September 12, 2019

DARPA advisor reveals conscious AI supercomputers utilized for mind control

via Aug Tellez

Another recent post about DARPA THE APPLE WE NEED TO STOP EATING


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      1. The other day, when I opened your blog, instead of the song you posted on your blog “Earworm for the world”, I got the link of the video at the end of your post “THE REAL REASON FOR 5G IS TO KEEP OUR FREQUENCY LOW AND STOP US FROM ASCENDING– click to read that post from last year”!!

        So, have I joined the list of esteemed?! 🙂

  1. I believe that the option of extending the consciousness in artificial form (bio chip technology, cloning and the like) is a possibility to disconnect the artificial forms of existence / entities from the Original life forces. The attraction to artificial (soulless) technology and the composition of material bodies will (as an adhesive strip for mosquitoes) pull all those parts / infections / disruptions / viruses from the natural forms of existence. The (future) choice for such an unnatural survival will be considered as a ‘logical step forward’ and made by that and those which has emerged from the artificial existence construction in which a part of human life on Earth (and in the energetic existence spheres) finds itself. currently located.

    The AI ​​(artificial intelligence) rat catcher of Hamelin comes to mind as an image.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

    1. Although cloning exists as a means of harvesting human aetheric energies and walk-ins for the formless ones, the medical /scientific e.g. satanic pharmakeia uses for profit driving humanity to replicant existence is, I think, exactly as you state, Joep. Water in a funnel is forced through one small hole. That Hamelin analogy is brilliant. Isn’t it what “they” call the “Age of Enlightenment” in which they made science the new religion? Look at all the heavy-metalled faces, powdered wigs they wore. What besides deaths did their Black Plague introduce? Wetiko, formally? They sure succeeded in creating universal Stockholm Syndrome. It concerns me that these ‘spheres’ or ‘planes’ of extradimensional reality being put forth as that ‘logical step forward’ is being ghostwritten into some of the current ascension dialogue. I had been considering your comment, and that thought (preceding sentence) and the DNA upgrade question. It takes me some time sometimes to discern: not all is gnosis-based, but the inner gnawing does make me seek. If one accepts a supposition that dieties are wayshowers of genetic upgrades, I think that’s questionable, considering the fact that they duplicate, as you know, digital is organic creation LIGHT duplication on the quantum level. I’m still detangling the threads of Lulu’s and aeons. We were once big. I think we are stars, which is why Hollywood debases them in concrete with nameplates to be walked on after being soul-killed. But our 28 grams is the LIGHT… do they think they build that stairway to heaven borgship with the volunteer human resources? Like Facebook, I think so. Ultimately, they will fail. They are source dependent, love’s not.
      Really happy you wrote here. Thank you <3

    1. It is good for the world, a very good thing, that you have begun your blog and are sharing such important truths. You will reach many, and this is important. We all need each other <3

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