What they vaccinate to remove (video)

Understand your power - and why they fear us. The perditious affects of the aerosol spraying of FunVax, the slave masks so humans cannot talk, and the Covid vaccines which cause the recipients to report that they "can't feel God anymore". YOUR CHOICE. #GraphicEvidence

Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and the Egyptians

A re-cap to "flesh out" the previous repost, this from 2016, shortly after Max Spiers, SSP supersoldier from the Bases was murdered. Now we have lost Harald Kautz-Vella. Before them, William Cooer, Phil Scheneider, Jim Marrs. Be aware, my brethren, that we are of a lineage of the Tribe of Levi, Lions of Judah, and respect those who laid down their lives so you could share here now.

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