THE KALI YUGA POST: Consciousness, addiction and HOME

Live and Be the Truth You Have Discovered!

Stop the re-capture

Denial is the longest river of shit in the world, and as we keep executing the "No, I'm not a robot" reCATPTCHA to use the internet and to live life (for it has come to that now, ~UNdeNIably), we are giving ourselves to the captors. When we we cease to exist, unless WE JUST STOP?

Hey, Virginia!

Don't say I didn't try to tell you.


BE CAREFUL May 6, 2019 (I go to bed/sleep by laying flat on back, no pillow, body *relaxed and open, room dark, with no LED lights, and focus inward to GOD inside, speaking lowly but audibly, thanking for LIFE, the…

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