5G Hall of Broken Mirrors

How can they claim there has been no testing for 5G, when in actuality the United States government’s Department of Defense published its findings on the testing the use of low frequency radiowaves and microwaves? It has been tested. YouTube keeps the video below up to present disinformation. Just like China is being made a Hegelian dialectic patsy for Covid, which is 5G effects and switched-on nanotechnology creating cytokine storms in bodies weakened by parasites, heavy metals, chemical toxins, molds, yeasts, GMOs and vaccines with alien genetic material. China, the dragon, is the superpower here and in this theatre absurd, Babylon USA is pointing toys guns at it. The race to dominate space “or China will” is all the same players. This will only end when times does. The media and this circus is a hall of  broken mirrors.

Yes, this electromagnetic radiation has been tested. This fact needs to be made public.

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#Question for my readers #EU #flag

Since when does the European Union flag appear in the country traffic stats on WordPress? Previously, I have seen individual countries. Now this?

Have I missed something? Don’t laugh! I have been fasting and productive on many fronts, blessedly unplugged from the Tartarus Empire media treadmill, despite the #endtimes chaos of the #crossing happening, and the whipped-up “weather”.  Just checked the back end here, and saw this flag in my site visits, and for me it’s the first time. Is this new? Or am I naive? (Or both, lol!)


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