The power of the senses, 8th century wisdom you need NOW

“Now I shall tell you about discrimination between self and non-
self. Listen and keep it firmly in mind. Of these two, I shall speak
first about the non-self. GuruAndAspirants8thCenturyIndia_sm

The brain, bones, fat, flesh, blood, skin and bodily fluids are the seven
factors that constitute the gross body. So say those who know. The feet,
thighs, chest, shoulders, back, head, et cetera, are its members. People
regard it as I, owing to the mind’s attachment to it. It is the primary
attraction to all, and the most obvious. It is made up of ether, air,
fire, water and earth, which, as the subtle essences, form sense objects
into groups of five, such as sound, sight, taste, touch and smell. The
ego, being intent on pleasure, regards these as means of enjoyment.
Foolish and ignorant persons are bound to sense objects by the rope of
desire, attracted according to the power of their karma, which leads them
up and down and causes them to wander in distress. The serpent, Indira,
died through attachment to sound. The elephant, through attachment to
touch. The fish, through attachment to taste. And the bee, through
attachment to smell. If these die through attachment to a single sense,
what must be the fate of humans, who are attached to all five?” – Vivekachudamani Part I – Shankarachaya, Advaita

All that is perceived by the senses which the mind bases reality upon is CYMATICS.
See also “Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians”

There is an Indian parable called The Rope and the Snake. A man walks along a path at night, and sees a poisonous snake on the path in front of him. He turns and runs in the opposite direction. The next morning he resumes his journey and he finds a coiled rope on the ground at the spot he had turned back from in fear for his life. He realizes that in the darkness, he mistook the coiled rope as a snake and he realizes that in darkness it is hard to see reality as it truly is. In the light of day, he was able to see clearly. The snake is the human ego, which controls a person through the perception of illusory phenomena and fear. Our perception of reality can be clouded by darkness, which is ignorance to reality. This ignorance sometimes manifests as rapid judgment or fear, and we react solely based on senses or emotions. Living a life based upon intellectual decisions made in reaction to what one perceives is seeing the snake. Meditition is the key to release from this mental gymnastic which imprisons the mind bound by a body reacting to its senses. Very few people will get this memo genetically.

There is another level to this, and that is the purpose of the human ropeworm in the body, the serpent in the gut. Jesus Christ as the Most High Living God in human form taught his disciples and followers to fast and pray (meditate) a day for every year they had been born into the body, and to use the trailing vine attached to an elevated large gourd to perform enemas daily, drinking only water and doing this until all that flushed out of their bowels was as clear as water. This is what is recorded in The Essene Gospels of Peace which the newly created Roman Catholic Church hid from humanity.

When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1948 and the cache of ancient manuscripts was translated, the Essene Gospels were read. In the 1960’s, a scholar given permission to look through the basement of the Vatican Library on an entirely different subject found the copy of the Essene Gospels that the catholic church had hidden from humanity in order to control human beings by not allowing them to know the truth of how to remove the human ropeworm serpent in the gut and free themselves from their enslavement to the senses and the blinding effect of the toxins and demonic power to affect and control thoughts and emotions this ropeworm has. It was no accident this researcher ‘accidentally’ found the Essene Gospels of Peace. The age we are in prophecied that in the last days, truths long hidden would be revealed. This is the final Kali Yuga as prophecied.

People ask why there are mosquitos, roaches, ticks, fleas and parasites, which exist only to plague humanity.

The ropeworm should be number one on that list, but then if truth had not been hidden from us, the entire human story on earth would be a completely different one, and we would be living in Peace! Those who manage to remove this internal ropeworm snake embodiment of Lucifer and his many smaller offspring minions attest to their clarity of vision and inability to harm others. They are the extreme empaths of this world, absorbing pain and living in LOVE and service to all with no attachment to earning money in a plotted-out financial plan. They serve.

Detoxing the ropeworm removes the scales from the eyes, and the path of the seeker of truth is enlightened. This is why truthseekers renounce the world, fast and meditate. The detachment from this play of life is necessary, and my readers have read ad infinitum the extent to which this goal is a part of my life, as the controllers failed to destroy me with MKUltra, and dross burned off in exquisite refinement. It is my hope that at least one person gets this message.

“Therefore if you really want liberation, cast away the pleasure of sense
objects as though they were poison. Hold firmly to the virtues of
contentment, compassion, foregiveness, sincerity, tranquility and self-
control. Give up all actions performed out of attachment to the body and
strive ceaselessly for liberation from the bondage caused by ignorance.
This body is finally consumed, whether by earth, fire, beasts or birds.
One who, forgetting their real nature, mistakes this body for the self
gets attached to it and cherishes it, and by so doing, becomes the
murdere of the self.”





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  1. Wonderful post, thank you!

    I think to understand what you are saying / sharing, people need to slow down first! Mentally as well as physically! The noise of mind need to be reduced in steps; starting with cutting down or stopping the screens (TV and smart phones) at least 1 hour before sleeping. Initially, they would get bored. This is the time for children and wife.

    Another way of doing this, is getting up early by force daily. After few days, body would force you to sleep early. So, the boredom would slowly go away as one starts sleeping early and getting up early. Getting up early gives fresh mind to meditate and exercise, with a good family time. It is said that getting up in Brahm Muhurtam (roughly 3:45 AM) is the best time!

    Once, this is practiced, patience of mind and body would come! Now, one is ready to read your posts during the day and after meditation and exercise think / discern about your posts!

    Yes, one need to prepare a lot to dive deep!

    Thank you for all.


    1. It is with gratitude that I am able to write and share here with others, you are most welcome, and as always, your comments are a light to others.

      The modern SMART device life is a coffin nail to healthy lifestyle and especially the family unit, not just the individual. Everywhere I go it is all I see: people on their cellphones, young children, babies sometimes even. Stopping at least an hour before bedtime is good, and the amber-tinted blue ray blocking glasses help. I have used them for going on two years and sleep quite well, rarely dreaming except for remote viewing at times.

      Rarely in the western world does one find people who put family first and prohibit SMART devices. It is a glaring issue which now in stark contrast to what I observe here reveals the utter depravity of the US and its systems affecting human behavior. On every level it is the most massive mind control effort and truly every single element of the world created by the controllers is in place to effect this destruction of human souls. It’s shocking how bad it is, seen from a greater perspective. I am still the only person I know who doesn’t have or use a cellphone.

      I wish that people would heed your words, Chitta, and change their patterns to help open their eyes. Every day I think to myself the hope that just one person will be helped by what I am shown that I write here. Really, it’s REMOTE WRITING. It comes from past me, the force of the universe. I try to get out of the way and let it flow.

      A huge plasma storm has been building here, and that’s amazing. I wonder what happening “in the world.” There’s a high, high tome ringing, and I feel a sense of excitement, and am returning to listen to Vivekachudamani Part 1 – Shankaracharya – Ramana Maharshi – Advaita and then going into Part II as thunder announces the God force.

      Namaste, hari om.

  2. Thank you very much for the detailed reply.

    I have always appreciated the initiative in you to keep writing for awakening people; which I lack. Further, I always appreciate to give me an opportunity to put my thoughts / understanding on a subject that somehow you post; which otherwise I would not have shared! So, double thank you for all.

    I fully agree about destruction of family unit and that disconnectedness spreading world over! I have seen that addiction in people; who keep checking their mobiles every 5 minutes! The addiction of fake online social acceptance is very huge! Just massaging of the ego!

    So, by that comment above, I just tried to help people choose a way to work on themselves. Like you, I am hoping that, if not in public then in private, if a single person start working on self; our being as means of God’s work would be worth.

    I even noticed briefly about the plasma build up in sea coast somewhere in Goa, in a video / vlog by a certain youtuber! And, at that time I thought I would share that with you and ask you have you noticed any such thing? I forgot about that but you came up with the topic! So, I am surprised and yet not surprised!

    Hope that you also share on part-I & II of the video so that people can have a sample of perception with discernment on Advaita!

    Thank you for all.


    1. Your description of how to change wakeup/bedtime hours so as to allow time for meditation, contemplation, and really, to give the SELF/SOUL time to BE, as opposed to being overrun by the world in all its illusory glory, beginning with the cellphone, shoud give others the thought to change, since we are each providing examples as simple humans. Inspiration. However we are respectively motivated to do it, we’re doing it. Everything has ripples. So long as the intention is good, that vibe reverbs out.

      Hmm, at Goa, acchacha. I’m also not surprised, and would like to know which YTer if you want to say (somewhere). Thinking of coastline makes me think of the river here… wondering if water is part of the ‘picture’ in terms of the arcing during the passes being made, and/or the intensifying torroidals at play, enormous vs. much smaller (earth). The high frequency we hear (some of us) in part our own micro-torroidal cellularly, this translation to higher dimension. Then words fail to express.


      1. Thank you for the reply.

        The intention is to seed an idea to the people who are subconsciously / unconsciously trying to change but are pulled back.

        True about the ripples! I think without thinking about the ripples or anything else; which is definitely required, we need to concentrate on the job given to us by Him. Because, as per me, that is also a distraction! He wishes us to do the job with pure intentions and love; rest is to be left for Him to take care of!

        Water, having special properties (e.g. behavior at 4 Deg C, memories, others), everything is possible! Since, water is enabler of life; I am led to think that yes it is highly possible that there could be something huge on its part; as part of the ‘picture’.

        Thank you for all.


      2. Suprabhat, brother! Now gnow we are hypercommunicating. Your three pointings are key in a story I am framing to write, with expected completion a few days time, and the pure intentions are the soul shaping we are here to do, and why Christ took form as God in body to teach humans to literally EAT LIGHT FOOD – The Essene Gospels.

        This concept of seeding people who resist or continue down paths of ignorance needlessly, still, it is the choice of their soul as atman within the sheaths. The task of releasing attachment to the emotions related to regret and loss seems to be the last stumbling blocks to remove, as the Self is free of that, existing in reality of bliss where ignorance is discarded, and suffering is still illusory and ball and chain. Thank God for meditation and service to others, while coming to the awareness that trauma itself is an illusion created to keep them mired in darkness. It’s all quite subtle and yet our discussing here is the feather to some sleepers’ noses. And for you, this is perfect karma yoga, a natural blooming of your essence. <3

        I love this ripple image I found…


      3. Suprabhat, sister.

        Oh, I am surprised to gnow that! I am so much interested in the post on what you have to say, rather than my points!

        Yes, it is their choice to use the seeding or otherwise. Yet, it is our choice to allow the divine to act through us!

        Absolutely right about the last stumbling block. For the people, who are good at worldly unlearning; they can easily use their ability to unlearn the training of Maya to become aware of pain and suffering is illusion and soul doesn’t experience that; but only ego!

        Thank you, yet I am not so sure about my job! I am just sharing what I can! It is more like an engine of train (you) leading the passenger bogies / trucks (people like me); rather than the bogies / trucks moving on their own!

        Wonderful image, I love it too; thank you.


  3. This is timely and beautifully written and profound. Just what I needed to hear. I will re-read this. Thank you!!

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