On October 6, 2019 in an article called The trumpet-like sounds of planetary dimensional shift – WARNING, NOT WHAT YOU THINK, MUST READ, I shared the sounds of trumpets I heard and documented from outside my residence in Front Royal, Virginia. I then was able to access the clearer original, first generation audio, and I provided it in this article called SOUND OF TRUMPETS – re-loaded

The original, clearer soundfile:

and this is the soundfile I recorded that day, speaking into my computer’s microphone and describing what occurred while playing the recording from the device I used to document the sound coming from the sky.

(I also was texting Steve Olson of WSO from my flip phone – legacy, no-leash no-mo – and the keypad sounds are in the foreground. Because of the number of times I had to reset phones due to surveillance and hacking, having wiped it in the last day or so, I had not deactivated the annoying bits yet.)

I emailed this to a number of large channels that are still on YT, including the one below, but was ignored. At the :43 mark in the video below, posted just today, the same sounds can be heard, recorded on March 25, 2020 in Michigan.

Preceding the sounds, excellent sky footage was shown which document the three light sources earth has “up there”, and this is a perfect illustration of the vesica piscis atmospheric EYE OF GOD, as I shared with you here in this post called SUN AT COMPLETION OF ITS TRANSIT IN ANTARTICA – MORE FLAT EARTH PROOF , with this image from an antique book I owned (now in Babylon storage), artwork by one of the explorers of Antarctica on the 1897 Belgian Navy Antartic expedition led by Lieutenant Adrian De Gerlache, it remains the first ever expedition to spend the winter at the south “pole” and return alive. THIS EXPEDITION INSPIRED ADMIRAL BYRD. This may be the only image proving this: certainly this was unpublicized. It also makes absolutely clear where the symbology we know originates, predecessing all cyclic Nibiru crossing visual origin. This image is proof of the Most High..

From an obscure vintage/antique history book on polar expeditions, here is a photograph of a colored pencil or conte pastel drawing of their skis and poles against the backdrop of our sun at the apogee of its daily transit. This rare, raw and uncensored eyewitness documentation of how our sun appears at the culmination of its daily transit was done by an explorer on the 1897 Belgian Navy Antartic expedition led by Lieutenant Adrian De Gerlache, it remains the first ever expedition to spend the winter at the south “pole” and return alive. This may be the only image proving this: certainly this was unpublicized. It also makes absolutely clear where the symbology we know originates, predecessing all cyclic Nibiru crossing visual origin. This image is proof of the Most High.

I know that I am not a polished, jazzy-sounding presenter. I hope my readers see that I am diligently sincere and that what I experience, witness about and record for all is valid truth. I know it is, as this has been my entire life. It took a long time to realize that this shamanic insight gift rendered my entire life basically as sabotaged martyrdom. That is why I have been a targeted individual since birth. I rejoice in being a targeted individual and the attempts at destroying me only burn away the dross. I would not trade a single fraction of a second of it. I speak for GOD: GOD SEES ALL.

If you have not watched the early television Longine News Hour interview with Admiral Byrd, you can watch it below, and also here on, where you can access it as you wish in a few other ways.

Pay close attention to every single word.
Then go to my first Red Pill video page and watch Antarctica – Sorry We’re Closed! Our Hidden Flat Earth.


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Ridiculed by family and friends lifelong for being a "conspiracy theorist", survivalist and prepper, the author was born to ancestry on each side steeped in Freemasonry (Masonic Order Scottish Rite, Eastern Star, Job's Daughters), the Oddfellows and the Elks, John Birch and other secret societies, while being German, Celtic Irish / Welsh and Cherokee in both direct parental lineages. Those who are awake know the significance of this lineage. Her early childhood and youth were shaped by devout Lutheranism, scouting, serving as Chaplain in Job's Daughters, and almost becoming Amish! After reading 1984 in 1974, she stopped watching television at age 14, and at 17, refused multiple recruitment attempts by the CIA. By age 25, she was an antique dealer who helped coin the term kitsch, and an accomplished, self-sufficient non-GMO organic gardener and master food preserver, with two young children, a degree in Chemistry, and a scholarship to Johns Hopkins Medical School. The tragic death of her closest brother derailed her medical studies, and having become a divorced single parent by age 27 with no child support, instead pursued advanced degrees in fine arts and hospice nursing. However, monetary reward was not to come. As years went by, a pattern of MK Ultra interference emerged, interrupting completion of her goals. The strong educational background in math, sciences and computers, fine arts, literature and history imbued her ability to decipher the intentionally confusing reality of the toxic world we live in. Previous employers include NASA Goddard, the Discovery Channel and Aerotek. As the "truther movement" gained momentum world-over, the undeniably visible dangers of GMOs, chemtrails, and the surveillance state grew evident. Interviewed on NPR's National Public Radio in 2011 as a pioneer GMO-free food producer, her life took another fateful turn three years later, after her primary care physician refused to diagnose and treat her for Lyme Disease, she realized she had developed what is commonly called Morgellons, and immediately discovered that the systemic coverup and refusal to diagnose or treat meant she had to heal herself. Drawing on every aspect of her lifetime of experience and learning enabled her to not only recover, but to achieve a greater health - in middle age - than is believed possible. In the process of detoxification and physical regeneration - especially the pineal gland - she found a working diet almost anyone can follow that raises frequency and sovereign intention, readying the mind, body and spirit for humanity's greatest challenge: Ascension.


  1. Trumpets? Its war time! Seals were broken last year, and now the trumpets. 2021 will be bowling to co(lu)mbine for heaven’s new earth order.
    I never posted my tarot reading for 2020…

      1. When do I see, and where do i look? Why do i see anything i think i do? I like using cards because it helps to orient me. It also provides “proof” or a basis I can point and explain/elucidate.
        But, if this is a challenge or just for shits and giggles, I’ll give it a go. Give me context though, so I know what we’re looking for.

        What did you do at NASA?

      2. Oh by challenge, I meant a fun task, not an “aggressive or defiant challenge.” So im taking this like a game.
        I’m constantly “lost” I never know anything about anything, when seriously everything is anything, without someone to provide an anchor. I totally lose myself in the moment, each moment. Im only in the present, the very finite present, but people seem to think im all about the future. *shrugs* everything works out the way it does because that was what was set into motion. And everyone responds the way that they do – some just mouth off in complaint but were too lazy or didn’t care to do anything about it.
        I forecast a frustrating future, and it wont be until may that itll start to pick up. Sort of. But really, the next quarter century is pretty bleak globally. But that doesn’t matter! Its only the in the locality that we are able to influence and manifest any power. And that is where our focus should be..?

        Btw, sounds like a cool job. What happened with it? I remember keeping candles and batteries and all that with me, I even brought them to church during y2k. Haha. I was like 12 or 13.

      3. Globally?
        Hmm, another 25 possible? I think what CERN has been allowed to accomplish defies that concept.
        It was interesting and only ended due to contract stipulations that apparently were not bendable!
        I remember the trailer next to our team’s was the Hubble trailer. One day they let their Weber grill get too hot, fried some wires and set the Hubble out of orbit!

      4. Yeah, we are a global community, and we are on opposite sides of the planet after all. Me in the south east, and you in the north west. And the global economy is a thing, that’s what seems to be crapping itself in the wake of this pandemic.
        My 25 year thing isn’t centred around any one specific thing, but whatever comes next. These first 6/7 years (until 2026/7) will determine how the following 18 years will pan out. Because whatever we put into motion will inevitably cause a new kettle of fish and all that jazz. Hopefully not disastrous. But who knows, can’t anticipate everything.
        Did you ever watch the series Falling Skies? For some reason I’m getting those vibes. 🤷‍♀️
        What do you mean by the thing about CERN?

      5. It’s not a spinning ball! No globe about it! The economy is about them capitalizing on soul collection, period. All else is theatre.
        I do have completely different idea of what will be than you!
        I haven’t heard of it. But I don’t watch series-es anymore! Not since I watched HARD SUN on Amazon and wrote that post about it in the fall of 2018. I log into very little, on principle.
        Been known they have been falling for a long time now though!
        And CERN, this video is educational in the needed technical areas you ask about. Look up its tag in my blog’s cloud, too. I am sure you saw their opening ceremony? And it wasn’t Shiva, it’s Kali, the statue, for a reason. This is the final Kali Yug. You have read my words, am sure.

  2. Thank you for the post and conversation above.

    I am guessing that things would be hidden till the last moment and then sudden actions visible by all.

    Personal thoughts and mental chatter would be deciding factor about what would happen in your world!

    Thank you for all.

    Namaste and Hari Om.

    1. You’re welcome, and I completely agree about the mental floss/dross/thoughts/chatter! On a physics level it is signal interference called WHITE NOISE which prayer, meditation and chanting, yoga, selfless work, losing oneself to helping care for others – even sewing and hiking, gardening – all help a being to go within to the SELF WHERE THEY ARE THAT LIGHT, yes?

      Then this comes back, I believe, to the Law of Attraction, to BEING THE CHANGE WE SEEK, et cetera.

      “I am guessing that things would be hidden till the last moment and then sudden actions visible by all.” Hm, what are you imaging/imagining here?
      For my part I know I see very differently than most others. At 60, I have fully come to understand every single event in my life and what these have all led up to, which enable me to help awaken others. I am fully cognizant that this earth is closer to the singularity event which will bring all the souls who have the ability to be positive to leave this plane: it will happen soon. It;s happening already, in a groaningly slow way, but most do not sense that. The addictions to opiates and amphetamines, the comorbidities from parasites, and the disapperaring people who supposedly were” helped to survive” geoengineered weather events who never are seen agaiin… the homeless,,, It’s happening.

      Namste and hari OM. Thank you for your patience as I get to the comment replies.

  3. Thank you for the reply.

    What I meant was that those normal person, unlike you, who can’t see things, will find it a sudden occurrence!

    Yes, about white noise, very true. I started meditation with Binaural beats!

    Thank you for all.

    Namaste and Hari Om.

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