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June 15, 2023

In Memory of Charlie


Today is the 38th anniversary of my brother Charlie’s (Charles Burgess Rohrer) death, and also the fifth anniversary of this website and blog.

Each year on this date, I have written what might be called a “memorial post” for my dear brother Charlie – my best friend – who died as a result of being a Targeted Individual based upon his God genes: his VMAT-2 and SLC-18 DNA heritage. Can you relate to this persecution? If you profess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and believe he lived, died and rose again – or you WILL confess this in your lifetime based upon the fact that you are one of God’s Elect – than you are targeted by the Devil and his operatives.

As I share the following images, I remind each reader to be cognizant of what is happening to us right now. Very soon the Rapture will occur, and when it does, the Holy Spirit will leave with the Believers, and the Antichrist will assume dominion, with the seven year Tribulation beginning. As you look at thse images, think of your own griefs and losses, and those who have caused you pain or joy, and know that we each choose our own eternal address: Heaven with Jesus, Living God and Creator, or Hell banishment from Him forever. LOVE IS A CHOICE, and LOVE IS THE LAW. To love, one must FORGIVE.

Charlie and I, 1978

Charlie at age 4

CHARLIE SKETCH 1978_Testimony777


Charlie in his plaid shirt still hanging in my closet
Charlie in his plaid shirt still hanging in my closet , with the sleeves rolled up from when he last wore it in June 1985

Charlie's Motocross Trophy

Charlie's Motocross Trophy engraving

Charlie in Heaven, by Bill Helfrich, 1985
Charlie in Heaven, by Bill Helfrich

Heart scar the day he died

Charlie's Roadside Cross

Charlie in Space - copperplate engraving

Charlie in Space - copperplate etched

Charlie Tattoo by my son-in-law Brian Bruno


Welcome to the rest of your life - painted by David Rohrer
Welcome to the rest of your life! Alternate ending now available! – painted by David Rohrer

“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.” – Revelation 21:5

© Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, Ps., 15June2023

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  1. Sorry for your loss. 38 years. Similarity, Memorial Day weekend 1979 I was looking forward to a good talk with my high school friend Lyle, but he and two others drowned. I got saved the next weekend. Looking forward to many reunions soon!

    1. Thank you Mark. It does not seem real, this amount of time.
      I’m sorry for your loss as well. To add, when my son graduated, his best friend drowned that night when they went to swim in the nearby quarry.
      We have a few similarities, as you know, including growing up Lutheran.
      We surely do look forward to these reunions soon, maranatha! God bless you <3

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