November 14, 2019

This is an incomplete retrospective summary of my making sense of this incarnation. There would be more, but my ex-husband K.B. stole it from me in the court-sanctioned theft called divorce. Thousands of negatives, prints and pieces are gone, and more. In this world, money rules, not soul and spirit. Alleluia, it is the new earth coming. I hope you enjoy how I have anticipated it all these years! ~ Laura

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Creation is never-ending. This is love. The Most High experiences through our consciousness, which we are One with the Creator within and in ALL. We LOVE and ARE the LIGHT of creation. The darkness of the demiurge has made quite a theatre. I would not trade one moment of this play for worldly success and common societal recognition.

Namaste ❤


Written by The Ascension Diet - Eating To Ascend

The Ascension Diet by Eating to Ascend is a detoxification of the body and soul, raising frequency, sovereign intention, and readying body, spirit and soul for each being's only true purpose: remembrance of their true self in Oneness with the Creator.


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