WHAT THE MOST HIGH HEARS: 432 Hertz Angelic Cricket Chorus added to Cymatic Frequency Audio page

Just added to CYMATIC FREQUENCY AUDIO page, the 432Hz Angelic Chorus of Crickets chorus (slowed down 8X) in mp3 format, for peace, prayer and DNA healing.

Giant nephilim and miscegenated animals preserved - GAIN OF FUNCTION

Added content to And there were giant trees in those days

Geoengineering is the war in the heavens most cannot see due to the effects of pharmakeia in their bodies, activated by frequencies controlled by the ____... Remain ever watchful for the blessed hope talking heads don't ever acknowledge: Jesus is coming to take His Bride - true believers - and thus the restrainer is removed and all hell on earth breaks loose - TRIBULATION.

Tree Ring Record Playing On Turntable


This is what music is. Imagine what The Creator hears, for whom one day is as a thousand years. Who created the act of creation itself, numbered our hairs, and the sparrows' chorus and midsummer grasshopper symphony under stars and fireflies.

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