Another email reply posted here: Please accept that this reply to your beautiful email is somewhat non-traditional, and read carefully throughout, as the structure is not a relicated pattern or type per se line-by-line or paragraph-wise, based on what you wrote. Some, yes, but not all. There was so much to address that it became ubniversal, too! So it is an article for the world, with heartfelt thanks to you, you angel of light in human form!

RESPONSE TO WSO’s latest video 30April-1May2020

THE CONCEPT HE HAS BEEN TALKING WITH HIS SMALL STABLE OF "EXPERTS" WITH TO BRING TO HIS AUDIENCE IS NOT "NEW". Steve limits his field of vision to the same cast of characters, and spins a lot of people's spiritual wheels. While it is good to examine data seeking truth, the evidence exists and not everyone still has amnesia. Nibiru, or whatever you want to call it, and it's apron of smaller asteroids, is making its Grand Crossing, and this is the final one. Geoengineering was created to hide this event from human perception, create a space fence, and they want to trap souls inthe matrix of this 3D hell.


WGSO October 2, 2019 radio interview re-posted November 20th 2019 on The Truth Underground, station breaks removed.

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