I'll keep posting despite the constant DoS attacks and hacking by the Microsoft monkeys. Bill Gates is the antichrist. Space X and Elon Musk aren't good. They're done with us, they're liquidating their human resources. Everyone is under a spell. That's why I shared Derek Prince's THE ENEMIES WE FACE UNDERSTANDING WITCHCRAFT. Satan is real. His greatest trick is convincing others he does not exist.


You have a choice, and it will be the hardest one you will ever make because they have cut all of humanity from the herd and are literally culling us like cattle. People are truly physically addicted to their cellphones now, and to the process of uploading their souls to the hive. Fear has been instilled in nearly every human being on the face of the earth that some "virus", the ruse to hide the deaths from 5G, is going to kill them all. 

Cannibals Rule This Soul Trap World – Sophia The AI Was Funded By Pedophiles video (here) … and a rant…

Most people who think they are enlightened think that the so-called alien races that seeded our planet and species are our progenitors, and that this has been a big deception, the whole God thing. That we come from benevolent and…

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