3,000 COWS

UPDATE added June 17, 2022: Mike Adams has just published (link) that NASA has explained that the mass cattle deathwave is due to “deadly magnetosphere “rifts” that cause mass extinctions”. This is exactly what I wrote when I published the article below yesterday morning, in which I stated that the dwarfing of earth’s vesica piscis by the Nibiru system’s caused the cattle die-offs. I did NOT access the NASA magicians but data from scriptures, prophecy, ancient texts and studying Nibiru / Planet X and all end times COVERUP GOVERNMENT CONSPIRICIES.
Are  things really more credible when stated by the elite’s sorcerers, or a Child of the Most High who is a visionary seer and End Times watchman?
Additionally, the erratic behavior of the #moon, which I continue to report, indicates the intensifying #poleshift. 

3,000 cow massive die-off is most likely tied to the agricultural and medical products used, which include implanted nanotechnology-embedded dewormers, and massive ammounts of vaccines, and the feed, in combination with the death cocktails being sprayed – all being acted upon by the system overhead that they attempt to hide with said geoengineering. The enormous vesica piscis electromagnetic strength of Nibiru the Destroyer supradominates that of earth. This is why for the second night in a row, the moon barely appeared in the sky. Frankly, even though it’s full, I wasn’t able to see it at ALL – but there were stars I could. The question isn’t as much “what are they spraying?”, for we know they have made a metal and chemical-filled sub-firmament soup they manipulate with electromagnetic frequencies. The question is:

Why are so few pastors, churches, people talking about THE RAPTURE?

These dead Black Angus are a metaphor for the humans who call themselves Christians but remain deceived because in the16th century the Catholic church edited the Holy Bible, and polemically distorted the words Paul had written, and changed the actual, contextual meaning from HARPAZO, BEING SNATCHED UP – WHAT WE CALL RAPTURE (that word was not in the original Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic) to a political control mechanism referring to THE PROTESTANT REFORMERS WHO WANTED THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TO MAKE THE WORDS OF GOD AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, WORKING WITH THE JEW CABAL TO STOP BEING THIEVES, LIARS, HYPOCRITES AND SERVANTS OF THE DEVIL PERSECUTING FOLLOWERS OF TRUTH, WHICH IS CHRIST HIMSELF, THE TRIUNE LIVING GOD WHO DEFEATED GAIN OF FUNCTION.

“Most scholars say that no one knows the reason for the translationship. However, a plausible theory has been put forth by Martin Butalla, in his Master of Theology thesis produced at Dallas Theological Seminary in 1998. It appears that the Catholic translation into English from Jerome’s Latin Vulgate known as the Rheims Bible 1576 was the first to break the translation trend. Apostacea was revised from “the departure”  to “the Protestant Revolt”. ‘Revolution’ is the terminology still in use today when Catholicism teaches the history of the Protestant Reformation.” – Dr. Thomas Ise

The apostle Paul originally used the word “apostacea” in the context meaning departure, referring to the even which will happen in the twinkling of an eye in which we will all be changed, and the dead in Christ will rise up first and they we who are in Christ will rise up to meet them in the air. Because (link to follow and read) hundreds already have been resurrected: the satan worshippers control all religions, churches and governments and always have, and they are doing all they can to hide deceive man and the fact that the rapture will come and they want as many as possible to be left (behind) unaware .

“The three rules of real estate are ‘Location, location and location.’ ” The ‘translators’ changed the Greek noun “Apostacy” from “departure” or “departing” to “falling away” in the later translations. Meaning, the Catholic Church overarchingly elevated itself to the only truth, and used etymological sorcery through spiritually malicious manipulation of words for all subsequent translations and versions of the Bible and interpretations by all churches and religions to follow, removing the TRUTH OF THE IMMINENT RAPTURE AND REPLACING IT WITH PROPAGANDA WITH WHICH THEY ACTIVELY ARE SOUL TRAPPING.

Sobek (Satan) and his avatar, the first Egyptian pharaoh
Sobek (Satan) and his avatar, the first Egyptian pharaoh

Remember: it is THE USUAL SUSPECTS.

And now we who revolt against lies and all evil who know the truth are labelled as ethnically and socially intolerant, delusional, and even enemies of the state – domestic terrorists because we actually DO KNOW JESUS CHRIST – in TRUTH, not the lies perpetuated by the rulers of the world. Here is the listing of this worst of all lies told mankind being perpetuated in every single version of the bible (link).

The rapture is imminent. Will YOU be ready?

Can you handle the truth? Because the world is being lied to and everything you thought you knew is a lie. JESUS IS COMING IN THE CLOUDS FOR US, JUST AS WHEN HE WAS LAST TAKEN UP, SEEN BY MANY WITNESSES WHO WERE ALL PERSECUTED BY THE USUAL SUSPECTS.

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