Sound and silence are not juxtaposed, for when one gets past the narratives, thoughts, distractions, to their place of being, the creation sound, that frequency of joy and love for nothing identified is the nirvana bliss of The All.

Identify the real enemy

EVERYONE must have the courage to fight this evil because it is necessary to get out the truth. The truth is the only thing that sets humanity free and we must identify the real enemy trying to steal our minds, bodies and souls.

Kristall nacht, Repeaters and Nanobot Swarms Visible: WATCH

This means that when people are in imminent danger, or are being harassed, targeted, sabotaged, kidnapped, or any immediate harm, they cannot inform neighbors, friends and loved ones. That is now a crime. Only the government there can alert citizens to danger. They control the situations.


Bruce Lee said "BE LIKE WATER". You will see why now (and why they killed him, and his son). The lesson we are to learn in life concerns the reason why we are born into this fallen world and are…

The Scientific Basis of What Is Called Born Again

Thank you #MostHighGod for coming to this #prisonplanet as #LightBeing in form of man #Yeshua injecting->our #DNA your perfect 23 chromosome blood of LIFE directly into the photons of our cells & cerebrospinal fluid for all who awake to the…

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