Satan and his cadeuceus of sin

Stop that (God said so)

For Yaldabaoth, then Lucifer (and all names in between and after), had become "become enamored of the swelling place of [his] blemish", i.e. his cadeuceus phallus, the symbol of the medical industry and root of gain of function (pun intended).

Committing Hubris Dripping Keys Follow-up from the Apocrypha

“6 And a command has gone forth from the presence of the Lord concerning those who dwell on the earth that their ruin is accomplished because they have learnt all the secrets of the angels, and all the violence of…


ARE WE COMMITTING HUBRIS UNDER DRIPPING KEYS? (Edited) March 25, 2019   DRIPPING KEYS is a mixed media assemblage I made in 1996-1997, working out issues of trauma from infancy into adulthood. Ironically, my ex-husband the DC newsman stole much…

Plain Truth Bombshell. MUST READ.

Although it has allowed for dissemination of so much information, I have come to the conclusion that the World Wide Web is just that: the net to trap humans. As we know that the electromagnetic shift is coming, it is…

Maille Mail Male Chains Gcomm

The Freemasons are Lucifer and his fallen angels deceiving all of humanity with one end goal which the film GRAY STATE revealed

Keeping You In The Nibiru Loop

Are you keeping up with this? There is a reason I am so on it with your soul readiness. Here's Dave Dobbs' latest video tracking the incoming #Nibiru system:


They are almost always made of microfiber and blended fabrics, dyed with metallic dyes and are synthetic. The glass beads are silica and non-Carbon-based, the non-glass beads are a recycled plastic resin which off-gases...

Sharing words

... happy to be in connection ...  in consciousness many times, sending love ... strength, in the same way faith is more real than what we sense (and the world calls real). This entire perceived world is a tale, we…

Ascension Clothing – What You Must Know

What clothing should we be wearing as we live, in light of The Event? The coming of Our King with the clouds? The torroidal field EMF event horizon pole shift? The planetary reset? The dimensional shift? ASCENSION? RAPTURE! "My people…

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