September 27, 2021

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Again this morning, but further East since the earth-encompassing parabolic increasing proximity of the coming Vesica Piscis of the Singularity of Christ’s return impends daily, the controllers of this fallen world use their aircraft in biowarfare atmospheric attacks upon God’s lenticular and meteoric clouds, as shown in these images taken approximately 7AM EST in the Midatlantic East Coast. You could call them Sunchasers, for in the past five years of my observation, that is what I see, but really, they are sun-fearers. The fleets of massive passenger airliners they spray the skies and humanity like bugs with, the Air Force and Naval jets conspire in Lucifer’s concert following the sunrise across the face of the earth. I’ve seen it in different states, countries and latitudes, even from the air returning from India, a 27-hour flight that showed me their craft from above as I looked down at the manmade clouds. The events of this world that make the news: diseases and variants, presidential vote counts, DEW-triggered fires, eathquakes and volcanoes, [Luciferian blood sacrifice of] kidnappings and murders and deaths, wars and rumours of wars, financial collapse of banks’ fiat currencies as the elite rake in gold and silver and blood, and the horsemen of famine and death as they collapse the supply chain… all these and more are timed with the inevitable arrival of The King. They are harvesting as many souls as they can with the Trojan Horse of Covid.

The churches are all in on it, encouraging use of apps and video ‘worship’ which collect and return etheric biodata, track humans with smart devices, and upload souls to the cloud via Magnet Assisted Transfection. They use 440 Hertz airwaves of radio with embedded images and demons in the sound. I see Mennonites and Amish with smart device cellphones and am sickened and grieved in my heart. A recent Mennonite flyer included in a local newspaper featured orders to the churchmembers to wear masks and be ‘fully vaccinated’. SMH. The so-called Christian radio stations, churches, pastors and the universities all participate in the Covid narrative.


The churches that have lost their first love (Revelation chapter 2), and serve Ba’al via 501c3 adherence are silent on every single fact stated above in the first paragraph.

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE front and back cover When Bill Cooper shared SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS and THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN in his book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE (he is to be credited, and gave his life as a martyr for Truth), in this book he made clear how the elite had codified a false concept they called “Schizoid Delusion” and the controllers ruined the careers and lives of anyone who questioned Satan’s narrative – it’s not a mere adjective called ‘satanic’, it IS of Satan, who is a BEING and the enemy of every human soul – and an agenda was in place to trap as many souls as possible using mind control. The year after he was murdered by the cabal, OPERATION NANO DOMESTIC QUELL was set in place, infesting all of us with nanotechnology to make the BioAPI, which is formed with the iron in our bodies, the heavy metals, molds, yeasts, their chemical toxins, GMOs and mycoplasmas and Agrobacterium (MONSANTO, Bayer, Syngenta) and the parasites and their strongholds in our bodies. Activated by 5G controlled by cellular phones (why they are called cellular) and towers and satellites, modulated by LED and radio and the Internet of Things, this is being taken, with the vaccination program spearheaded by Lucifer’s avatars “the Globalists” and the regulatory alphabet agencies and the media and education and science they craft, which people are decived into trusting since they have been brainwashed since conception, literally, to the Transhuman level called the Internet of Bodies, as many of you may recall Klaus Schwab (the man with a nephilim skull, same as Rothschild and the pharaohs, oval, not round: elongated).

No one unplugs. So I see for you, and show, and tell.

Politics is theater: the entire world is a theater in which the majesty of God is displayed, and the calumny of the wicked who are injecting as many of the human race as they can with the mRNA of their viral composition, which is the root of fear .

This world is cymatic illusion. There is only Truth, and that truth is LIGHT, the WORD, the pleroma of the Most High. The Shroud of Turin is the evidence of the CME from within the body of Jesus Christ which resurrected Him, and He is God. The disinformation campaign has been the focus of the world rulers under the devil, and who takes the time to read the accounts and report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrin and the other testimonies documenting His resurrection and forty more days on earth, seen by hundreds? Religions are all dogma of control: there is only truth, within each of us, in our cells of DNA, our miraculous regenerating bodies being targeted by CELLULAR phones.

And the first week of October rolls out the worldwide control of the banking system so that they can control spending and move everyone onto digital currency, ostensibly to provide ‘enhanced protection for touchless banking’.

I encourage everyone who wants to stand to the end to do the ropeworm protocol in my book, and if you need pine needles, I provide them, too. The BioAPI protocol is available on my Patreon platform to Acorn level subscribers and up, and through this patronage I provide one-on-one personal counselling to detox and regenerate.

To prevent being infected by the spike protein prion transference I drink 1-2 liters of pine needle tea daily, more if around the jabbed, less if I am able to be alone. You can also purchase (or grow) Star Anise.

How long until they begin rounding people up in the US for FEMA? If the progress on the camp they are building nearby is an indicator, they’re running scared and trying to get the camps – including the drainage ponds for liquified bodies – opened soon. More and more Taco Hells with unwarrantedly-massive drainage systems also are going up in every one of the states I have travelled through in the last five years. Soylent Green, anyone? Cultured protein? 3D -printed meat?

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