THE LOST YEARS OF ISSA: Jesus Christ’s “lost years” (book and audiobook)

There existed in the ancient buddhist temple archives in Tibet a sacred memoir of Jesus' travels in India and Tibet during what the Bible called "the lost years of Christ", including an account of his crucifixion and resurrection written 3-4 years after it happened. Yet another thing hidden from humanity by the Roman Catholic Church!

ALL IN THE FAMILY: PART TWO OF THE TIAMAT QUESTION (on Patreon) SHARED GNOSIS FOR PATREON MEMBERS ONLY: this entire article is divinely inspired (prayed for) remote writing. Only previews from this article (as installments) will appear here on Adjunct to some of the content from my upcoming book,…

The power of the senses, 8th century wisdom you need NOW

The ego, being intent on pleasure, regards the five senses as means of enjoyment. Foolish and ignorant persons are bound to sense objects by the rope of desire... detoxing the ropeworm removes the scales from the eyes, and the path of the seeker of truth is enlightened. This is why truthseekers renounce the world, fast and meditate.

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