Magnetic Superstorm article 12June2022

The Magnetic Superstorm They Are Warning Of

... the surface of the earth covered in a WiFi mesh made by mast towers, the IoT and satellites, to trap souls. They very well understand how to trap souls leaving the body husks: they studied it... #SOUL TRAP - and the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM IS THE RAPTURE


“They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” - Matthew 24:30

Airspace Over VA-DC-MD Closed Off – FAA “Official” Reason: “Vatican Blackout”

The coups d'etat was committed in the Garden of Eden. We're reaching the finish line now! If all of the Babel babble is too much - and it is - do digital detox, unplug, and focus on the light within. This is all theater in the The Killing Joke CONTROL-ALT-DELETE Operating System anyway. It is meant to cause you fear and take you away from Love, your Divine Creative Source Code.


Three sets of images: the Nibiru Planet X system, the chemical trails they are laying to hide it and prevent human beings' DNA upgrading and cause ensoulment of Transhumanism, and technical fine print of how devices are used to provide the data to perform mind control and the fear campaign of trauma systems, or overt death by various covert means when a human is a threat to the hoax narrative.


Sound and silence are not juxtaposed, for when one gets past the narratives, thoughts, distractions, to their place of being, the creation sound, that frequency of joy and love for nothing identified is the nirvana bliss of The All.

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