THE RAPTURE ALGORITHM: A two-part study (PART 2 OF 2)

Correcting programmed Rapture deceptions, Part II provides a comprehensive list of Rapture promises, descriptions, types and keys for the Believer to be ready, for the time is at hand as CMEs, solar flares and geomagnetic storms are occurring, with comets falling from the sky and asteroids nearer and nearer. The world theater dominoes are in place. Are you? This treasury of rapture wisdom will help!


THE RAPTURE ALGORITHM: A two-part study (PART 1 OF 2)

Correcting programmed Rapture deceptions, we look at some of the deceptions occluding knowledge of the rapture. Part II lists all the Rapture verses I have been able to amass in my studies since May of this year when my eyes were opened to the truth of the Rapture as the event which takes place before tribulation. Prior to that, as so many believers, I had been deceived into thinking that it was at the Second Coming somehow, and that we had to stand fast and endure God's Wrath. The labyrinth of lies this world instills is deep and convoluted indeed.

11_11 Eleven Eleven August 6, 2020 sm


There are so many numerical indicators and references to THE ELEVENSES in scripture and coded within the bible's gematria revealing the Rapture (The Great Solar Flash), and when I began collecting eleven elevens in 2018 it was for a reason, as I thought of them as GOD numbers.

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