End Times Deception & Apostasy – Distracted From Jesus, Our First Love – JD Farag

Pastor JD talks about how the distractions of these last days are drawing us away from Jesus, our first love by explaining the significance prophetically, identifying them specifically, and what we’re to do practically.

Number 9th of Av crystal ball in hand

Revolution 9 (th of Av)

If the 9th of Av represents the destruction of the temple, and the body is the temple, a third temple won't be physically built: it's already built in us.

Chapter 12 Pindar section

Chapter 12 – Cymatics: Everything Is Frequency and We Exist Electromagnetically (Excerpt)

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Cymatics: Everything Is Frequency and We Exist Electromagnetically, in which I explain the rulers of this world.

Container Ship Hough Diptych 18July2022


Billions of dollars worth of cargo is land-locked off the coasts of America because the shipping industry - railroads and trucks - has been hamstrung - in the Bible it was done by houghing horses' hooves - is being prohibited from allowing the ports to unload and to bring that cargo inland in order to replenish the supply chain already houghed by the JUST IN TIME supply chain.

Soylent Green 2022 small

Two videos: PLEASE WATCH.

Perhaps seeing these will help. New Agers, Humanists, pagans and witches: wise up. So too you mid and post-tribbers: very, very soon it will be too late.

Is Satan’s Plan To Bring God’s Judgment Over The World Invoking The Rapture On A Very Specific Day?!

Has the enemy planned to bring God's judgment about on a specific date and have shown the world that date in plain sight, without most knowing what it is that they were looking at?

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