In the image  you can see the “winged disk” of pure energy: the cosmological being of Christ. Compare to the cross of the water molecule! AMAZING! 

July 30, 2020 (post untitled|GOD unnameable| unquantifiable | omniscient | omnipotent | OMNIPRESENT !

“Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Our loins are girded (wrapped tightly and braced) with Truth, and in Ephesians 6:18 we are told of the sword of the spirit, but what does that mean?

A closer look at the sword of the spirit reveals that our greatest weapon against Satan’s strong delusions is prayer: spirit-filled prayer is our sword.

The Holy Spirit is within us when we pray, and prayer is the direction communication with God, who is unlimited by devised false construct of space and time, and science is part of the alchemy the enemy uses to ape the Most High’s order.

When we pray we supernaturally break the sorcery of the devil, whose greatest trick is convincing the world he doesn’t exist. They are ruling this world as a tabloid talking head circus. Don’t stay trapped. The enemy has no power other than what we give him by not trusting The Most High God and Jesus Christ totally. The brainwashed and polluted good people have gone mad and are self-destructing like so many lemmings from a cliff.

Detaching one’s self from the fray and look only to Our God is what it means to surrender and why.

Embedded subliminal suggestion is in everything. The ones we would want to be able to get insight from are pawns betraying their own kind.

The 1611 King James Bible’s English translation version has some intentional mistranslations put in by the Jewish Kaballah priest who sat on the council when the sixteen books of the apocrypha were removed and it was then edited into different languages.

The Jews rejected their own messiah Jesus Christ because just like the Catholic church, they are satanists at the top. Religion is a devised construct manipulated to divide and conquer.


This deliberate theft of Gnosis was done by these ‘long gamers’ to set up the Babylon they are now reaping souls from. It has always been a plot to hide that they are extradimensional parasites that grow in a vacuum only, unless they have a biological host body.

I shared the 2025 Deagle miltary accounting firm’s depopulation charts and Rothschild’s complete divestiture of all United States assets here last September 2019, ten months before my fellow targeted individual Katherine Horton did.

My writing is heavily censored why? Because no one else is saying as many TRUTHSTGEY HIDE as I do! WISE UP!

But hey, I’m only a visionary: a precognitive watcher who has prophecied all her life snd ben targeted since birth. Why listen to me or others I recommend?

What Stanley read in the library preparing for the TV quiz show WHAT DO KIDS KNOW from Paul Thomas Anderson’s film MAGNOLIA

Interviews with Paul Thomas Anderson and his ‘stable’ of friends/actors reveal we are fighting a holy war and the sorcerer’s wand.


If everyone knew the truth they would all be Christians.

A few words about the plans they are finally announcing on how they will “nuke the asteroid heading directly for earth”: LOL! They can’t even get past the Van Allen belts and Stanley Kubrick filmed the “moon landing”… Do you think that there is any truth to their bluff? Why would they contrive the fake virus lockdown and have the agendas and DUMBS and their futile SPACE X escape pods! They blinded everyone with parasites and science AKA alchemy AKA witchcraft.

Like Aimee Mann sings in MAGNOLIA: • WISE UP •


Only one source I know of has this footage of OUR SAVIOUR INBOUND @EatingToAscend on Twitter Please RT / Embed / Share by email

P.S. Added some moments later: It’s really interesting how often AS SOON AS I POST WHAT EMBARRASSES THE CONTROLLERS THE ENTIRE NODE OF OUR ELECTRIC GRID GOES DOWN. There are no coincidences. Armor up, my brethren! ~ Laura (my birth name means Victory Roar)


Alarming Rise in Child Illness Linked To Covid-19, Protests Continue Across the U.S – NBC News
What Are ‘COVID Toes’? Dermatologists Say Foot Lesions May Be New Coronavirus Symptom
“COVID TOES” May Be A New Rare Symptom Of Coronavirus, Doctors Say

Electromagnetic frequency and nanotechnology poisoning looks like this:

This article continues what  the expose called COVID-19 TOES IN YOUNG PEOPLE published by newspaper in the city I used to live in where my family still resides.  Most salient is that the liberal world order, as they have now begun to call satan’s plan, controls the narrative, and there have never been so many minions devoted to him as now in these end days as Nibiru is getting close to the final grand crossing– and double-crossing of a second cosmological body, now you know where that term comes from – of the earth in the last cataclysm as the vesica piscis singularity event occurs.

The COVID-19 TOES IN YOUNG PEOPLE article, in which I disclosed that anthelmintics would help, based on what I have learned from treating Lyme Disease and Morgellons Syndrome, was accompanied by a short post called PLAID, relating a story from when my children were young and what they called my anger, a reference to the Hollywood predictive programming movie SPACEBALLS, and yes, I’m really plaid above the strong delusion humanity has been desensitized to making theirselves succomb to so that their souls can be harvested. More than plaid. I’m this:

I wonder when the group of people who use the term created by the dark agenda “christians” -for the Creator of All who incarnated in Christ did not call his followers that, instead called his followers CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT – will, if they can, wake up to the fact that THE STRONG DELUSION ISN’T THE ALIEN PRESENCE, THAT’S ALREADY DISCLOSED.

The Strong Delusion is Covid-19 coronavirus, which is the effects of 5G they are using for their Spacefence to trap in souls from escaping this 3D hell matrix and prevent them from ascending.

The viral material they patent and distribute in their vaccines included their alien RNA, and DNA from miscegenated humans, animals, insects, plants, yeasts, molds.

They have put nanotechnology in all living creatures which is activated by the Wifi, LiFi (LED lights pulsing undetectable to the human eye) and the 5g, and this is switched on and begins to self-assemble, causing SARS – sudden acute respiratory syndrome, they invented that too – and either sudden death by massive heart attack or a cytokine swarm in the pulmonary system in which the lungs are targeted and they die within, on average, twelve days.

Due to the toxification of all air, food, water, products, medicals – literally everything on earth humans need and use – and DON’T NEED, TOO, as they made people into consuming machines with advertising – humanity has been set up to succomb to 5G like a plague wave. Arthur Firstenburg’s book THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW (Kindle) walks backwards down the pathway of time, illustrating how the manipulation of airwaves has caused epidemics for which the vaccine industry was created, as health makes the cabal profits on disease, trauma and death, not wellness.

I was in Richmond twice last summer, and saw how many towers are up. It made me ill to be there, and when I was there in June the amount of 5G there triggered nanobot swarms in my body: I posted about that here, with video.

Within a two mile radius of my daughter’s home there are 27 cellphone towers and 262 5G antennas, and none, for now, within two miles of my son, who is in a more rural area. In my childhood hometown of Catonsville, where my deceased daughter-in-law’s Nichole‘s family lives and where my granddaughter Emily visits, there are 25 cellphone DEW GWEN 5G millimeter wave towers and 113 5G antennas assaulting that area which, incredibly, is called Paradise. I GREW UP IN “PARADISE”.
Tower data is from and I strongly suggest that all readers save that site andshare it widely. I discovered it in late 2017, and vouch for its validity and consistent reporting data.

I’ve gone plaid over the fact that they are committing genocide and everyone is lied to and satan had me gangstalked and targeted to the point where I am unable to help my family as my heart and soul identity as their Mom and Gramma.

I write this in the field of every single CAPTCHA and cookie acceptance and security log-in, JUST SO IT’S ON THEIR PERMANENT RECORD. Every day. Every time.

As I type, dogs are yelping outside from the effect of the electromagnetic frequencies as this enormous planetary body passes closely overhead, dominating the earth. Birds continue dropping from the skies, and practice strange behaviors, and clustering with untimely, urgent calls. Humans are on their cellphones, oblivious, fearing Covid and practicing social distancing. Ugh. The lies!


To those who may be thinking “How could they do this to people! She’s obviously a delusional conspiracy theorist: even her own family pushed her away!” To every one of you I say, this is all the dungeons and dragons long game satanic plan, and, like others, my genes were identified, selected and targeted by the cabal because I am a blood type A+ CHILD OF GOD and they KNEW I WOULD SPEAK THE TRUTH AND STAND IN THESE LAST DAYS. This is their tactic and I have written of it here many times: they call humans ‘cattle’ and they pick us off after isolating us from the herd. This is predator VS. prey war tactics of isolation and culling.
So how could they do this to their own children – and yours?

It would be excellent if more other bloggers shared my posts instead of plagiarizing them. GOD SEES ALL.

“Newly emerging diseases” caused by 5G include “what is being called” (MSM verbage):
PEDIATRIC MULTI-SYSTEM INFLAMMATORY DISEASE – as reported by my lizard ex-husband’s station


TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME (remember when that happened with tampons, SEPSIS)

Toxic-Shock-Syndrome Infographic

What is the new illness affecting children, and is it linked to coronavirus? – THE GUARDIAN [sic]


And when it happens in infants, it’s because they are rejecting the strange, alien RNA and viral sheds which came from the genetic contributions of their miscegenated parents at conception, and then all that the mother ingested, which crosses the placenta via her bloodstream linked to theirs (keywords ‘interleukin, cold’)


Look for more articles in the coming days, all “satellite” to this subject., beginning with eating and fasting strategies of alkaline diet, extreme detox, supplements, 5G protection, share my work here with all your contacts, and please join me on Patreon, where you can get The Ascension Diet Ropeworm Protocol and individual coachiing and support.

<3 Namasté and hari OM.


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Microscopic Acari Alien Archon


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LEVEL 4 INFESTATION NOTICE I was inspired to investigate what LEVEL 4 refers to after seeing this in Rebecca’s (the Arkansas Survival Group Leader) post in Terral Blackstar’s Newsletter dated September 13, 2018 (where my blogpost Hard Sun Review from September 12, 2018 is featured). My online search for the original was not fruitful (hers was made from a screenshot with artifacts from a video, I wanted clean/original/legacy), but I did find this link:

And my jaw dropped.

What we call the genre Science Fiction is not fiction. Science Fiction is FACT. It is what is known as “reality”, categorized as Non-fiction, that is the Fiction, in this world of suppressed truth and false history. Everything you think is real is a lie. Satan speaks in opposites. You have been lied to from conception. Just think of what the government called its war division in Orwell’s book 1984: the Ministry of Peace. Please. Give me a break! That’s as bad as food labels now claiming “NON-GMO VERIFIED”, and “IF IT’S ORGANIC, IT’S NON-GMO”. Right. I have a bridge to sell you. Sheesh.

But before I go any further; a warning: this is an intense post. For many, if you can get through it, this will be a pretty disturbing article, so feel please feel free to listen to this as you read. Lovely piano, beautiful 432 hertz effect. Copy the tab to a separate window to listen in the background.
Relaxing piano music composed by Ludovico Einaudi. 

Now, I was already aware of the fact that parasites are vectors with which disembodied nephilim and demonic spirits inhabit human bodies and cause sin, disease and death. From Djinn to GMO, for in reality, both are genetically engineered, regardless of the age or aeon of their creation, archons have plagued (and this word is used literally) humankind since their creation.

I am also aware, but most readers probably aren’t, of the discovery an ‘amateur scientist’, i.e. member of the middle caste with money, named Andrew Crosse, made which he then called “Abiogenesis”, in which he manifested parasites from the air trapped in the vacuum of a bell jar with applied electric current.

Archons that look like ticks.

“During work on an electrical experiment, an astonished scientist found that he had accidentally created life. This is the story of what he discovered over 150 years ago — and more… Publication of successful experiments performed by a solitary experimenter around the 1830s was suppressed at the time, though two other researchers (one of them the electrical luminary Michael Faraday) later claimed similar results.

Andrew Crosse, in the year 1836, would have been known by his peers as “an electrician” or “a scientific amateur”. This was the era of the birth of electrical science. The few newspapers extant at the time were glowing with reports of the marvellous experiments of Michael Faraday, of Ohm, Morse and other electricity pioneers.

According to his family and friends, Crosse was an honest and simple, God-fearing man. A small income from an “encumbered estate” ensured he was able to work virtually unhindered on his electrical experiments in his Quantock Hills home in the south of England. His passion was the then-little-known field of electricity that used electric current to generate crystals. Local gossip would have it that he was in league with the Devil. People often reported to the local constabulary, seeing eerie flashing lights and hearing weird crackling, hissing noises coming from Crosse’s house during the night and well into the wee hours. It was this type of phenomenon that eventually earned Crosse the title, “the Thunder and Lightning Man”. For two weeks, Crosse patiently awaited the results of the experiment. The formation of crystals as he had expected was not immediately forthcoming, but something much more unusual and unexpected began to occur. In his diary, Crosse described the results of his experiment:

On the fourteenth day from the commencement of this experiment I observed through a lens a few small whitish excrescences or nipples, projecting from about the middle of the electrified stone. On the eighteenth day these projections enlarged, and struck out seven or eight filaments, each of them longer than the hemisphere on which they grew.

There was nothing odd or different about this observation. Crosse had seen these “excrescences” on other occasions and knew them as merely preludes to the eventual formation of solid crystals.

During the autumn of 1837, Crosse was busy trying to synthesise crystals of silica by passing a continuous weak current from Leyden condensers and galvanic batteries through oxide of iron, whilst a fluid medium of silicate of potash and hydrochloric acid was allowed to seep gradually through the iron. (It is interesting to note that Dr. Wilhelm Reich, during experiments in the 1930s and 1940s with substances he called “bion fluids”, suggested that static electricity like that in Leyden jars was similar to, if not the same power as, his “orgone energy” which he believed was the “fundamental phenomenon of life”.)

On the twenty-sixth day these appearances assumed the form of a perfect insect, standing erect on a few bristles which formed its tail. Till this period I had no notion that these appearances were other than an incipient mineral formation. On the twenty-eighth day these little creatures moved their legs. I must now say that I was not a little astonished. After a few days they detached themselves from the stone, and moved about at pleasure.

Crosse continued monitoring the experiment, and in the course of a few weeks about a hundred of the creatures made their appearance on the stone. He examined them with a microscope and observed that the smaller ones appeared to have only six legs, the larger ones eight.

Crosse's Acari Sketch
Crosse’s Acari Sketch

Crosse was unsure exactly what he had discovered:
These insects are pronounced to be of the genus Acarus, but there appears to be a difference of opinion as to whether they are of a known species; some assert that they are not.

Although an amateur, Crosse was no fool and began to suspect that his equipment had somehow become contaminated with the eggs of ordinary Acari. After a thorough examination of his equipment and the room, Crosse was satisfied that there could have been no contamination from any source, either airborne or otherwise. However, being the keen and conscientious investigator that he was, he determined in future to take steps to ensure that contamination would never be a problem.

Crosse by now had lost interest in his original experiments of generating crystals, and began preparations to conduct further experimentation in this new, exciting field.
In that same year, Crosse wrote two papers on his experiments. One was published in Transactions of the London Electrical Society(1838), and the other in Annals of Electricity (Oct 1836–Oct 1837).

As news of his discovery spread, the local people, mostly simple villagers and farm folk, were convinced that Crosse was either mad or possessed, and by the year’s end he had been damned from one end of England to the other. He was frequently insulted, and many unkindly referred to him as “a blasphemer” and “a reviler of our holy religion”, while, conversely, a very small number hailed him as “a modern Prometheus”.”

It gets worse. Victorian author Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, inspired by the re-animation of the dead bodies of living creatures, and not just frogs, but men.


Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, had been released nearly 20 years earlier, and Crosse’s detractors now compared him to the book’s mad scientist who managed to “electrically create life”.
Somewhat unnerved at this personal form of attack, Crosse wrote to a colleague in complaint:
I met with so much virulence and abuse…in consequence of the experiments that it seemed as if it were a crime to have made them.”

Crosse was relieved when he heard that another amateur, a Mr. Weeks from Sandwich, had successfully repeated some of his experiments but had used even more stringent precautions to prevent contamination.
Before commencing work, Weeks baked all his equipment in an oven at high temperatures, used only distilled water, filled his receivers over mercury troughs using “manufactured air” (oxygen), and even heated his silicate solutions strongly. After a year and a half of electrification, the Acari made their appearance. Control experiments, using everything except electricity, always failed; no Acari appeared.

Acurus as published in antique book
Acurus as published in antique book

The rest of the article is even more interesting than what I have shared here, so please, I encourage you to follow this link and read it! For somehow within this evil is a self-destruct, which hints at why they require host bodies. As to the agenda of the elite, they know that their days are limited.

Acari With Scorpion Claws
Acari With Scorpion Claws

Indeed, for all of time there has been a group of people endeavoring to create life and be like The True Creator. But they can’t. They can only imitate. Still, they try. Oh, do they.

Thanks to these Luciferian-driven ruling class we now have the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Flu, Influenza, Typhoid, Malaria, Swine Flu, Hoof and Mouth, Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Syphilis, Gonnorhea, Influenza, Rheumatic Fever, Cancer, Alzhiemer’s, Morgellon’s, Ebola, Hanta and Zika viruses… name an illness and it’s traced to Satan. Of course, the powers that be have spent all known time covering this up with lies, in the indoctrination education system and (fabricated ruse of) history they set up.

So look at this wiki which reveals parasites of terrestrial origin and how the US military deals with that. (Yes, I know this blog is long today. You’re intelligent, right? Therefore you want the truth?)

Item #: SCP-366

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-366 specimens, regardless of stage, are to be stored in a Level 4 Biological Hazard freezing unit at Biological Research Site-66. Cryopreservation is to be achieved through freezing in liquid nitrogen at a constant temperature of -196 °C to prevent activation. Due to the diminutive nature of SCP-366 ova, these specimens are to be stored in a near vacuum class III biosafety cabinet to avoid accidental dispersion, in addition to cryopreservation as outlined above.

All specimens and infested hosts are only to be handled by authorized personnel wearing Level A hazmat suits with SCBA, and all personnel involved in the handling of SCP-366 are to be scanned by MRI for possible infestation before entering and after exiting containment facilities.

If an infestation is detected, specific procedures are to be followed depending on the sex of the host. Males are to be detained and subjected to a dual inguinal orchiectomy by resident Level 3 or higher medical staff. All medical offal is to be disposed of according to the HazB-Inf/142b protocol. A secondary scan for infestation is to be performed after recovery in quarantine to verify the success of the procedure and to rule out residual infestation. Females found to have suffered infestation are to be likewise detained and placed in quarantine under medical observation 24 hours per day until such time as an ABE-366 event occurs.

Should signs of an imminent ABE-366 event be detected, the host is to be sedated using benzodiazepines, the dosage to be determined by the resident head of medical staff. The host’s quarantine cell is then to be evacuated of all personnel. Due to the dangers of hearing loss, immediate containment of SCP-366 specimens exiting the host’s body is essential. Post-event, both the host and any affected personnel are to be screened for (continued) infestation and treated accordingly. If no such infestation is detected and the host survived, class-A amnestics may be administered and the host need no longer be detained. No special social reintegration procedures apply.

As locations where SCP-366 ova are deposited shift if sealed off permanently, containment of these areas focuses on detection, quarantine of hosts and containment of specimens. If celestial events known to trigger the appearance of SCP-366 ova can be foreseen, sites are to be closed down temporarily. If need be, ova may be harvested for research. In all other situations, ova are to be allowed to expire before sites are declared open again.

If infestation is detected outside of Foundation control, hosts are to be detained and subjected to the stipulations above. The procedures outlined above are then to be applied to locations linked to these cases.

Critical infestations occurring outside of the Foundation’s control warrant a full quarantine of all individuals in contact with the deceased. If necessary, temporary research and detainment sites are to be established around large-scale hotzones.

Description: SCP-366 refers to a human endoparasite of unknown, possibly extraterrestrial origin that starts its lifecycle in an ovum stage. In male hosts, ova can develop into a larval stage. In female hosts, larval stage specimens may transition to the adult stage. Larvae introduced to male hosts and ova introduced to female hosts live at most three hours before expiring due to a lack of the hormones necessary for their further development. Attempts to cultivate infestations in other organisms have not yielded any results, with SCP-366 specimens of any stage expiring as expected when outside a human host.

Ova measure approximately 1 micrometer in diameter and have never been recovered unfertilized. When encountered outside of a host, ova are dormant with the embryo in developmental stasis. Larvae measure between 0.1 – 0.2 mm and display physical characteristics of the larvae of Ochlerotatus cantato. Despite this resemblance, research has indicated no DNA matches with that species nor any of its family. Adult SCP-366 specimens resemble the larvae of Tenebrio molitor though they are significantly larger (9.3 cm – 14.8 cm). Again, this resemblance is superficial only.

Upon introduction of SCP-366 ova to a male host via inhalation or ingestion specimens travel through the body to settle in the testes. An ovum stage specimen monitors its host’s testosterone levels for between 27-32 days. After that period of time, any significant increase in testosterone over the usual levels will trigger a transition to larval stage. SCP-366 larvae lie dormant in the testes, waiting to be transmitted to a female host. Symptoms that male hosts may display at this time include muscle pains, fevers and a small amount of blood in the host’s urine. Larva developed in male hosts are transmitted to female hosts through ejaculation. If ejaculation does not occur, larval stage specimens will remain in the host’s system indefinitely, waiting to be transferred to a female host. Lifespan has not as of yet been established for these larvae.

SCP-366 infestation in female hosts occurs after unprotected copulation with infested males. Larvae transmitted in this manner attach to the lining of the uterus and feed on the host’s output of 17ß-estradiol to grow to their adult form. An infestation with adult specimens produces symptoms resembling pregnancy which may include:

– Nausea
– A swelling of the abdominal area
– Light blood loss in stool or vaginal fluids
– Abdominal cramps

During this gestation period the SCP-366 specimens present in the uterus will display ovophagous behavior, with the larger and stronger specimens killing and assimilating weaker ones. This process continues until only one specimen survives. After three to six weeks, the remaining adult specimen leaves the host in an ABE-366 event. Specimens birthed in this manner will take flight through unknown means and attempt to gain access to the open sky. If successful, specimens will ascend towards the [REDACTED] system at an average rate of 114 km/h. Research using tracking devices attached to birthed specimens has yielded little result, with signals lost in the vicinity of [REDACTED]. Specimens prevented from reaching the open sky will produce a sustained high-pitched sound at approximately 101 dB.

An infestation is designated critical if abnormally elevated levels of 17ß-estradiol in males cause larval stage specimens to develop into adult stage prematurely. These cases are invariably fatal to the host as large numbers of immature adult stage specimens leave the host’s body in an abrupt mass exodus. There was only one recorded critical infestation amongst infested males in Foundation custody.

SCP-366 ovum stage specimens can be found exclusively in the state of Massachusetts, always at exposed locations known locally for adolescent sexual activity. Certain celestial events, such as meteor showers, may trigger the descent of SCP-366 ova. The amount of ova deposited during these events ranges from approximately 1.000 to 10.000 depending on the level of activity at the location. The exact origin of the ova remains untraceable at this point.

Addendum 366-A-01: “It was so beautiful, man. Just me, Lorraine, the night sky and all those falling stars.” – Host 366-28289F (deceased)

Who hosts this Wiki and supports this work? An entity called The Foundation. Here’s their publicly posted mission statement:

“Mission Statement

Operating clandestine and worldwide, the Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major national government with the task of containing anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena. These anomalies pose a significant threat to global security by threatening either physical or psychological harm.

The Foundation operates to maintain normalcy, so that the worldwide civilian population can live and go on with their daily lives without fear, mistrust, or doubt in their personal beliefs, and to maintain human independence from extraterrestrial, extradimensional, and other extranormal influence.

Our mission is three-fold:

The Foundation secures anomalies with the goal of preventing them from falling into the hands of civilian or rival agencies, through extensive observation and surveillance and by acting to intercept such anomalies at the earliest opportunity.

The Foundation contains anomalies with the goal of preventing their influence or effects from spreading, by either relocating, concealing, or dismantling such anomalies or by suppressing or preventing public dissemination of knowledge thereof.

The Foundation protects humanity from the effects of such anomalies as well as the anomalies themselves until such time that they are either fully understood or new theories of science can be devised based on their properties and behavior. The Foundation may also neutralize or destroy anomalies as an option of last resort, if they are determined to be too dangerous to be contained.”

Oh, yes, it’s a wonderful world we live in, guys!

Oh, The Foundation is perhaps fronted by a Creepy Pasta… but…
As we know, they hide truth in plain sight and say it’s fiction.

I repeat: What we call the genre Science Fiction is not fiction. Science Fiction is FACT. It is what is known as “reality” that is fiction, in this world of suppressed truth and false history. Everything you think is real is a lie. You have been lied to from conception.

We are talking about PARASITES.
And many will hate me for telling you that it’s not fat, it’s parasites.

Oh, yes, it’s a wonderful world we live in, guys!

Oh, The Foundation is a Creepy Pasta… but…

I repeat: What we call the genre Science Fiction is not fiction. Science Fiction is FACT. It is what is known as “reality” that is fiction, in this world of suppressed truth and false history. Everything you think is real is a lie. You have been lied to from conception.

And many will hate me for telling you that it’s not fat, it’s parasites. When I posted this article I wrote called Parasites Are Archons And everybody Has Them (or, Today’s Worm Truth-bomb), I lost 11% of my subscribers within less than 24 hours.

But I tell you, this is what the world needs to learn.
It’s not cellulite, it’s pockets of missing flesh and muscle that parasites have tunneled through and eaten. It’s not varicose veins, it’s distended capillaries and circulatory system structures they have ruptured as they travelled, reproduced, fed and died in. It’s not cataracts, it’s them and the strongholds of biofilm they build. Same for plaques in your hardened arteries. That distended abdomen, round belly, belly flap and beer gut? Rope worms. Autism of different sprectrums has been reversed with removal of parasites. Psoriasis, Eczema, arthritis and bad joints, gout, collapsed rectum (they laid too many eggs there which hatched and ate your muscles), autoimmune disorders, cancer, diabetes… parasites.

I could go ON AND ON AND ON.

(By the way, I need a publisher, like Feral House, if anyone can connect me, because this is from my book).

Why is that?

This is a coverup.

Now let’s talk about them playing REALLY DIRTY with us: Lyme Disease and Morgellons: intentionally engineered bioweapon parasites. Alzhiemer’s is Borrellia spirochetes in the brain. From the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NIH): , clinical research findings on Alzheimer’s and the connection to untreated Lyme Disease. There is a reason today’s blogpost has these references knit together… get it yet?

“When neutral techniques recognizing all types of spirochetes wereb used, or the highly prevalent periodontal pathogen Treponemas were analyzed, spirochetes were observed in the brain in more than 90% of AD cases. Borrelia burgdorferi was detected in the brain in 25.3% of AD cases analyzed and was 13 times more frequent in AD compared to controls. Periodontal pathogen Treponemas (T. pectinovorum, T. amylovorum, T. lecithinolyticum, T. maltophilum, T. medium, T. socranskii) and Borrelia burgdorferi were detected using species specific PCR and antibodies. Importantly, co-infection with several spirochetes occurs in AD. The pathological and biological hallmarks of AD were reproduced in vitro by exposure of mammalian cells to spirochetes. The analysis of reviewed data following Koch’s and Hill’s postulates shows a probable causal relationship between neurospirochetosis and AD. Persisting inflammation and amyloid deposition initiated and sustained by chronic spirochetal infection form together with the various hypotheses suggested to play a role in the pathogenesis of AD a comprehensive entity. As suggested by Hill, once the probability of a causal relationship is established prompt action is needed. Support and attention should be given to this field of AD research. Spirochetal infection occurs years or decades before the manifestation of dementia. As adequate antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapies are available, as in syphilis, one might prevent and eradicate dementia.” Link

Notice that the two necessary treatment protocols are not indicated: anthelmintics and herbals. Antibiotics are best used from natural sources, and the use of real (distilled) water, detoxification lifestyles, fasting, and many other elements of what has been umbrellaed into the now-witch hunted category “Homeopathy” – because it works, 86+ (I lost count) naturopathic doctors and healers have been murdered in the last going-on-three years – are not mentioned.

Why is that?

I’ll tell you why. They are doing this intentionally, as they opportunistically capitalize on the existence of archons – disembodied spirits of the nephilim and their descendants – which inhabit human bodies as parasites. The reason this is allowed promoted (even that is too ‘soft’ a word choice) is to destroy humanity and keep souls to harvest. The Anunnaki fallen angels – the Nephilim – feed on pain and trauma, and in service to their king, Lucifer, only lie, steal and murder.

As I have said verbatim before, they are literally hellbent on keeping people from realizing the truth of who they are as creations of the Almighty and ascending. Inhabiting the human body, they destroy His Temple from within.

How do I know this? I have been living this reality since October 2015. Actually earlier, many years earlier, but I was unaware. But since May of 2015, when bitten by over thrity nymph ticks and the doctors’ refusal to test, diagnose and treat for Lyme Disease, which I developed, I presented with full-blown Morgellon’s Syndrome, both fibers (the dermatologist said they were blue) and parasites.

I treat myself. The medical establishment, including two major teaching hospitals of international reknown, failed me. One didn’t even bother to fabricate a lie, and the other

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