September 9, 2019


“He knows about the desire and what the flesh needs. Doesn’t it desire the soul? The body does not sin apart from the soul just as the soul is not saved apart from the spirit. But if the soul is saved from evil and the spirit too is saved, the body becomes sinless. The spirit animates the soul but the body kills it. The soul kills itself.
I tell you the truth, he certainly will not forgive the sin of the soul or the guilt of the flesh, for none of those who have worn the flesh will be saved. Do you think that many have found heaven’s kingdom?
Blessed is one who has seen himself as a fourth one in heaven.”
– Jesus, The Secret Letter of James, from the Nag Hammadi Codex

This made me angry to read, as the enlightenment of gnosis about THIS hit me. How the so-called ‘expert scholars’ of the Nag Hammadi and ALL scriptures and witness documents (gospels) had substituted the Oxford English Dictionary word ‘knowledge’ for ‘gnosis’ in Jesus’ teachings. How the truth of what was taught by the Essenes has been and continues to be hidden, and how religion itself is all a lie. No wonder we who gnow the truth are persecuted as heretics and enemies of the deep state, which is the nations, now a one world government of surveillance.

The system of rule politicized truth, created religion, and set humans on a path of controlled destruction: language was a first weapon, and is to this day.
You see, in definitions it is separated into classes, categories and applications, and the slaves of society, the 99.999% all humanity who are not Illuminati nephilim ruling class, are preyed upon by this schism they created. Because THEY believe in and practice the dark side of truth, and are completely driven by the facts they term for us lower caste cattle useless eaters “esoteric religious doctrine”.
They are the sons of darkness hiding the light, fracturing TRUTH into schisms and -isms, and what they have hid kills souls. Period.

Oxford Dictionary of English definition of knowledge:

knowledge n. [mass noun]
1 facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject: “a thirst for knowledge”; “her considerable knowledge of antiques”.
– the sum of what is known: the transmission of knowledge.
– information held on a computer system.
– [PHILOSOPHY] true, justified belief; certain understanding, as opposed to opinion.
2 awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation: “the program had been developed without his knowledge”; “he denied all knowledge of the incidents”.

Oxford Dictionary of English definition of gnosis, gnostic and Gnosticism:

gnosis n. [mass noun] knowledge of spiritual mysteries.
<ORIGIN> late 16th century: from Greek gnosis ‘knowledge’ (related to gignoskein ‘know’).

gnostic [adjective] relating to knowledge, especially esoteric mystical knowledge.
– (Gnostic) relating to Gnosticism.
[noun] (Gnostic) an adherent of Gnosticism
<ORIGIN> late 16th century (as a noun): via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek g
nostikos, from gnostos ‘known’ (related to gignoskein ‘know’).

Gnosticism n. [mass noun] a prominent heretical movement of the 2nd-century Christian Church, partly of pre-Christian origin. Gnostic doctrine taught the world that the world was created and ruled by a lesser divinity, the demiurge, and that Christ was an emissary of the remote supreme divine being, esoteric knowledge (gnosis) of whom enabled redemption of the human spirit.

The archon rulers who created the universal church AKA catholic (the word means universal) hid EVERYTHING humans needed to get off the soul trap! (I must state that this happened/happens at top levels and down: there are MANY very well-intentioned people who identify as catholics.)
We who GNOW detox, fast eat in moderation, and choose to become vegan now that all milk of beasts is tainted genetically by the GMOs and miscegenation hybrid breeding, fornication between people and animals, and human cells in foods from satanic ritual abuse on all levels, as cannibalism is not limited to rare tribes, but is practiced by world leaders, and is put into all food, drinks, products and medical. We avoid what is called ‘riotous living’. Our bodies flush out the parasites which have been in us since we were in the womb, which is a tomb: same etymology.

I practice this, and my blood pressure today is 104/72. #justsaying

I’ll recap his words: the body desires the soul. The soul and the spirit are not one and the same. Our human being spirit will become the result of what we have chosen with our own will and how we lived, our choices, whether we became healed of sickness, in Jesus’ words, as he taught in the Essene Gospels. He defined sickness as having satans within: parasites, and taught his disciples and followers how to fast, cleanse and do enemas, and for how long. He was very specific about it.

Yet we live in a world where food is a sport, a pasttime, an identity, a way of life. People are eating themselves to death in a world of death. The Children of LIGHT were only to sojourn here, passing through this dimension, purifying.

Unless we deny the body its material pleasures of sin and excess, our soul will become a dwelling place of the disembodied spirits of demons. The bodyless interdimensional parasites. The formless ones, as is said in the Kolbrin. Djinn, archons, devils, satans. The nephilim offspring of fallen angels, hybrid beings, reptilian shapeshifters and giants.

What is the meaning of interdimensional parasites? Einstein was close when he tried to use the manmade science of mathematics called physics to say that time is like a folded piece of paper. But that grossly simplifies. Time, though, is not linear at all, but a realm of spirit expression which can be manipulated. It is done for evil by witchcraft, which includes the sorcery of all media and programming, and frequencies of light and sound, the pharmakiea spells in all air, food, drink, medical and every other product, by hallucinogens and illicit drugs and other addictions. The only good is by the messengers of the Most High, the angels, save for a few humans at times, and children and animals: the natural untainted pure souls. We see the angels in the sky and call them stars.

GOD – The Law of Creation; LIGHT… LOVE… THE PERFECT ALL – cannot have sin in His Presence. Sin is not able to be in proximity of The Law: it is more than opposite. The closest the hubristic so-called science of man has come to defining this is the contrast of the ever-expansion of infinity with a black hole, the cube, where Black Goo emanates from. A functional reason science is a false and misleading framework of understanding is that it is itself devised within the limits of the dimension posited within: this one. Even science theory on dimensions beyond this three-dimensional realm lack reference BECAUSE of their place of inceptioned theoretical query. Paleo-Hebrew pictographic language is more fact than the science’s fiction.

According to what Jesus taught as related in the lost books that were removed by the catholic church and the politicized religious Judeo-Christian movements built their foundations upon, all of these teachings were not only ignored, but all who taught what the Christ had taught them directly during his time here incarnated in a flesh body were punished, martyred and methodically exterminated by the “holy” [sic] Roman empire catholic church who took over the earth, subsuming all religions, and destroying tribes. The Sons of Light, or also called Children of Light, existed long before Yeshua of Nazareth, the Messiah Christ, came, and stories of his coming are found in cultures from different ages and continents.

If I came here in this life to perform my miracle and save just one person before becoming a star, so be it.
Isabella watered the pot of basil with her tears.
This is a holy war fought spiritually, one soul at a time.
Maybe some old lizard will repent.
After witnessing all I have and gone through all I did, the circle came round and I remain a Child of God as I gnew from birth when the pain started.
MOM is “WOW” upside down.

Please consider this post, and read the extrabiblical texts for yourself, all that was obscured. This isn’t about religion. The kingdom of heaven is in you and always has been, just as we were told, the buried gnowledge they secretly affirm and publicly keep all from.

Namasté <3

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  1. Thank you very much dear friend for the interesting post!

    The concept is new for me… the body kills the soul! Also, am still confused about spirit and soul! Wish that you elaborate more on both.

    True! Playing with the words and meanings… We are aware that how meaning of the words changes over years! Some of the meaning has changed to almost 180 degrees! The surprise comes when you refer a law dictionary! The meaning changes drastically and needless to say against us all natural born person!

    Thank you very much dear friend.


    1. You are so welcome, brother <3 This revelation was also new for me. The soul is a self, a person. We know these reptilian cannibal pedophiles are called people. They have souls, we have souls. Theirs are misshapen, with ugly forms. The cymatics of the water in their cells is of the seven sins and they are disgusting from the atomic level up. Sin causes death. Each sin resides in the body. Morgellons and Lyme sufferers actually witness their bodies rejecting this at an exponential rate! We see sin exit. It is horrific but true. This is what I have learned. The ancient texts refer to the djinn, demons and archons as the formless ones. Angels have beautiful forms. When a person takes in toxins, the cells are made sick. Eventually the person gets older and must make choices. It is cumulative. Christ taught – the Essenes taught before his incarnation – how to live as Lightworkers. This information is why Christ was killed. He knew it would be so though. There is more I do not understand fully… So, when we detox and live clean lives, over time we regenerate our entire selves and the holy spirit – the LIGHT – which is the Sacred Geometry – can exist in us and it fills us. This is called the Pleroma!

      1. Thank you dear friend for quick and informative reply!

        I am thinking, whom we are calling the reptilians, are they different kind of souls than us humans? Do they modify human body, so that their souls can better adopt the modified body and at same time, they can live in the body designed for the earth frequency? If something is not wholly our own, we tend not to take care of it… so perhaps “they” can manipulate a lot of things here; as it is not theirs!

        If sins reside in body, does it accumulates over generations via DNA and that has led to present conditions of many diseases, infections… so as to have shorter life span? When we start to somewhat understand the reality; it is already time to go!

        How to be crystalline with beautiful shapes/ forms? I understand the pure and clean body is prerequisite; but then we need to do more… and what more?

        Thank you again, dear friend.


      2. It’s really like three concepts/things all together affecting each other. We were created as souls before we were incarnated into our bodies. Bodies have appetites and once conception occurs, have a span of life, until death. Before we became physical we were light beings. This is where the demiurge facet comes into the discussion. As mortals, we were taught to avoid the seven deadly sins, live in moderation, and the Saturn worshipping cosmologic entities the archon fallen angels – names – over aeons the dimensions veils fell and fell, going lower like you said. Too much for one thoughtstream!

        I believe it works in the generations that way, yes.

        You know how we structure water with words, our bodies are the same. And our thoughts create forms like how the Creator made us with intent. We are just eventually returning. But the black goo cube of nihiliation is something to contend with as we consider all this. And the reset happening after CERN and all. At least we know we are LIGHT. But this is the next age already.

        This post is really critical. I cannot stress this enough.

      3. To you, and to all my family here are everywhere: if I am ‘offline’ digitally, gnow that our heart energy is never offline. I think of all of you all the time, please trust LOVE. We ARE light. The illusion of disconnection can be pressing. There is so much interference and attack constantly and never so strong as now. This means we are VICTORIOUS. Make decisions of clean living, peace, and BE YOUR CELESTIAL FORM. Time is not linear but the now now is where we choose divine. I hope this makes sense. Our cortisol-based stress reactions may elevate heart rate, cause perspiration, fear, adrenaline, crying, sweats, cold hands, pain, worse. I exhort all of us to refocus – like my posts referring to my Siamese cat Victor’s (I named him after my ob-gyn who birthed Emily and Max, C-sect then VBAC) eye condition called NYSTAGMUS – a constant refocusing. IT IS OUR INTENT OF CONTINUAL WILL AND APPLICATION THAT COUNT. BUT! We MUST must MUST remove as much non-healthy foods/drinks/products from our diet. It is very hard. We also must when we have the fight-or-flight responses immediately re-frame it all and instead of anger must rejoice! It is proof and vindication for us. This intent collectively is what will hasten the new earth coming <3

  2. Wow quick again! Thank you dear friend.

    I am trying to move in a direction / thought and then have some “understanding”. Then move to other. A times comes that I get the idea of connecting the dots!

    Black goo… still a mystery for me… is it akin to black hole? A physical entity – embodied entropy – a soul decaying / corroding mix – that eats away all life forces… slowly but surely…???

    I am aware of structured water… but somehow not sure how to properly structure it! It just now occurred to me that we have certain water purifiers available which when are in operation, they play some piece of music over and over from the chip! Since, I am aware about setting C with 440 hz instead of natural 432 hz; I guess we have a malevolently structured water coming out of purifier! What are your views?

    CERN… I am sure that there is some casting of spell with the way the acronym is pronounced!

    Thank you very much for all.


    1. Tape words onto the containers. I will try to post more as soon as possible. Cymatics. It is easy to structure! And I bless my fermenting kombucha with prayers too. I didn’t know about the music in purifiers! How cool is that!
      CERN portals increased amounts, stepping up the finale so to speak?
      So many dots…
      Yes, I convinced a guitarist to change his tuning to 432 in the winter of 2017 =)
      HKV and before him Max Spiers had much authentic information about black goo. Having become affected by Morgellons after untreated Lyme opened my eyes personally about it and nanotech in us. I have not evacuated black goo that I noticed, but some “Morgies” I came to know in the online communities showed pics and told stories of it leaving them. It is definitely a thing. That’s why I mentioned CERN/its portals.
      Purified water is going to be less malevolent than UNpurified. Structuring it with words will over not-too-much-time become completely obvious to a discerning individual that it works!

      1. Oh thanks again dear friend… very quick reply….

        Hope I am not the one keeping you awake in the night!

        Tape words onto the containers. <<< Reminded me about writing mantras on a piece of paper using an ink made of sandalwood + saffron paste and then sticking the paper on fan blade! The concept was to change the vibrations in the room as the fan rotates!

        Before, I forget, how exactly you have done it?… Tape words onto the containers.

        I now recall, I had seen a certain video of HVK about the black goo; but I guess I have forgotten the content. Max S, I haven't had any chance so far!

        Oh I get it… about structuring the water. And, I thought it was something I was missing to complete it!

        Thank you for all.


  3. What can you tell me about the Kolbrin bible? Is it to be trusted? Was it really written 3,600 years ago and penned by the Ancient Egyptians? There seems to be a lot of conflicting views and nothing solid about it on the web. Of course if we factor in Tartaria and the mudfloods than the whole historical timeline we are given is suspect.

    1. This is the second time in as many hours for me to hit ‘send’ on an email and open a pending comment, the reply to which I have just written!
      For one though, it’s not a bible, and the universal church called the Roman Catholic Church politicized the Christ event and created a false doctrine which is totally not the Essene Way Jesus taught! The Egyptians had for their capital Alexandria, and they had, since the previous cataclysmic reset, a way of life called Sons of Light. Their priests kept records, which led to the Kolbrin. Hidden from humanity because it rips to shreds the 501c3 religions (I have learned this from research, not being told by anyone. Assryiologists and Patristic scholars often are competing with each other, so wading through it all is tough, due to biases. But the Kolbrin provides knowledge mankind needs. They used to keep records so as to provide the people who survived the next reset coming with truth. It is a pattern over the ages on earth. We are fed lies.
      This is the email… topic, original sin.
      “I can understand the progression, trying to comprehend all this. Me too. The Apocryphon of John echoes what’s in the Nag Hammadi, but John experienced this vision later, I recall. Also the Kolbrin recounts it. I haven’t finished the NH or the Gilgamesh Epic yet. Have you read them? I think John’s vision was presented to him in ways he could embrace it, making it more humanized. Tolkien wrote a book called the Silmarillion that retells the creation like the Nag NH. We should be able to line up the overlapping details.
      Yaldaboath split her in two with his club, creating the moon and earth, each half of her body, and he became Nibiru, the trail of asteroids his belt, the gold of the earth had been her blood in her veins. Evidently Yygdrasil was the earth, and the Essene have a lovely simple diagram of man as a tree, roots/bodytrunk/limbs and it is within the FE realm, and the basalt of the Cliffs of Dover reveal the epithelial cellular structures of the wood!
      Oh my goodness, have you listened to the tree records? The real music fallen dieties duplicated!
      My understanding of sin is a bit different, but ends up in the same place. Our material realm. All materialization is fallen, not a gift but punishmentl, which is why Jesus said he came under a curse for us. Being made flesh is curse. The gnostic Essene way predated Jesus. I believe it’s The Truth… That’s why I’m vegan now. We literally can’t see things until we get the stuff out of our systems. Not trying to preach. Sorry.
      In the NH it’s called error, not sin. The first dieties were called aeons and are emissions of The All. It is a whole ‘nother ball ‘o wax

    2. Those pesky occultists, talking inversely… break down in-verse, that says a lot…
      Or older, since it was scribed for posterity…
      Oh, timelines. Time must shift with the flybys that caused the mud floods, other events. I think Tartaria’s been here since the waters were divided but this gets deep lol…

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