Yuval Noah Harari – WE STAND ON THE EDGE OF SILICON LIFE 29July2022

Yuval Noah Harari tweeted a spell on July 29, 2022. Learn about it here: it's necessary to understand exactly why this was done. Transhumanism achieved renders Post-humans heartless. Understanding cannot be separated from morals. The heart functions as the conscience.

THE GREAT RESET RAPTURE COVERUP BANNER - theascensiondiet and eatingtoascend.com


MIssion accomplished. Follow the link to the page.

America The New Sodom & Gomorrah – Pastor Sandy Armstrong

Amen to this. All of it. I had a vision during it of my own aborted child comforting me in Heaven. It is very hard to know one could have been a more Godly, obedient parent, and see one's children lost. This is what prayer is for: God answers. All agendas and narratives hide truth, but soon every knee will bow. One needs to wake up and  meet Jesus now, before it is too late.

Giant nephilim and miscegenated animals preserved - GAIN OF FUNCTION

Added content to And there were giant trees in those days

Geoengineering is the war in the heavens most cannot see due to the effects of pharmakeia in their bodies, activated by frequencies controlled by the ____... Remain ever watchful for the blessed hope talking heads don't ever acknowledge: Jesus is coming to take His Bride - true believers - and thus the restrainer is removed and all hell on earth breaks loose - TRIBULATION.

It’s time to destroy the ages of lies: THE ASCENSION DIET – EATING TO ASCEND Alkaline Diet and Optimal Health in an EMF Nano Toxic World book waits for you

Some of the chapters waiting for you are: THE ASCENSION DIET QUICKSTART EATING PLAN, Ascension: What Does It Mean, And Why Should We Change The Way We Eat (And Live)?, The Human Experience: We Are Cosmic Spiritual Beings Having One In A World Dedicated To Denying This, Parasites Are Archons And Every Body Has Them, The Essene Way: Detoxification Is For Eternal Life, Fasting Is The Key, Break The Chains Of Sugar And Wheat: The Real Threat of GMOs and the Manifold Effects of Pesticides, All Roads Lead To Covid: All Roads Lead To Covid: Vaccines, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Nanotechnology and Your Soul, Cymatics: Everything Is Frequency And We Exist Electromagnetically, The Salt Conspiracy: They Replaced Copper With Iron To Hurt Us, Magnetism and the Metaverse and many, many more.

Another reader email of waking to see the Matrix for what it is (pray before reading)

From another reader email received this morning,November 2, 2021. Before following the link below, ask yourself if you want to brand your memory with the images it contains. Pray before looking. Arm yourself with your spiritual armor. It is not neccessary to follow the link below in order to comprehend the truth I am transmitting to you here. --- Laura


It is nine months since the Covid injections began and millions of babies to fully vaxxed parents are being born. The fully-vaccinated Covid parented newborns are abnormally strong, immediately hold their heads up, have lower IQ and black goo soulless eyes. They are animalistic, not human. - September 2021


Fairfax, Virginia, USA: "After filing a lawsuit arguing he obtained "natural immunity" from COVID-19 after being infected with the novel coronavirus, George Mason University granted a professor a medical exemption from its COVID-19 vaccine mandate..."

“It’s Groupthink” – Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology interview with Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree and Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, blow the lid off the mRNA vaccine disinformation. Listen or be an ostrich - and worse. BRILLIANT interview, TRUTH. "It's decision making by committee. It's worse than that: it's Groupthink." - Robert Malone #Orwell #1984

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