Possessed Powerbook, May 2017

Possessed Powerbook, May 2017
This was first posted on Facebook in May 2017

Last night, in the early pre-dawn hours, I rose to awareness from a non-dreaming to a male voice speaking clearly in a strong, clipped tone. I say “rose to awakeness” because at first, with my eyes still closed, my first thought was “Am I dreaming?”, and instantly I knew that I was not dreaming. I pay attention to my dreams. I was not dreaming. It seemed to have been speaking before the sound of the voice penetrated my consciousness.

Outside my bedroom door is my small living room, which is dimly lit by a pink Himalayan salt lamp which is on very low at night: I need the dark to sleep; light keeps me awake. Like an animal alerted to a sound suddenly in its presence to which it instinctively pays attention with full senses, I opened my eyes and sat up on one elbow, looking through the open door toward the direction of the voice, which was still speaking. The living room was bright, as if lit from more than the small salt lamp, powered by a nightlight bulb. As the voice went on, I did not hear the words so much as I felt their intent. I listened, alert and on guard but without the adrenal reflex of fear, for I am committed to banishing fear from my life, and trauma, and all the negative emotions which the archons of our disease feed on within our bodies and energies. I am definitely awake.

My rational mind immediately realized that the voice was not that of my landlord or my neighbors. I do sleep lightly, and if an intruder had forced their way in, I thought I would have heard this, but perhaps not, and was then mentally prepared to quietly get out of bed, grab a weapon and confront the intruder by stealth. All of these thoughts passed in an instant.

And at that very instant, the words became discernible, and I heard “I am in your keyboard” and then the rest of the sentence muffled into only syllables as a flash of light like a glowing plume came out like an effusion from my open powered-off laptop screen on the drop-down desk outside my bedroom door, and the voice was gone, the room once again was only lit softly by the salt lamp on low.

I didn’t feel fear as I processed what I had just seen or heard. I felt confirmation of the evil in this world that I say no to that is at work trying to harvest our souls as it fills our bodies with all the toxins we know and protest. I got out of the bed and walked the ten or so steps into the other room, paying more attention to my inner sense than my five senses already engaged. It felt like something – or someone – had just exited the room. I looked to the right at my computer, which was visibly powered off. Then I saw that I had forgotten to unplug the wifi router, and snapped the power strip switch off. There was a discernible and foreign coldness to the space as I went into the adjoining kitchen, where I saw that the only door to my place was still locked, and all the windows were locked shut save for the bathroom window, with its antique frame and screen, was untouched (I live in a small old cottage).

I knew what it was. I know what it was. It is the dark force which fights to enslave us, and sought to terrify me enough to create a wedge of fear in which to penetrate me. I have been saying no to fear, letting go of trauma, and releasing the sadness of loss which Morgellons has brought me.

This truly is a spiritual battle. As surreal as this experience is, I share it in order to expose its ways. It is the darkness which we must resist and bring to the light.

Laura Rohrer Brooks
May 30, 2017

Note: I stopped using that crafted device and sold it on eBay in April 2018 for a third of what I paid for it. The buyer, a ‘jewish man’ named Stan Katz in Los Angeles, although the Powerbook tracked via USPS tracking as delivered, claimed he did not receive it and PayPal refunded the $735.00 to him. It took me nearly three weeks to have that overturned. I got my local post office to contact the post office that had delivered this demon in a meat suit for seven years at that address to and proof of the code his mail carrier punched into the handheld scanner that the package was delivered into his hands. Presenting these proofs digitally, I was still denied a refund. I made more phone calls and wrote more dispute responses. Finally I demanded a police report for the package as being stolen from his home as the mail carrier had hand delivered it. A PayPal representative admitted ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HAD BEEN RESPONDING TO THE CASE UP UNTIL THEN. When I requested a police report, within a half an hour of posting that request in the dispute box when the phone call ended (I was using my now unused old iPhone as a computer and could only make calls OR use web, not both simultaneously), within minutes this thief and liar withdrew the complaint, saying “It was on a neighbor’s porch”, squirming backwards with yet another lie, as the USPS had confirmed from the very beginning that it was hand delivered THREE DAYS AFTER I MAILED IT WITH TRACKING.

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The Beast Is In The Tech

August 19, 2019

Demon comes out of a microwaved cellphone.

Last year I posted THE REAL REASON FOR 5G IS TO KEEP OUR FREQUENCY LOW AND STOP US FROM ASCENDING and I just found this video. Now think about why 5G has been installed as the Spacefence. Not only does it interfere with all body processes, but it releases demons, which unless one is detoxed, i.e. is *VEGAN, has cleansed of heavy metals, GMO DNA including human from natural flavorings , molds, yeasts, and parasites, the lie of Religion, Inc will keep you in the #soultrap because only faith won’t get you past the electromagnetic frequency barrier. They know that the location of Atom/Adam’s origin-all home is Jerusalem. This is why Israel (and MiraLago) are the only places in the world w/o the #5G #SpaceFence

This video of a screaming demon materializing from its digital, plastic quantum physics, human biometric-sensing home exposes exactly the resident evil of digital technology, which duplicates The Law of LIFE AKA the MOST HIGH, and is what CERN has increased in number by opening the portals for Black Goo to enter and replicate, and this iswhat is in humans everywhere. As people get more poisoned and obese with parasites, they’re zombiefying and cannibalizing. Nanotechnology within our cells; humanity is being replaced, and paying for it (I do not mean just monetarily, either).


*One MUST become vegan because all life has been tainted by alien fallen angel archon genetics: their DNA. The Federal Food and Drug Administration allows threadworms and lungworms in all dairy products. They cross the placenta and are in breastmilk as well. Incidentally, this is part of the answer why there is a caste system…


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