Hunt Brothers is a pizza franchise seen at gas stations and convenience stores which sell gasoline, a petroleum product profited upon by Rockefeller, all over the United States of America...

Baal eating human sacrifice


Time is running out. It really is. Few will receive this transmission. Those who don't - even calling themselves "truebloods" for being "unvaccinated" by a needle for Covid-19, thinking they are "the remnant" will be eternally shamed and regret denying the Most High JEHOVAH who is JESUS CHRIST, who is coming soon.

Aunt Pearl lost her damn mind/Cancel culture wants Trader Joe’s/St. Louis couple are felons?

Erasing social memory allows the controllers to make all mew narratives using divided human groups as expendable pawns. The Great Wall of China encased bodies in human cement. Read my article on Hument. Thank God for REAL people HUMAN people like Jericho Green. WORD. Shared from Hush Puppy.


BE CAREFUL May 6, 2019 (I go to bed/sleep by laying flat on back, no pillow, body *relaxed and open, room dark, with no LED lights, and focus inward to GOD inside, speaking lowly but audibly, thanking for LIFE, the…

The Satanic Temple Works With Planned Parenthood – REBLOG THIS

Original article published January 14, 2019 by Ella Cruz (It is necessary to mention that the videos which are part of the main video showing at the bottom of the page, belong to this satanic temple, therefore, people talking on…

Mt. Saint Michel in France, Tartarus Star Fort

[Image below, please read the preface.] We see the resemblance to the Tower of Babel in the spiraling construction of this ancient architecture built by the early descendants of the Annunaki fallen angels, who are the nephilim. These beings, who…