For our God is a consuming fire. - Hebrews 12:29

THE TRUTH ABOUT CERN – Insider Interview

If you want to know what CERN is for, here you go: "In this world we have to put a match to wood to set it on fire. In the otherworld, the natural state of things is fire and it has to be contained. CERN seeks how to remove the container so chaos and destruction rule. That container is what we call the veil: That container is JESUS." - Mike, CERN insider.

I Will Pour Out My Spirit

It all comes to this: THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY IN THE LAST DAYS. MP3 audio of a talk by John Piper, from 1990 reverberates Derek Prince's teachings of the word of our testimony. TAKE HEED, TAKE HEART, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We are chosen by the Creator to usher in the new age!