Chinese Navy officers wave in front of a five-inch cannon on a Kidd-class destroyer during the Han Kuang military exercise held about 10 nautical miles eastern of the port of Hualien

Sinim – what the book of Isaiah calls China – launches 3rd Electromagnetic catapult-equipped aircraft carrier in Shanghai

China will launch strategic nuclear strikes to cities in America to bring down this portion of Babylon.


3,000 COWS – Updated

Apostacea was revised by the Catholic Church from "the departure"  to "the Protestant Revolt". 'Revolution' is the terminology still in use today when Catholicism teaches the history of the Protestant Reformation - and this soul trap scheme is used by all denominations.

The Soul Trap

AS WE AWAIT HARPAZO (RAPTURE), OR, THE SIGNICANCE OF SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS May 24, 2022 As we anticipate Harpazo - Rapture - at the harvest of wheat at Pentecost, Yom Kippur, which is June 5-6th this year 2022, many are accessing this article, in which I shared the one document…

The definition and etymology of the word Gnosis (the Truth shall make you free)

GNOSIS Oxford Dictionary of English definition of knowledge: Knowledge n. [mass noun] 1 facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject: “a thirst for knowledge”; “her considerable knowledge of antiques”. –…


In order to comprehend this THING that Dr. Franc Zalewski isolated and disclosed to the world, it is first necessary to decode pork and examine Morgellons Syndrome. People were being used in the pre-Covid vaccine depopulation program after being infected with Lyme, Morgellons, synthetic biology and smartdust. It's manipulation of the human species in the Holy War - and it always has been.


Again this morning, but further East since the earth-encompassing parabolic increasing proximity of the coming Vesica Piscis of the Singularity of Christ's return impends daily, the controllers of this fallen world use their aircraft in biowarfare atmospheric attacks upon God's lenticular and meteoric clouds.

"Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows." - Matthew 10:31

Woodpecker at window (video), and proof The Epoch Times is POWNED

A small-ish, free-form 'post': part rant, part nature documentary... AND 100% TESTIMONY OF THE POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

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