In Memory of Nichole Lee Travers Little Cabana, Three Years Ago Today

If *you* are reading this, remember that LOVE IS ETERNAL. We are so much more than this. Reach to GOD, and PRAY. He's listening out for you, holding your heart in His Hands. - Gramma


This crop circle is the first reported this year and the footage is stunning. The pinwheel design of Pythagoran mean triangles suggests that humanity must retain their Fibonacci Sequence DNA and not embrace Transhumanism or the mRNA genetic alteration irrepairably being done by the Covid injections, which cause Prion disease, inject RFID tracking, and have been shown to make magnets affix to the injection sites, proof of the heavy metals and the embedded chips.

TAKE THIS TO HEART- Video and Transcription from 7May2020

"Jesus clearly tells us that we would see signs in the sky near the end of the age. Untold trillions have been spent to hide this incoming planetary system from the unknowing masses. The reason for all the deception is..."

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