The hydrogel and the payload in the mRNA-changing injections being manufactured (four companies now, but it is Pfizer and Moderna injections which people are reporting this magnetic phenomenon from) are of course utilizing spike protein and magnetic assisted transfection shaped by the manipulation of frequencies and screen refresh rates. It is all designed to be so. People have been being pushed into becoming silica-based for years now, and they are doing away with carbon-based life forms. I talked about all of this years ago in the Morgellons and Lyme groups. We call this stuff the vaccinated people are experiencing magnets sticking to themselves to "The Black Specks" Our bodies rejected all of this as we were used as guinea pigs and told we were delusional, and marginalized and our lives were destroyed. We sat rubbing these nanotechnology particles, along with fibers, out of our skin and sores, or wiping them off in the exudate. They are magnetic, these black specks. So are the fiber balls. We spent hours doing nanobaths. I am in maintenance mode. Now the world has Morgellons and the masses aren't rejecting it like we did. THAT IS THEIR PLAN. IT'S CALLED TRANSHUMANISM AND IT'S THE HIGHWAY TO HELL. AC/DC, remember? #PredictiveProgramming IT'S AN ENERGY CIRCUIT. They use us as BATTERIES, just like we are shown in the Dendera Lightbulb. Or the Matrix. It's a soul trap because they steal our light.


The property here was shell-gamed to amass over a million dollars which coordinates with the timing revealed in the leaked emails on Wikileaks naming Tariq Alsheddi in the first emails which are about getting finds together to transport Islamist operatives into the US and out to Saudi Arabia, paying for passports, Visas and flight, travel accomodation, hotels, etc. After image 2 on the email exchange, apparently Tariq had asked to be BCCd, as his name drops off. This times perfectly with the property being sold for 1.3 million dollars in 2010, then relisted and resold at least three more times, the land being reorganized from one tract of <50 acres to 5 tracts to now .5  acres - A HALF AN ACRE - and the rest is now not only not in land trust but is untraceable even on Fauquier County Virginia Oh, Virginia is a very evil stronghold of nephilim government military witchcraft.

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