.
I experienced with these hens the very thing others are experiencing, including Doug and Stacy. So now the hens have to ‘detox’, and to help speed that along, I gave them chopped fresh kale. The next sacks of grain will come from the mill and not TSC, and in addition to corn will include barley, crimped oats, millet, wheat and black oil sunflower seeds, and crushed oyster shells for digestion. Honestly, chickens are thrifty, easy keepers. The most important things is to move away from any product specifically formulated for them – or any animals – as BIOLOGICAL LIFE OF ALL KINDS IS BEING GENOCIDED.

Finely chopped produce scraps for the hens because chickens don't chewSince I eat a plant-based diet, I finely chop vegetable and fruit trimmings for them since chickens don’t chew. I also give them steeped herbs from teas, and pour a bit of fermented cabbage juice over it. Probiotics are good for everyone. (Left: finely chopped vegetable trimmings and hot pepper seeds)

Giving them seeds from hot peppers (I make small-batch fermented hot sauces) helps to reduce their intestinal parasite loads.

Please share this article with everyone you know, whether they have chickens or not.

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Update on February 2, 2023: evidence that removing the reproductive inhibitor toxin in the poisoned feed restores egg production in days! (witness testimony from the author)

Below are still images providing proof of what is being done to chickens – both here and all over the U.S.

Eggs collected since the hens could only eat Purina Layer Crumbles. The brown egg was laid on December 21, 2022 by the Rhode Island Red. Since that date on Purina layer crumbles, only the Aracauna has been laying. This is most likely due to the fact that her breed is ancient and not as genetically modified (”directed evolution” in Pfizer’s terms) as the other hens seen here. Essentially this is an agenda to halt reproduction just as is being done with the Covid (no virus ever isolated) ‘vaccinations’ which are genetic alteration DNA reprogramming.

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