When my daughter (also named Emily) was 14 and we were moving (again), she said “Mom, I’m going to have your tombstone engraved “SHE WAS A GOOD PACKER”.
Because the last time I mailed a package to my granddaughter, my son refused to accept it, I mailed this one to my daughter’s address.
On the front it says “SHE WAS A GOOD PACKER”.
I’m not dead yet.
I’m fighting for their souls – and yours, if you are reading this.
Against all odds and defying convention, without speaking Hindi I shopped for fabric, borrowed clothing and created patterns and hand-stitched this Punjabi suit with two layers of cotton lawn for the top and the Alibaba gypsy harem pants. It took weeks, in a room with no heat, no windows, where I could see my breath.
As I shopped I bought Emily things.
I love you Emily. I love you all.

Handmade by Gramma for Emily Little
© 13April2020

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