SHARED GNOSIS FOR PATREON MEMBERS ONLY: this entire article is divinely inspired (prayed for) remote writing. Only previews from this article (as installments) will appear here on Adjunct to some of the content from my upcoming book, THE ASCENSION DIET – Eating To Ascend, this segmented article deals with topics that have never been interconnected, and is being written to give back to my supporters and I encourage readers here to consider joining us on Patreon!

“Someday the things that are hidden will be made known.” – Jesus

 ©  Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, September 20, 2020 @EatingToAscend on Twitter

BLESSED ARE THE TRUTHERS (Redpill singularity video disclosure)


IN [THE] BEGINNING: Tiamat, The Matrix, the Abomination, Solve Et Coagula and Hell’s Cloud Storage: Discussing the Strong Delusion Covid-19 and the Soul Trap – PART 1

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1

SHARED GNOSIS FOR PATREON MEMBERS ONLY: this entire article is divinely inspired (prayed for) remote writing. Only previews from this article (as installments) will appear here on Adjunct to some of the content from my upcoming book, THE ASCENSION DIET – Eating To Ascend, this segmented article deals with topics that have never been interconnected, and is being written to give back to my supporters and I encourage readers here to consider joining us on Patreon!

“Someday the things that are hidden will be made known.” – Jesus

 ©  Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, September 14, 2020 @EatingToAscend on Twitter


I live where Jesus walked, and the Holy Ganga River waters from heaven is swirling mists from her body up the valley underneath the geoengineered skies as they try to hide the event with chemicals and metals and NASA equipment and satellites and 5G in the hands of zombies, for it’s angels and demons time.

That said, I am telling all of you that this is the third day, but I didn’t recognize and admit it to myself until yesterday evening, that I am “off my food”. I don’t want to eat. My body is telling me to fast and be clear of waste. I think this is significant. I’m finishing the 5G Protection article and have found myself spending a long time on parasites, something no other activist or 5G scientist and whistleblowing advocate for humanity does. But it’s the parasites that thrive on our food which our five sheath physical bodies are made of that make us eat. We’re light beings.

So since I have experienced precognition many times before in my life, from saving my mother from dying from her suicide attempt, the vision I had when my daughter Emily was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital of a crowd of demons screaming at me that they would take her from me (they did, she’s into witchcraft, has done evil things to me and still does, and is a tool for satan to destroy our family with – it’s time to WAKE UP, EMILY), the waking dream I had of my brother Charlie’s death, foreknowledge of two murder attempts, one horse accident Devon and I survived, and countless other family,  weather and animal-related occurences and events. The vision I had when pregnant with Emily NOT FOR A CONSTANT MOMENT BUT THE WORLD WILL BE OBLITERATED. Poltergeists throwing my books and portfolios, Nichole’s spirit visiting me three times since she died, my own star descending and a stargate open over the house I lived in the day before Nichole died, December 19/20, 2018. My dream of heart connecting in hypercommunication with my granddaughter Emily. The Sirius alignment I saw last year. I can’t keep up. I’ve shared all this here. The above sentences are full of keywords and I want to get this posted and will add links in a bit.

Now I am sharing that I feel something NOW. I have no desire for food, no hunger, no nervousness. I’m writing, reading, doing good personal things, feeding animals, interacting with others I see. Mostly I am connected and I FEEL SOMETHING VERY STRONG AND IT IS SOMETHING SUBLIME AND BEAUTIFUL COMING.

Two weeks ago I bought the three essential oils used together on Yeshua / Isha / Jesus Christ and his body came back to life after three days. This mixture was used by every pharaoh. The first time I put it on and meditated and prayed, I had an immediate out of body (OOB) experience like a rocket ship. When I bathe I rinse with vinegar, himalayan salt and use this oil, including on my pineal gland spot of forehead (which is where Nichole felt her awakening the last time we were together).

I am just saying, THIS IS HAPPENING.
And this video came out and she is speaking my own words.


Namasté and hari OM.


Aluminium: The Not Green At All Metal

Aluminium: The Not Green At All Metal
by Chitta Ananda, published April 24, 2020
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Aluminum in INDIA TODAY 3Feb2020

On March 5th, 2020, one day after reading the post “HOW DOES THE ASCENSION DIET AFFECT OUR SOUL?”, I just happened to read an article in the February 03, 2020 issue of India Today magazine’s “Focus – Health” section entitled “Aluminum: The Planet Friendly Metal”; on page number 39. It seemed to me to be an advertisement, because it had a grayish-blue background for a half-page writeup, without page number or any other mark up at the bottom, whereas the entire magazine had a white background with page numbering, the magazine name and issue date at the bottom of each page!

The title header states: “As the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, fully 8% of the ground beneath our feet is made up of aluminium. We all consume small amounts of aluminium constantly – in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and even medicine we take.”

It reads: “Be it vegetables like peas, potatoes and spinach or chicken and tea – they all contain Aluminium. Still aluminium’s name crops up as a reason for a certain condition of problem. Cancer, Alzheimer and what not attributed to it. This has led to a lot of studies and research on this metal. And the results declare Aluminium as one of the safest materials to be used by mankind.”

The article and its incorrect data silently hides the amount of Aluminium in those food items, which was negligible when foods were natural and organically grown in olden days past in a less toxified world, and then humans started to behave like (evil) gods – how much of the metal do we need to have cancer or Alzheimers!

It goes on: “As per US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention exposure to aluminium naturally present in food, water and through food cooked in aluminium pots and pan is not considered to be harmful. The good thing about aluminium is that less than 1% is absorbed in the body while the rest is ejected out through urine and excreta. The number of people who consume Aluminium in form of an antacid itself may be mind – boggling and huge. That by itself is a big certificate for Aluminium because a single dose of antacid may contain 100-200 mg of Aluminium. The myths of aluminium being a carcinogenic or cause of certain neurologic disease suspected to be cause by injections of aluminium containing vaccine have been repeatedly proved false by organizations of world repute like the WHO, Alzheimer’s Society and American Cancer Society.”

So, I can safely say that antacids containing aluminium are not to be consumed. Instead, having soda bi-carbonate (baking soda) with lemon water or citric acid crystals is far better! Understand that the hydroxide of Aluminium and Magnesium is used in antacid. And, that hydroxide part is useful and not the Aluminum metal part of it! Also, do not use utensils made of aluminium, and do not vaccinate! The fact is, after a complete detox, even once you eat your food in aluminium vessel, it is absorbed in body so much that even hair stores it!

Alzheimers is caused by too much accumulation of Aluminium in the brain. The basic brain function of controlling the body is done through minor electrical charges rushing through neurons. Aluminium, being a good conductor of electricity, actually changes the path of electrical charge. So, body parts may not get the right signal, no signal, corrupt signal or no registration of signal at all!

The writeup highlights Aluminum’s light weight, strength of metal and its durability! It further brings attention to its conductivity being 16 times greater than that of steel, and talks about energy savings if foods are cooked in aluminium cookware, adding: “Aluminium foil extends shelf life of food and medicines, prevents light, oxygen, moisture and contamination, this reducing food waste”.

It concludes: “But what really takes the cake is that Aluminium is recyclable. It can be recycled repeatedly with no loss in quality. It has been rightly referred to by many as the Green Metal.”

I must say that if an average person would just think further and research a bit, they will realize that what this advertisement says is exactly opposite of what is necessary for health and avoidance of disease! I prefer to use butter paper, like wrapper for a sub, instead of aluminium foil.

Another thought is this: if Aluminum is the world’s most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, why was this metal was found and brought into usage so very late in the human timeline as compared to other metals like gold, silver, copper, iron and brass? Was it found to be poisonous and thus not considered for production in prior times, when other metals were discovered?

As I had read about this metal in the blogpost HOW DOES THE ASCENSION DIET AFFECT THE SOUL, I concluded that my coming upon this Aluminum magazine article is synchronicity and it must be mentioned here!

By Chitta Ananda, a Sovereign Light Being occupying a human body in Western India

aluminummercurycombined This article published published here on January 14, 2019 called SCIENCE VIDEO What happens when Aluminum and Mercury are combined shows the actual reaction of aluminum and mercury are combined, and demonstrates the effects of vaccines on the human nervous system.

Below is a linked list (partial, there are more) of things which will help detox aluminum and other heavy metals from the body:

Citric Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate – Baking Soda
Icelandic Kelp tablets
Klamath Blue-green Algae

Whatever you do, don’t do this (PDF).

You can take back your sovereignty and join others on The Ascension Diet Patreon group for ascension diet detox coaching of the SOUL / SPIRIT / BODY here

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Namasté and hari OM.





(Maybe it should have been “SHE WAS A GOOD UNPACKER”, Emily.) Exif_JPEG_420

Power on-off-on, since 10AM, now off. Intense ELF waves/pressure in inner ears/ringing/throbbing. The 5G that they are bringing online world-over is stressing the powergrid beyond capacity. As well, the electromagnetic forces of “the asteroid” Atlas/Nibiru/Wormwood/Planet X are affecting earth’s due to the ever-closer proximity. The awareness that both occur at once is something which gives me resolve, not fear, and encourages me to express for others what they are incapable of discerning, to help them preserve their eternal soul.

How are people going to know what is really happening and make conscious, intentional psychical/spiritual choices if their norm is what they experience while using a smart device and interacting with ~it, which is then uploading their conscousness – their soul as the self which is the God Consciousness that experiences life in this flesh body to purge all dross and return to become ONE with the Creator – through the entrainment of the apps, platforms, programming, media made ‘personal’ through their devices biometric surveillance and tailoring to maximize the soul upload to the cloud? And they bring their family, friends, co-workers and contacts along with them.
To remain in focus on this I will discuss clouds another time.


As I write this article longhand with a pen on a pad of paper, I am viscerally aware of the sensations, reactions, effects physically, and also my mood, biorhythms and thought processes. Denied diagnosis and treatment by the American health system I paid into and for, I was forced to self-treat for Lyme and Morgellons beginning in 2015. I quickly learned the role that electromagnetic frequency plays in not only the afflictions I was – and still am, but to a much lesser extent – dealing with, but which affect ~all human beings and biological life forms. I learned and devised ways to ameliorate the ELF weapon attacks and live in a microwaved world.

Twitter Suppressed 5G Tweet 2July2018
I tweeted this in July 2018

Now that 5G is coming online all over the face of the earth, I recognize the changes and am adjusting my methods to protect myself. Others aren’t so fortunate, and I am aware that the Divine has given me the most precious of all gifts: to be able to help others through what I learned through surmounting the challenges and obstacles I had faced.

People internalize the physical and endocrine anxiety 5G causes.

Throughout my life I have had innumerable experiences which have taught me what constant physical pain stimulus does, and I learned on a cognitive level that continuous nerve stimulus causes psychological distress: anxiety, tension, and depression. Aggression is a symptom of electrosensitivity. And not only abject physical triggering events, but the loss of freedoms of speech, self-expression and the ability to create, work, self-care or care for and protect others. In retrospect I have ‘decoded’ (as readers who have followed my writing since I began here on this website will know) that I have been manipulated and sabotaged by the cabal as part of a long family history of trauma spanning generations as far back as ~I was able to trace based on direct oral and written records, which is my paternal Hessian ancestor who was conscripted to fight against the patriots in the Revolutionary War. This Rohrbaugh ancestor, according to what my father told me, and what his father had told him

Grandaddy Howard Jacob Rohrer Arlington Grave 49304459_127785457227
My grandaddy Rohrer’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery

had “run off with a farmgirl and deserted fighting for the King George the 6th”. I know that this happened just before 1776. On my mother’s side, from my grandmother Grace Lung Burgess’s brother my great-uncle Clarence Wesley Lung, I learned that the land that the Baltimore (Maryland, USA) City Hall is on once belonged to my Welsh Burgess ancestor, who was in “The House of Burgesses”, and when England “lost” the Revolutionary War, my Burgess ancestor lost the land. I will continue the ancestral timeline elsewhere, and introduce it here for phoenix purposes.

When my neck was broken in the car accident I suffered while providing free in-home nursing care for my then-boyfriend, now ex-husband the DC newsman, in the year and a half I was forced to endure increasing nerve damage and pain from the fractured vertebrae which needed to be physically stabilized, not ignored by pharmaceutically manipulating the body, mind and spirit of the body they are in, I learned absolutely clearly that my psychological health was almost completely destroyed through the myriad cascade of effects of anxiety, physical pain and ultimately, a completely disrupted endocrine system, e.g., fucked up chakras. All of this occurred before I “got” Lyme Disease, then Morgellons Syndrome. I will add that I was still growing my own non-GMO produce, getting eggs from my own hens, preserving my own homegrown food and, until being with Kurt, consuming less factory and processed foods than the majority of the population, as I had been fortunate to have become aware of real health at an early age. I’ve written of this many times, and my national public radio interview from April 8, 2011 is , which can be contrasted with the recent Truth Underground Radio interview on October 2, 2019 interview here

ETA Warns World 5G is Covid-19 NOT a virus 5April2020

People internalize the anxiety 5G causes, which includes the reactions of the parasites in their bodies as the nucleic acids of their DNA and RNA are sheared by the 5G microwaves like a zipper ripping apart. They clench and grind their teeth, the facial, jaw, neck, shoulder, arm and back muscles tighten, the torso, hips and buttocks draw in as if to protect the organs, the legs “get ready”, and the human organism is in fight-or-flight high alert, but in stasis, as they are being denied validation that what they are experiencing is real, and so they internalize what they feel, and their immunity system begins to attack itself and they become primed for disease and death.

Pall Article of 5G EMF WiFi Science Journal
Link to the article above

In the article, “Can EMFs Affect Your Pets?” Dr. Patricia Johnson points out that wireless radiation from any source causes DNA strand breaks and oxidative stress, disrupts cell metabolism and brain glucose metabolism, reduces melatonin, permeates the blood-brain barrier and generates stress proteins. Pets develop behavioral problems such as aggression, increased anxiety and agitation, as well as a variety of health problems including cancers (she gives examples of two dogs who developed cancers after sleeping next to smart meters). She says, “…both humans and animals are sharing the same chronic diseases, mental and behavioral issues.”

NANOTECHNOLGY CLEAN ROOM TESSELATED BW CHECKERED FLOOR AT SUNY Notice that this clean room at SUNY (State University of New York in USA) has the Freemason tesselated black and white checkered floor. (Image from The artist who painted the cover of Michael Jackson’s Illuminati spellcasting album BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR is Will Wilson, and he is the highschool classmate who introduced me to the Forever Family CIA-created cult. He and I look alike, and we are both fine artists. We are cloned from the same gene stock. If that’s far-fetched, you have a lot to learn in a short period of time. I encourage you to read my recent post called ANGELS, DOPPLEGANGERS AND DEMONS.

Nanoparticle Dispersion Methods 500p
The function played by bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae, plants and etc make clear how insidious and invasive nanotechnology is, and make clear why fungal and yeast afflictions are at an unprecedented high. Monsanto’s patented Ecdysone, the cross kingdom reproduction GMO synthetic biology allows, and the Lyme and Morgellons, parasites, gut imbalances – this chart is an INDICTMENT against the controllers.

 It is the nanotechnology that has been introduced into all of our bodies which is the most sinister of all of the aspects of this depopulation plan since this is what is used to upload each soul into their cloud storage trap, the collective hive mind of the borg matrix, the colony of hell which will cease to exist in the second death. (Revelation 20:14.) Until this occurs, however, the sense of claustrophobic suffocation, difficult-to-pinpoint unease and fuzzy fear and forboding as described in the KOLBRIN BIBLE which affect humanity in the time of The Destroyer are masked by the spellcasting of the media and the pharmakeia of the food and drug administrations and the embedded subliminal messages in the targeted 5G which, thanks to the surveillance cameras everywhere and the unprecendented and ever-increasing number of satellites in this ionized Spacefence atmosphere work together to create a completely artificial environment, like a theatre of props, and the apps people use, even those who think they are well-meaning, and the devices, are sucking them into that black hole of the soul trap.

But it happens gradually, like the boiling frog.


Last fall I wrote this article called DO-ABLE, AFFORDABLE WAYS TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES FROM 5G – NEW which was also published as a two-parter in Zen Garcia’s SACRED WORD PUBLISHING monthly newsletter September and October of 2019. I’m working on an even more thorough and applicable, considering what the Covid-19 Coronavirus ~really is, version of it and will be publishing it as soon as possible.

Every single human using RFID-tracking devices to communicate is rendering their souls to the devil to devour on a digital platter of self-sacrifice.

It is necessary to practice steady, slow, measured breathing (breathwork / breathing track / panchakarma) and to forgivingly and without self-blame harness and discipline the mind. As the scripture says, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8) and satan (whether you believe he exists or not, and if you deny that he exists you have fallen for his greatest trick, which is to convince you he does not) is “the prince of the air” (Ephesians 2:2) which is now under total manipulation and control with microwaves, and every single human using RFID-tracking devices to communicate is rendering their souls to the devil to devour on a digital platter of self-sacrifice.

You can read about the breathing track in this article

Earlier this week this Durga statue was in the secluded spot in the Holy Ganges River I had been going to, and although I do not know how it got there, as it’s not where others go, I do know WHAT’S IN A NAME

A human being is like the charioteer, the horse pulling it and the chariot all at once: We achieve our own self-realization by mastering our own self-regulation and staying diligently focused on our task (journey, peace of mind, equilibrium) regardless of the ~speed of our travelling. As THE STRONG DELUSION continues and we continue on each day, assaulted on all fronts and from every direction, immersed in Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) 5G WiFi IoT (Internet of Things/Everything) GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) extra-low frequency (ELF) microwave radiation SPACEFENCE ionized atmosphere below-the-firmament grid of electrified particles which are also installed WITHOUT AS WELL AS WITHIN OUR BODIES, WITHOUT OUR INFORMED CONSENT AND AGAINST OUR WILLS and we are all forced to breathe, drink, absorb, eat, be medicated, drugged and poisoned and saturated with to the extent that we all ALL test tube, agar plate, guinea pig-cloned (so fitting that my MSM newsman ex’s favorite pets are his guinea pigs he’s written so fondly of over the years), miscegenated victims of SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY AND EXTREME GENETIC ENGINEERING

Epstein used concrete to hide the bodies of his victims, and here’s my article about the patent for using human blood products to make cement, with the new SOYLENT GREEN as well: EXPOSING HUMENT: US PATENT 4203674A HUMAN BLOOD CEMENT

In this period of time known as Tribulation as our earth resets and transforms into realms of higher density and no desnsity at all, we must resist falling prey to what PSALMS 91:3 calls THE FOWLER’S SNARE.

“Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.”

Please consider the words of that verse. This is the etymological root of the word we think of as “noise”, which actually means ABOMINABLE, LOATHSOME and UNTOLERABLE – AND THESE WORDS ARE ADJECTIVES, NOT NOUNS. They – the Roman Empire first established, and the one that satan was granted charge over – which is one of the seven nations spoken of in both biblical and extrabiblical, more accurate history texts, and then the “universal” catholic (the word catholic first meant “universe” before being appropriated by satan and his demons who invented religion to create dualism and divide and conquer – actually have substituted an adjective for a noun and everyone fell for their vocabulary shell game!

Language syntax has been and continues to be weaponized to mislead people and destroy humanity, who have been cultured like microbes in agar plates and petrie dishes. Think about it. Who says “noisome”? Has anyone ever used it in a sentence in conversation with you? Odds are, no, because no one uses the word ‘noisome’ anymore, and “noise” is simply considered to be sound which is measured in decibels. Why did the word ‘get dropped’ from parlance (another word you never hear, as it means “by the sword”, so umm… weaponized much?)? BECAUSE SATAN PLAYS THE LONG GAME OF DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, SO TO SPEAK, AND THEY HAVE BEEN PLANNING THIS FOR LITERALLY AGES. Sound travels through what? AIR (and water, albeit muffled, which is probably why the serpent took to the ocean, to avoid hearing himself and the clamors of horror of all his own victims and demon minions!). So they changed the definition of noisome, ‘retiring’ the word as non-applicable and archaic. But does the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard bother you? Only a non-biological being would say no (or ruled by a demon, or more than one).


Therefore, the true and accurate definition of the word NOISOME is “a cymatic soundwave frequency on scale which causes harm to biological life forms only consciously aware of a limited range of wavelengths, but sensitive to and affected by all”.

#dictionaryrepair #definitionrestoration #vocabularycorrection #grammarrescue

This destructive cymatic frequency therefore makes cellular regeneration cease, and since different parts of the human body take different lengths of time to restore themselves with new cells and regenerate – from one day to as long as one to two years – on the average, along the continuum of newborn to old age and on the spectrum of body weights, six months is the mean average in which it takes to collapse the human organism which has been targeted in the pulmonary, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems, and with RFID – radio frequency identity – transmitters in the smart devices, implants, the nanotechnology ingested since use of it is completely unregulated, as well as the fact that all human bodies have been made antennas by the mass onslaught of the geoengineering, vaccines SCIENCE VIDEO What happens when Aluminum and Mercury are combined, heavy metals, fluoridated and brominated water which sedates humans, bromated flour, making the thyroid susceptible to radioisotope uptake and calcifying the pineal gland which is the seat of the soul – BROMINE IN MUNICIPAL TAP WATER NOW, HERE’S WHY – the molds and yeasts, pesticides and toxins, chemicals, GMOs – there really isn’t real FOOD anymore – and so the HAARP arrays, satellites, smart devices, appliances, your own family and friends as MIND CONTROLLED PERPETRATORS all work in concert to help trigger the programmable nanobot swarms which mount the 5G-damaged body’s cytokine Herheimer’s Reaction response to the alien RNA – the viral material of the extradimensional parasites, ‘satan’s kids’ – that the human body is doing its utter best to reject. BUT: the nanotechnology is so insidiously aggressive and every world institution is in collusion with this scheme, so the very things that will protect and save a person are withheld, and they are instead helped to die by overt omission of what the medical Hippocratic Oath dictates: “FIRST, DO NO HARM”.

On October 30, 2015 when Glenside Medical Associates in Henrico, Virginia refused to test me for Lyme disease (Nanotechnology and Morgellons and Personal History 101 article) and also refused to give me a prescription with the CDC-recommended six refills of Ivermectin and three months of antibiotics needed for Lyme tick exposure that I asked for after researching what I needed to fight the Lyme Disease that was by then already a full-blown infection in my body after going to see Dr. John White there on June 11, 2015 presenting a rash and bulls eye tickbites, and he refused to test me for Lyme disease then, although I HAD BEEN BITTEN BY AT LEAST THIRTY NYMPH DEER TICKS WHICH ATTACHED ON THE SATURDAY OF MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND LESS THAN TWO WEEKS BEFORE, on that 30th of October 2015 as I faced their Nazi concentration camp-personalitied nurse, fat with parasites and flushed roseacea-cheeked with chemically-dyed jet black hair, and three of their five doctors – Dr. White refused to face me but instead peeked out from over the top of his office desk’s computer monitor about twenty feet away at the end of the hall – they threatened to “call 911” on me if I did not leave, and like a brick falling on a butterfly, aghast with a cold realization, I realized I was dealing with evil. I said, in a voice of terrified but resolute firmness, loud enough for the entire waiting room to hear: “YOU ARE BREAKING YOUR OWN HIPPOCRATIC OATH.”
And I left.
The police never came to my house and three days later I received both a first class letter copy and a registered and certified letter original that I had to sign for informing me that they discharged me as a patient.
I have every single document, test, prescription filled or unfilled, every receipt including the thousands of dollars spent for livestock meds, Amazon orders and other online sources for Lyme/Morgellons healing – AND ALL DOCTORS’ AND HOSPITALS’ NAMES AND ADDRESSES secured for perpetuity as evidence, including the name and date of the Johns Hopkins Hospital doctor who officially diagnosed me with Morgellons Syndrome after confirming that I had smartdust in my pores. #NicholasRiskoMD
I am but one of BILLIONS whose lives have been butchered by evil. I STAND FOR TRUTH.

I heard RFB – RichieFromBoston – use the words “They play the long game” in early 2018, and no truer words can be said. And just last week I was walking during our few hours allowed to get necessary supplies and a scooter went by with two men on it, and the passenger was wearing a jacket with the slogan on back in large white block letters:
and I wished I had been able to photograph it but my memory, as you can tell, is like an elephants, animals I love very, very much.
And what a mistake for all who play that game!

My Washington, D.C. newsman ex-husband, and also, tragically, my own son are both D&D dungeonmasters. My ex began when he was 13 years old, and my son was also, although they’re unrelated, K. having not T-boned my life like the car wreck I was involved in until my son was in his late twenties. He – and I suspect this includes my own two children as beneficiaries – wants me dead to collect on the absolutely illegal and unpermitted life insurance policy he maintains on me despite us having no property except the $7,000.00 value of the pick-up truck I owned which he co-signed for, AND TOOK FROM ME. The court even let him write in the divorce settlement! We had NO real estate or time shares, NO stocks or bonds, NO children, NO annuities, NO consumer loans, not even a magazine subscription together, and a marriage less than two years which I entered at age 51. This is completely illegal and HE is the person of interest and primary suspect in the advent of my premature and untimely death, for I will NEVER succomb to 5G poisoning because of the measures I take, and I certainly am not taking the mark of the beast or wearing and using its tracking devices. These three – my ex and my two children – will never pass GO at this rate. DrippingKeysCopyrighted450p I ‘played’ D&D once, for three bored afternoons in Hawaii in 2017, and my character was “DRIPPING KEYS”, who was unvanquished by all, and the ‘game’ ended up foreshadowing how I preserved my life and left the island before Kileaua erupted).

This large piece of artwork I made was stolen by my DC newsman ex. Let me know if you have seen it anywhere, and whoever HAS all of my things now, well, you have HELL to pay.

VICTORY AND PARTNER Reeling this back in, although everything I ever disclose here is evidence for all crimes against humanity and can and will be used for not only my book, as Christ says we each will be judged by, but for all the souls in all the books of life in the Halls of Amenti who have been wronged!
5G IS THE PESTILENCE. “Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.”

Ah, the power just went out. I began typing this early this morning the 16th, as the electromagnetics were so intense yesterday evening that it was safest to be digitally detoxed!

At age 19 I wrote this, waking up from a nap with these words, unbidden.
  • As 5G and vaccines depopulate the world not instantaneously, but over an exponentially increasing period of time. The MSM and cabal health systems keep doling out the term “flattening the curve”, but REMEMBER! Everything satan says is the OPPOSITE, the INVERSION of the truth. The “curve” will not flatten, that dangled carrot word is only to delude people with a false sense of acceptance into being in lockdown, and this is all part of their installation of worldwide martial law.

Humanity is entrained with occult satanic ritual magic sorceric spells and practices which to be performed are required to openly state what they are doing to their victims.


THE SCRIPTURES – all of them, especially the pre-canonized bible which is simply the weaponized and edited version disseminated by the roman empire still, the head of the seven nation army – ARE PROPHETIC.

SOUL_TRAP_TabletOfShamash900BCThe noisome pestilience is the 5G that they have covered the face of the earth with in order to snare and trap souls and prevent the plasma human spirit – FOR IT IS AN ELECTRIC UNIVERSE AND OUR SPIRIT IS 21 GRAMS OF PLASMA (THE EGO IS MOLECULARLY ANTITHETICAL TO TRUTH) – from being attracted to the positive pole of the vesica piscis singularity horizon event (commonly referred to as “the event horizon” which IS the coming of Christ, the LIGHT, the WORD THAT WAS MADE MANIFEST. Their STRONG DELUSION has been working for thousands of years – not for one constant moment – to DECEIVE people to the point where all of this is crazy talk, total rubbish, when in fact all governments and corporations and world religions and everything commercialized, commodified, certified or accredited in any way at all BOWS DOWN TO SATAN AND HIS PLAN TO HIDE THE TRUTH THAT THERE IS A GOD FROM MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD. The 5G Spacefence and heavy metalled human bodies holding their own kill switches (smart devices) are to TRAP SOULS FROM EXITING THIS DOME WHILE EVERYONE IS LOCKED IN PLACE IN FULL BLOWN MARTIAL LAW AND THEY BEGIN “DROPPING LIKE FLIES” FROM THE DIRECT ENERGY WEAPON GROUND WAVE EMERGENCY NETWORK EXTRA LOW FREQUENCY MICROWAVE RADIATION WAVES OF THE 5G THEY ARE NOW FULLY ACTIVATING. They first turned it on in Wuhan, China [INSERT MY TWEET ABOUT THAT] and then Italy, London and the United States. I find it interesting that these three independent city-states of the Vatican in Rome, Washington DC and London, each an arm of satan, are where it was activated first, and if anyone has thoughts on the why of this (ah, the power just went out again, it’s 3PM 16April2020 Delhi time), please share in the comments. Maybe because these reptilians working in each of the three areas are capable of getting replacement clone bodies and so the initial rollout locations allow for their direct, in place, supervision and report to Lucifer? I dunno.

It’s flat.


Why don’t I use the word ‘global’, you might ask? Have you noticed how it’s dropped into almost all corporate identity, product placement and ad copy? Because that too is part of the huge, long game lie called The Strong Delusion: IT’S FLAT. We live under the DOME OF THE FIRMAMENT. Antedeluvian researchers – and that includes me – understand that this earth has had at least five “resets”, each of which have created what can be visualized as concentric ring-shaped realms, and right now the world we perceive we are in and on is in the middle and is 3D. Each ‘reset’ has created other realms with differing dimensions and atmospheres, I won’t name them, for sake again of staying on topic, but imagine a vast pool a pebble was dropped into creating six concentric ripples, each ripple ring having it’s own cosmological bodies, separated from each other plasmically and electromagnetically according to Universal law, and each revolving in their own precessions of time based on the Fibonacci Sequence of 432,000 hertz /days/years with repeating patterns of sacred geometry. The add the rebel Yeshua Christ refers to in the Gospel of Judas as “Nebro, which is interpreted as rebel”, the WORD JESUS CHRIST SAID. Nebro is Nibiru, and has an elliptical orbit which we are experiencing now. This, to use that one heavy metal (another “loaded phrase”) IS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, and THAT is what ALL OF THIS IS ABOUT. Just look at that album cover…


Whew, that was a mouthful. Still with me?


NASA was founded by Nazi SS officer and scientist Werner Von Braun, Walt Disney, Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley, known satanist. Stanley Kubrik staged, directed and filmed the moon landing. Artificial intelligence computer programs have overdubbed his confession speech released 17 years posthumous to his death, at hs request, for the safety of his family. Don’t believe me? YouTube has overdubbed many of my videos. Here’s a video showing how they do it.

NASA meatball logo small I worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and in the spring of 1999 the crew operating the Hubble satellite sent it off-orbit with a fire in their Weber grill in the trailer thet were in next to ours, when I was a subcontractor for AEROTEK and a cross-platform LAN/WAN Tier 3/4 Network Desktop Computer Specialist with a top secret clearance on a project readying the “campus” computers – and all their “scientific data” for Y2K – the rollover of timestamps into the year 2,000.

NASA exists to make this a PRISON PLANET and convince you that GOD doesn’t exist and the universe came about because of a random big bang. In actuality, the governments have been talking about the aliens – AKA the fallen angels for a very long time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


33rd Parallel Mt Hermon UN Base Mount Hermon was the port of entry for a group of fallen angels, who rebelled in the heavens and were thrown to earth, only to corrupt the human race long before the days of Noah. “Paris Zero Meridian” – Mount Hermon, the ancient territory of the *Tribe of Dann – is located at 33 degrees east of the Paris Zero Meridian (longitude), and 33 degrees north of the Equator (latitude). The United Nations Base there has it – called The Nephilim Portal – under secure guard at all times… why? GLIGAL MT HERMON 33RD PARALLEL FLOOR MOSAIC

*If you are one of the elect, you have purer genes – the Tribe Of Dann / DaNaan, restored blogpost copy

The physical bodily existence on this 3D plane is a punishment because we are, us humans, LIGHT BEINGS, all a part of the ONE UNIVERSAL SOURCE, given a spirit in a body with an opportunity to learn lessons and to transcend this limited form, the husk that dies in a world of pain and trauma run by psychopaths who are devoted to the original narcissist: the devil.

You have a choice, and it will be the hardest one you will ever make because they have cut all of humanity from the herd and are literally culling us like cattle. People are truly physically addicted to their cellphones now, and to the process of uploading their souls to the hive. Fear has been instilled in nearly every human being on the face of the earth that some “virus”, the ruse to hide the deaths from 5G, is going to kill them all.  Between CERN opening portals and the push for 5G – it seems they propose 6G to maintain hell?

FEMA Hosp Vid Thumb for blog sm
Mark my words…

When the power went out the first time today (the 16th), I walked and saw a few telling things. Still waiting on another video to upload, but here’s one of the two short clips I made of what’s happening here to fabricate the Strong Delusion. IS THIS A FEMA HOSPITAL OR WHAT? INDIA, 16April2020
Description: Walking across what was for a long time an empty lot in the thrird week of worldwide martial law lockdown with no end in sight and all construction halted, I observed sudden changes: construction in rapid progress, many supplies being brought in, limestone cement poweder lines delineating boundaries and “coronavirus social distancing circles” for a que to stand in, and as I stopped to take it all in, realizing what I saw, the probable manager of the site alerted others there and everyone began to leave the area. This is what I was able to film. – April 16, 2020

I’m being brutally honest and imploring each and every human being who reads my words and sees my evidence:


Do not use social media or apps.
Learn to heart communicate telepathically.
In the old days before telegraphs and telephones this was called PRAYER.
Now it’s known as “hypercommunication” and telepathy, and wrongly considered supernatural.

The physics of “ascension” are better explained by Dan Winter, scroll down for two of his videos – than I. But on an atomic, cellular level, the definitive microcosmic scale, when the singularity event occurs, our 21-gram spirit must be able to electromagnetically navigate and translate plasmically to the positive pole of the universal energy source vesica piscis collision. If we die in other ways, and we are in a negatively polarized ‘state’ (I could also write at least 5,000 words about states and the use of that word when talking about periodic table elements being gaseous (and a few are “noble”, liquid, or solid and sometimes frozen, but that convo will perhaps wait until our campfire talks as stars!) of consciousness and locale, such as densely crowded rectilinear metal and plastic 5G environments full of people with parasites and heavy metals amidst so much inorganic, low-frequency materials and being constantly bombarded with mind control programming and cymatically entrained and sensorally microwaved, the 21 gram spirit may – UNLESS GRACE, AN ANGEL, A MESSENGER OF GOD INTERVENES – this spirit in the body the self is given to burn away the dross and become a pure, shining soul with may LOSE THAT “SPARK OF SELF GIVEN TO THEM ON LOAN”, as Yeshua the Christ Jesus said in The Gospel of Judas the rulers of this fallen world hid but was returned to humanity with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (1945-48), and be destoyed forever when everything that is negative is eternally destroyed because there will BE NO MORE LOWER DIMENSIONS, OR TIME, OR DISTANCE, OR ANYTHING THIS CURRENT WORLD HAS BEEN BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE IS “REAL”.

DO NOT SACRIFICE YOURSELF OUR YOUR LOVED ONES RESPONDING TO YOU AND TRAP ALL YOU LOVE IN THE FOWLER’S SNARE WHICH HAS THE WORLD WIDE (they didn’t call it ‘the global web’, or sphere-shaped, did they? They used the word “WIDE” – like a FLAT EXPANSE IS DESCRIBED, a PLANE. See? They have to be honest in their sorcery and spell out exactly what they are doing) WEB OF IP ADDRESSES AND THE DOMAIN NAMES CHOSEN FOR ‘HOMES’ IN THE CLOUD.

Edward Snowden tried to tell the world how devious they are. So far, I am the ONLY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH TO CONNECT ALL OF THESE DOTS in quite this way. Considering that in June 2018 I was divinely guided to write this early post called THE REAL REASON FOR 5G IS TO KEEP OUR FREQUENCY LOW AND STOP US FROM ASCENDING , perhaps God’s talking and I am just a conduit.

Please heed my words. <3

Dr. Martin Pall, “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health”




A martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, “witness”; stem μάρτυρ-, mártyr-)


“We must critically examine and re-examine and compare with what is deep inside us… there is no better datum than that!”

Yes, I agree, for if we do not, our ego will bury us!

“Bride of the father, these years will be called short by the short days, the photon will be the center of the rebirth and there will be purge at many galactic and planetary levels, read among the secrets and the sores the signs that the soul is placed. this is a braid of lands, they attack the heart and lungs “to steal the holy spirit, even if it’s not so they want you to fear it they make it pour out of the rna more ‘ I don’t know. But fear not the light has already won we are choosing how fallen the speed to learn it : adrenaline 3d in disintegration.” (comment from image above, translated from Italian)

And then that, for the thirst of the martyr,
nor the presence of the superb Soldan
preached Christ and others who followed,

and to find to convert too many people
and not to stand indarno,
redeemed to the fruit of the italian grass,

in the raw stone intra Tiber and Arno
da Christ took the last seal,
that his limbs two years carry.
– Dante, Paradiso XI, 100-108
(Translated from Italian)
Dear friends, the Lord will give you peace! Did you know that Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy also speaks of St Francis? And that’s why the Song XI of Paradise is also an integral part of the Franciscan Sources? Yes, even a piece of Dante poetry is part of the collection of the oldest Franciscan testimonies! To tell of the life of Francis of Assisi is the Dominican Saint Thomas Aquinas, as in The Song XII it will be the Franciscan Saint Bonaventura who will present the life of Dominic of Guzman. Dante poetry, as always, with the effective synthesis and elegant beauty of its triplets manages to make in short the understanding life of our Father “all seraphic in ardour” (XI, 37).

St. Francis: from martyrdom to the stigmata

On the day of the feast of the Impression of the Stimmate of St. Francis, 17 September, I would like to briefly resume what Dante says. As you can read in the three triplets above, he places the event of the Stimmate immediately after the pilgrimage to the Holy Land and the encounter with the Sultan. In the verses that follow, he immediately recounts the death of the Saint. St. Thomas says that the Poverello of Assisi “for the thirst of the martyr, / in the presence of the superb Soldan / preached Christ and others who ‘followed’ them: like Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Francis goes “among the Saracens” available, indeed eager, to give his life for Christ. We also know from the other biographies that, admitted in the presence of al-Malik al-Komil, announced to him the gospel and salvation in Christ. Francis left that court, without having earned martyrdom, but much esteem for his holiness and some gifts… including the ivory horn still preserved among the relics of St. Francis Basilica in Assisi. St. Francis was to receive a different martyrdom: what we celebrate today, the extraordinary gift of the stigmata, “the last seal” of love and pain that Jesus himself has imprinted in his flesh. They are a sign for him and for us of a whole life deeply resembling that of Christ.

Every call: from imagining to following
This: what can it mean to you?? We all desire and imagine our future for what our hearts are given to sense. At some point in his life, St. Francis felt ready to take risks: to give and, if necessary, to lose his life for the sake of Christ and for the conversion of some unfaithful brothers. This availability was not collected from the design of Providence in the most ‘predictable’ way of martyrdom in odium fidei. His mystical martyrdom has come in an original way, if anything linked to his struggle to accept the evolution of the Order, now almost ‘autonomous’ and ’emancipated’ with respect to its founder (as it leaks from the biographies and parable of Perfect joy). And Francis was crucified in La Verna for the sake of all those who are astonished by this sign, and in particular for the sake of his fellow brothers. Of which he managed to be even in the end the ‘most’ lesser friete. Assisi. Prayer Corda pia, which associates the Passion of Christ and the Stimmate of St. Francis. For you, who listen to the Lord, it calls you to follow him, is to imagine your future in some way and form a particular one. In that imagination is hidden the good intuition of what the Lord asks of you: to give yourself in a total way. Often, however, in this ‘imagine’, our imagination ends up getting a little distracted around the peripheral aspects of vocation: for example, fantasizing a little about the new role or the respect I will receive when I am a priest/frite (?!); or the beauty of fraternal life in the community, when I am a nun (?!); or the fact that my talents will finally be valued… All possible, but not always realistic… and certainly not central, because often more than growing in faith and holiness, they tickle and gratify the ego.

A vocation is given to you because in it you learn to give yourself and to love… even when it is necessary to suffer to love. Just as Francis asked and obtained in La Verna: to love and suffer as Jesus loved and suffered for us on the Cross. Today’s feast, then, gives you practical advice: when you notice that your fantasy takes you away from the ‘centre’ of your vocational discernment, or entices you with ‘glorious’ perspectives that are all to be verified, ‘escape’ from this ego-centric path and return to place your feet where you find the footsteps of Christ, following him as you carry your (heavy but not impossible) cross every day. The humble realism of today, will bless you tomorrow too… Happy feast of the Holy Stimmate!! The Lord gives you peace!

First, Luca, before I respond to your thoughts, let me share something with you. Because what you told me was galvanizing, and I am strengthened by your words. This allegorical desert is a place of strange testing and confirmations.
Last August you wrote me this:

“You are written in the book of life – do not fear spit or insults, I cry for this humanity only a few see and among these are especially women, from the double date of 2020 everyone will see himself in glory or vergogna. Dio bless you…
… I wanted to inform you; to tell you something very important when you did an article about your granddaughter Emily, I saw a sun that came into you and called you “bride”. Maybe I should not say these things… but you are far ahead and you are not of this world.”

Okay, now I’m replying…

I’ve actually never felt of this world, and to be quite honest, I thought that by coming to India I would find others who were aware of TRUTH, but so far – and I keep reaching out to so-called spiritual leaders here (gurus, babaji’s, long-time seekers, monks/nuns – supposedly HIGHLY SPIRITUAL PEOPLE – all I am discovering is different shades and values of ego on different styles of dress, and the VERY FEW TIMES I have been able to engage someone in questioning the narratives, they SHUT DOWN.
There are so few who are not deceived, Luca.

And I just finished the Fowler’s Net post, which will probably get me kicked off the internet! (Trying to make a joke, but as I type I am being hit with millimeter waves in my throat, aimed at my thyroid. Getting up to take more iodine…). I will expand that article more, perhaps next. It depends soully on (how I am moved by) God.

You: “Bride of the father, these years will be called short by the short days, the photon will be the center of the rebirth and there will be purge at many galactic and planetary levels, read among the secrets and the sores the signs that the soul is placed. This is a braid of lands, they attack the heart and lungs “to steal the holy spirit, even if it’s not so they want you to fear it they make it pour out of the rna more; I don’t know. But fear not the light has already won we are choosing how fallen the speed to learn it: adrenaline 3d in disintegration.”

According to the Ethiopian calendar it is the year 2012, not 2020, and I guess many of us are aware that at the Council of Nicae, hundreds of years were made to disappear, and what is thought of as “the middle ages” is fictional, written by the likes of Juval Noah Harari. We’ve had the noctoluminscent skies for years now, and Tavares (it sounds like her voice) showed footage from the Alaska weather cams of the huge umbrella-like shade apparatus being kept in the sky between earth and Nibiru. Sometimes I go to bed and it seems as if the ‘night’ was 14 hours long: it is only becoming more and more insensible. The portions of the Nag Hammadi about The Destroyer say all these things we see. When I found the text from the ancient Egyptian Valley of the Kings tombs which talked about the net in the sky, that was another a-ha to confirm the place 5G and smart devices, apps, et cetera are being used.

“A braid of lands, they attack the heart and lungs ‘to steal the holy spirit’…” – yes. Only if we let them. I think the digital link is the key here, Luca. This will probably make me the least welcomed spiritual writer in modern history. No one wants to stop communicating. This is our desert. This is it. It’s happening.

And yes, they attack the heart and lungs. This is why I began taking Levamisole, given to all dairy cattle and sheep up, to get rid of them. In 2018 I researched and found the FDA acceptable limits for the amounts of detectable lungworms and threadworms in dairy products for sale in the United States, that the worms pass through breast milk and the placenta, and I emailed my daughter about it, since she’s a doula and lactation counselor, but of course she ignored me (and still shuns me). It was very difficult to take it, and I started at a dose for a small sheep. I basically used myself as an experiment, and as they cleared from me I began to feel entirely new sensations in my lung areas (on my back) especially when I was praying or writing, or doing anything with my heart intention and love. So I wrote that post called BREATH OF LIFE.

I will stop there, but we are light energy, yes. And I do not think of myself as of master root Pleidian, but beyond. That’s how it feels: star-like. That star that came the day before Nichole died was MY STAR, and there was a STARGATE PORTAL OPEN OVER THE ROOF OF MY HOUSE, and a DNA-shaped spiral it came down, like a heaven stair. So did I – my spirit being – come to give myself an ‘upgrade’ considering one of the most – no, THE MOST DIFFICULT THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME AS A MORTAL HUMAN was about to happen, my granddaughter who is like a soul-daughter to me losing her mother, and my family not telling me, and not letting me come to comfort my granddaughter? Still I am shunned completely. Yet my soul is of GOD, and I LOVE. I have never felt so sure and secure and strong. And things have happened which show me that hypercommunication / heart communication is real and happening.

“they want you to fear it they make it pour out of the rna more”: if we fear, it weakens us, our immuno-suppression goes down, illness goes up, and they harvest more etheric energy. Am I oversimplifying it? If we succomb to fear, as their host, they run amok with our systems and takeover occurs. We also lose time, lose ground, what in spiritual sense is backsliding, which is the worst kind of falling away and hardest to recover from.

“the light has already won we are choosing how fallen the speed to learn it: adrenaline 3d in disintegration” – Hmm, I am going to take a guess at that meaning. Are you saying we have a degree of control regarding our collective consciousness bringing on this leaving of physical density, and that the adrenaline fear creates is becoming less available for them because en masse we’re “wising up” and rising up?

From your link given to St. Francis, it says “We all desire and imagine our future for what our hearts are given to sense”, and I imagine that is true for many, until pain and trauma either takes it out of them or they erode and sell out! The author goes on: “A vocation is given to you because in it you learn to give yourself and to love… even when it is necessary to suffer to love.” YES. Only suffering teaches us what love truly is. As much as trauma and evil need to be eradicated, in this physical realm, they are teachers, but how hard. I cannot tell you how many times I listened to Derek Prince’s LOVE IS THE PERFECT LAW OF LIBERTY – I even transcribed it from the YT video – forced to be barred from family and losing all, as you know from reading what I have written, and seeing photos and artwork. Humans are at their best when things are at their worst. We get the stigmata within.

But are you suggesting that I am being impractical or egoistic? Chitta? Anyone? I ask this seriously.

Much love, with a holy kiss.


That drawing of Saint Francis of Assisi, I did that in 2013, looking at a statue – a lawn statue – that my landlord Bill Kuiper had given me (now sold, too heavy to carry around while dealing with all the shite).



Namasté and hari OM.





An enormous umbrella shades planets from view. This gigantic structure is towed by a visible engine shown in the videos taken from FAA weather cameras.

March 29, 2020 Mobile Morgues Being Set Up Outside Indianapolis Coroners Office

Not only those on the frontlines are preparing for the surge of patients. Morgues are partnering with hospitals to alleviate the burden as the death toll continues to rise.

My note: They are using the social credit score system which treats people according to their health records that have been put into the blockchain, and know that your fate will be decided by those databases, if you allow yourself to be caught in the web of the medical systems. Prevention is key to survival, not treatment!

A Surgeon Explains The Coronavirus Timeline Is Longer Than You Think

Dr. Duc Vuong, world famous bariatric surgeon, author of 13 books, gives you the latest on the CoronaVirus timeline and when it will kill.

Why Obese People Are At Increased Risk For Bad Coronavirus Outcomes

Dr. Duc Vuong, the World’s #1 Weight Loss Surgeon and author, explains why the obese population are at increased risk for poor Coronavirus outcomes. The obese population has increased lung disease and comorbidities which leads to worse outcomes.

My note: They have been on a campaign to normalize obesity since the Eighties, after feminism, championed by CIA-operative Gloria Steinem (I should know, I was one of the first subscribers to MS. magazine back then, at age 22, and turned away the CIA, who tried to recruit me when I was in 12th grade). FAT IS PARASITE IN ADIPOSE TISSUE AND SETS THE STAGE FOR DISEASE AND DEATH FOR THE CABAL.

DIY Instructional video for sewing the Olson mask  for COVID-19 Coronavirus PLAGUE PROTECTION

(While doing this in a TOR browser window, I got this message on the left sice of the window I was copying the embed code from:

“Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

IP address: [removed]
Time: 2020-03-30T05:12:32Z

They provide this info in the description:

UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids
14.9K subscribers
Sewing Fabric Face Masks
Thank you for your interest in sewing fabric face masks.
NOTE: These are NOT meant to replace manufactured masks.

Updated pattern and more information can be found at:
Just want the PDF of the pattern go here:

**The hospital will provide the filter, double-sided tape and hair bands and assemble here after masks are dropped off.**

UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids, Iowa has an adequate supply of masks however – they remain in short supply nationwide due to COVID-19. The hospital is looking to be proactive in addressing the possibility of future supply challenges. Therefore, St. Luke’s is calling all sewers to help make masks. Our hope is that we won’t need them, but we must plan for the unknown.

Fabric masks offer the benefit of being able to be washed and re-used as each healthcare worker will need to change their mask several times during their shifts, as the mask becomes soiled or damp – for maximum protection.

A new modular mask, The Olson, named after 1930’s legendary maker nurse Lyla Mae Olson, was quickly developed by clinicians from UnityPoint Health and is being shared across the globe in the fight against COVID19. A group of clinicians teamed up in the hospital’s generate prototyping space to create a series of experimental designs rooted material science and easy fabrication. No special instruments are required for fabrication, and the pattern is compatible with common mask patterns being released around the country.

Your time and talent can greatly impact our ability to care for our community members and help ensure our safety as we do. Fabric masks offer the benefit of being able to be washed and re-used.

They don’t have to be stylish – just functional. Non-matching fabrics, thread, elastics are fine. It just needs to be well sewn mask – with no frayed edges or missed seams.

Download the Olson Mask pattern here:

Completed Masks
Enclose completed masks in a closed plastic bag or closed plastic box.

We will launder them prior to use so no need to wash before delivering.
Please deliver to the St. Luke’s Foundation, 855 A Ave. NE, 1st floor, Cedar Rapids. Phone (319) 369-7716.


Again the warning!

“Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

IP address: [removed]
Time: 2020-03-30T05:16:25Z

Now they won’t let me use youtube, so this will be it for links…

ATLAS Update | Upcoming 2020 Hurricane Season – What to Expect!

Photos and footage from the latest tornadoes in Arkansas yesterday.

And again, here is the pattern for the mask to wear to protect yourself and loved ones from the COVID-19 Coronavirus:

and instructions


And if you have the time to read, I suggest these two books:
Hind’s Feet on High Places, by Hannah Hurnard, (Kindle) and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, (Kindle).


As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases; above are affiliate program
links. All earnings go toward defraying the costs of creating, operating and
maintaining of this blog, and your purchase through these links helps bring light to
others.  Thank you!

Knowing who you are, and that the secret we all carry is that the incredible physics of Love can take your soul home to the Most High is Love’s unstoppable liberty. We are simply deceived into not accepting what is already within us.




From a private exchange in the Ascension Diet forum:
March 27, 2020
I just realised that the coming of the Christ is individual and internal matter. For each individual, the surrounding world is tuned for his / her spiritual progress. It could be loosely aligned with someone else too but primarily ones own! In the further spiritual development the connection with same or approximately same spiritual level person/s goes deeper for the reason we are one.
What decisions one take based on the choices presented into his / her own world within this general world takes one further in the direction of the decisions taken.

The decisions taken means not only decisions taken externally or for living in general world and one’s own world but also in your mind. The mind chatter brings the change in one’s own world and the general world.

So ultimately the conscious efforts on mental level to control the chatter towards positive or helpful or loving ways change one’s world and general world slowly.

So, the coming of the Christ is one’s individual mental journey reflecting one’s internal and external decisions taken, in one’s spiritual progress.

My reply:
March 29, 2020
Yes. This is what we finally understand, and you reached the core of who you are, your SELF, past all the obstacles of duality, ignorance, conditioning and programming. This is the enlightenment, your baptism. The vesica piscis reached within past your own event horizon. You attained your star which beckoned you, as it is timeless, literally (reference to the Gospel of Judas).
And you had to reach to this level yourself. I am only a wayshower.

As you put it so well in a recent comment, time does not exist, so not only can we save our seed, our lineage, our progeny forward and behind us now as we perceive ourselves in the body our 21 gram soul inhabits, but as we are each one of us the superconsciousness, just as we cannot in this form name or quantify GOD, this LIFE FORCE WHO CREATES ALL, we also in some manner we cannot comprehend EACH ONE OF US COLLECTIVELY CHANGE THE TIDE AND USHER IN THE NEW AGE.

Religions would stone us for this, burn us at the stake for such heretical thought. That’s what dualism was created for: to decieve.

And so the Adiyogi taught us to meditate. Jesus Christ Yeshua came to live in the Vashistha Cave a few kilometers from me. But wherever we are, we are GOD.

Thank you, hari OM. The ALL will benefit from this.


This is the PERFECT TIME for you to watch the movie WINTER’S TALE

I decoded it! Read my post THE MOVIE WINTER’S TALE DECODED


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