FOR THE VACCINATION TRUTH HESITANT: COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer BNT162b2 Vaccine – Modified RNA has a direct effect on DNA

KNOW THE ENEMY: BNT162b2 Here is the package insert for the one-dose BioAPI SARS-COV2 mRNA CRISPR technology genetic destruction Covid-19 injection / vaccination death of human race by EMPCOE injection known as THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order

Acceptance of the ritual mask-wearing alchemically begins creating the “new you” – the initiated servant moving from his old position into the new.  The ritual washing of hands has you symbolically (albeit unconsciously) washing away your old position – your old Master and his prescribed ways — in anticipation of your new master and his. You are in actuality, washing away your alignment with Christ which provides your salvation.  This means you are rejecting the gift of salvation, and aligning yourself with Satan, accepting the punishment due to him.  Why? Hand washing is the occult ritualistic symbol of rejection.

Airspace Over VA-DC-MD Closed Off – FAA “Official” Reason: “Vatican Blackout”

The coups d'etat was committed in the Garden of Eden. We're reaching the finish line now!
If all of the Babel babble is too much - and it is - do digital detox, unplug, and focus on the light within. This is all theater in the The Killing Joke CONTROL-ALT-DELETE Operating System anyway. It is meant to cause you fear and take you away from Love, your Divine Creative Source Code.

Morning 19Dec2020 quick share The CYBER ATTACKS are the effects of the massive vesica piscis forces of The Purifier Nibiru System upon Earth. Witness the RED DAWN ON THE HORIZON,  use your eyes and SEE that out small earth realm is truly…

I Will Pour Out My Spirit

It all comes to this: THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY IN THE LAST DAYS. MP3 audio of a talk by John Piper, from 1990 reverberates Derek Prince's teachings of the word of our testimony. TAKE HEED, TAKE HEART, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We are chosen by the Creator to usher in the new age!


"What are the consequences for me" means that lots of people who have realized something's not right also sit under house arrest. It is these two perceptions that are the reason that this hoax is happening. It's perception and fear of consequences that are making this all possible, and are destroying the independent livelihoods of billions of people. And the greatest form of control is dependence.

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