Steve Quayle Survives Gene-Targeted Assassination Attempt; Russ Dizdar and Rob Skiba Go To Be With Jesus Christ

Rob Skiba, Believer and Flat Earth expert, and Russ Dizdar, a pastor who exposed Satan's Ritual Abuse and MK Ultra mind control, gangstalking and targeted individual programs have been murdered. Steve Quayle has survived: listen to his interview with Mike Adams. There is a list. Warriors for Truth bringing Light to the world fighting the Holy War are on it. It's happening as sheep continue to fall lockstep into the strong delusion of this world. Keep your crown: STAND IN THE FACE OF FEAR AND PROCLAIM THE TRUTH: THE KING IS COMING. The word Martyr means WITNESS.

The Opoid Crisis: 7 Years 76 billion pills: Washington Post (reblog)

If the data in the DEA database tracks the path of every single pain pill sold in the United States, including oxycodone, and the DEA knew about this spike [epidemic], why did they not react? PTSDAWAUPOT.COM REBLOG


Erin Valenti, 33, died suddenly under suspicious circumstances shortly after making this comment: “It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment, we’re in the Matrix.” Freemasons and other occultists (all offshoots of satanic secret societies) revere the number 33 above…

5G and the Ascension concern – an interview

I did not use crisis in the post title, intentionally. On this blog I share with you many ways to avert the impacts of 5G on ascension. One of my earliest posts addresses the topic of 5G and ascension as…


Science - physics, chemistry, mathematics, music, all arts and sciences, all history and arts, which are falsified since they hide all evidence through murder, lies and theft (war on souls, the holy war of evil vs. good) - science is lies.
You're all still fooled by truthers who think otherwise.

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