Ascension Clothing – What You Must Know

What clothing should we be wearing as we live, in light of The Event? The coming of Our King with the clouds? The torroidal field EMF event horizon pole shift? The planetary reset? The dimensional shift? ASCENSION? RAPTURE!

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” – Hosea 4:6

How is it that those believing that they are believers, with good intentions and doing their best (as flawed as we all are) each day to do the right things, and yet still possibly be held accountable or miss out on knowing something crucial in these end times of such high technology without us and within us, and all around us?

Every day the head spins more with what we should do or shouldn’t, a new cataclysm or conspiracy looms, and we find out more and more just how deceived we have been, and how so very used we are by the controllers of this world.

Even the dyes of stripes and stitching show. We cannot be too careful.

Social media, the use of digital connecting with others for keeping up with developments, and sharing discernment, and learning survival skills and strategies – and just trying to check in on family and friends, many of whom are estranged now, unawake as they are, but still loved very much – this Tavistock-directed artificial intelligence social score data-gathering surveillance system octopus we are forced to stay in touch through is draining, yes, and literally. We’re the batteries! So with this post, I don’t want to add on another thing to worry about, but it bears serious consideration:

What clothing should we be wearing as we live, in light of The Event? The coming of Our King with the clouds? The torroidal field EMF event horizon pole shift? The planetary reset? The dimensional shift? ASCENSION? RAPTURE!

I know that some of you already do wear only pure, unadulterated organic fiber fabrics. And some of us (myself included) used to, but because of having to deal with the fiber aspect of Lyme / Morgellons, had had to start wearing modal and rayon microfiber blends. I am happy to say that I am past that in my healing journey, and for me that’s now past history, for a large part, but gives me the basis of authority to help others from.

Call this electromagnetic planetary event any of these things. just be prepared, for it is coming. And prepared spiritually, YES! But from the research I and others have done, there is a REASON we are heavy metal detoxing, beyond removing parasites, making our bodies less of antenna structures, and reducing neurological deficits. This is extremely serious and could not be moreso. There is a REASON the Most High admonished the sons of God to not wear blended fabrics, but pure linen or wool only, when in the temple or observing His holyness and living rightly. We were also cautioned about the admixture of mirey clay and metal. The giants and the nephilim were both. Man was made of clay, invigorated by SOUND and LIGHT! Heavy metals prohibit high frequency and hold us down. And when the torroidal portals open and ascension time is here, to transmute our genetic material and heart field self – OUR SOUL – as we will still be in a body that will become transformed – we must be in organic, pure fabrics such as cotton, linen, flax and wool. I would say silk, but it is the thread of a worm, and so although it is technically natural, my ‘gut’ feeling is that being made from a worm, in the family of cankerworms, I say skip silk.

I have begun getting decent pieces of such clothing at my local thrift stores, and make sure that I no longer wear artificials or blends to sleep, either. I sleep in cotton sleepclothes now too, in case IT happens during the night.

At this point, I aim to remove zippers and non-organic fastenings, closures and non-rubber or non-latex elastics, too. Labels are now suspect. But this is doable! I think I am the first to talk about this! If you want to help this cause, I added a PayPal donate link on the right. I am doing what I can, on a shoestring poverty-level income, trying to serve others with the knowledge, discernment and skills the Most High gave me and continues to bless me with. I am but one of many in this body of divine souls on earth..

This wardrobe attainment is a process just like detoxing, in a way. It’s not overnight. Product-wise, for every need either bodily or home, all I use is lemon juice, ACV(apple cider vinegar), Dr. Bronner’s, African Black Soap, Borax, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Use essential oils, not perfumes or colognes. STOP USING PRODUCTS including antipersperants and deodorants. Basically, if it’s made in a factory, it’s bad for you at the best, and over the long term is made to kill you! Be sure you use vinegar in your clothing second rinse, and hair, which helps remove halides like chlorine and bromine added to water and in your well and spring water now. Don’t line dry outside anymore: the geoengineering fallout!

That’s it. And I ear candle every so often, and of course, always detox and fast.

Of course, our abilities to make this wardrobe shift vary depending on more factors than one blog post can address. I wanted to get the conversation started, though. I look forward to your thoughts on this, as always, and love you all.

May the Most High bless you! <3 And above all, keep your frequency high and STAND!

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  1. The access to knowledge that we all have now is staggering. Could it be that the lack of knowledge that is spoken of in this passage in Hosea is not mental knowledge but rather a knowledge that is written in the heart? I wonder… just because I have came to “know” through personal experience that the only significant lack of knowledge seems to be a loss that is heart/ spirit – based rather than what one finds on the mental (satanic) plane. I once had as a goal to learn the secrets of the universe…..coming to the end of that road, it staggers the mind to realize that they are all worth nothing. The True Father had already given me the pearl when he made me – he gave me the only thing that can ever be of any value at all; that is – the Love in my human heart and my spirit. I didn’t realize that he had already given me everything. So I went looking for knowledge; something magic, esoteric hidden knowledge and in the process realized that I had already been given the only thing that can or will have any value. This is precisely why He does not want us to get distracted by all this nonsense here. He doesn’t want us worshipping other gods or valuing the things of the world because he knows that they are worthless. The knowledge here is tainted as well. The true knowledge is INSIDE of you not here on the material realm. I only wish that I had understood and known this sooner. I am leaving this long reply – not to teach you – because I know that you already know these things. But perhaps someone reading this will see what they need to see and maybe, just maybe, will be saved some unnecessary hardship.

    1. Your shar‌ing here is such a gift of care and love in action. Thank you. Every facet of what you wrote rings true. No pun intended, but in light of the fact that this digital, binary knowledge of technology, networked computers, the cloud, and WiFi and LiFi is a satanic copy of what our DNA is purposed to do, but is used in all manner of worldly fashions to occlude us from our heart knowledge and our soul as children of the Divine Creator does make me know this digital realm is evil incarnate (faux-life, artifial intelligence, transhuman, POST-human: a replicant soul collection device, the IoE (everything).
      Like you, I searched outside, and thought for decades that I was a “good green witch” when it ~seemed~ to me that Christianity failed me. Little did I know that I had been affected by the alphabet powers in churches and what is warned of in all sacred texts that were suppressed! It took being an overt victim of SRA / Lyme / “Morgellons” and losing everything (all I had had, physical to including family) being affected by the witchcraft of the powers that affect everyone participating in the “American Dream” I associated with to strip away my veils and return me to that self born loving, with the heart soul knowledge that the trauma machine begins divorcing us from with pain caused to us by others, all in the same soul trap. If the world wide web (intentionally written out as that because it is that) has done one good thing, it has allowed the elect and the spiritual warriors – FOR THIS IS THE BATTLE AND SPEAKING LIKE THIS ~IS~ THE FIGHT HAPPENING, STANDING SIDE-BY-SIDE AGAINST THE ENEMY ON THE SATANIC PLANE.
      Every word you wrote is true, and others reading here, called here by the Most High God, benefit and the battle is drawn closer to our win, and the earth He created, and defeat of satan and all evil.
      Regarding this world, with different things being instituted now under agendas, either openly stated as “rolled out” or in use but not yet admitted in one place or another, remaining separate from the beast is getting harder. I could say much more on that… I know you could too… But we MUST STAND APART. So here I think our Father works within the framework of this fallen realm to provide what we need and the high vibration of faith and our spiritual armor in use, practicing love and empathy, are winning and we see it now! Our love DOES carry those we love, and HE is infinite. I am out of words <3

  2. This is the third time that this passage in the bible about the blended fabric has come to my attention so I can tell that the Father wants me to pay attention to this. I think that your observations are spot on about this. There is definitely a good reason to abstain from wearing the blended fabrics in light of the emf’s and the events to come. I appreciate you drawing attention to this and waking me up to this fact. Now I need to go in search of some untainted clothing.

    1. You are very welcome. One thing that brought this to mind was also having known and personally interacted with Amish people in my year after high school graduation. The “short answer” to why they do not use fasteners or zippers or belts and only wear certain colors is that it is “for religious reasons”. Then I now have begun to learn from Mennonites, who practice “plain dress”. The texts I read, from as far back as are available, which is easily 340,000 years, all corroborate what is (even after church dilution of [word] meanings) given as gnowledge (I replace the ‘k’ with ‘g’ if discussing spiritual truth) that the use of iron, brass, copper and bronze, and dyes, is forbidden and the Children of God were instructed very clearly how to live. No matter which culture, time period or names in the stories, the parallel is same.
      Any help I can be of, please ask. About determining fabrics, dyes, threads, anything.
      So now since I have been a seamstress all my life (began sewing at age 7), I will sew clothing for others who desire it. I have collected patterns all my life, and used to do early medieval re-enactment garb and corsets. I can certainly make girdles (the original meaning!) bags, and grommeted canvas tarps and tents, and the correct clothing for ascension, and have loved loving others via the creations of my handwork, even the very same things my ex made disappear because he is on the wrong team. No one can take our soul from us, that pearl you spoke of realizing that you had all along. Please stay in touch! Love!

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