September 27, 2021

It is nine months since the Covid injections began and millions of babies to fully vaxxed parents are being born. The fully-vaccinated Covid parented newborns are abnormally strong, immediately hold their heads up, have lower IQ and black goo soulless eyes. They are animalistic, not human.

The mRNA injections for Covid-19 Coronavirus began on December 27, 2020, and at nine months after this “gene therapy” CRISPR bioengineering program, the first babies are being born. The following is video footage of a female newborn Covid product of two parents who were each injected (AKA ‘vaccinated’, althouh it is a known fact that this is not a vaccine, for the ‘virus’ has never been isolated (my article from December 20, 2020) and the inventors of both the PCR test, Kary Mullis (link to my article COVID TOES IN YOUNG PEOPLE including the downloadable PDF “Was The Covid-19 Test Meant To Detect A Virus?) and the scientist who invented mRNA vaccine technology and speaks against it, Dr. Robert Malone (my article published June 29, 2021) #SystemsThinking


In a new interview for the radio program Dirección Correcta, La Quinta Columna has referred to the so-called ‘pandemic babies,’ those babies who have been conceived during the pandemic and who, in addition, are the product of parents inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Now that 9 months have passed since the vaccination campaign began in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, some alarming videos have begun to go viral showing babies with a different appearance and who appear to be on a lower cognitive spectrum than average.

Of course, it’s part of La Quinta Columna’s research to pay attention to these videos and see if we start seeing more babies with complications like the one in the video they have shown.

Until it’s as evident and massive as the magnetic arms are, it will not be possible to say with certainty that these babies are the product of the intervention of graphene and other components present in vaccines that affect reproductive functions. But there are suspicions. Orwell City offers the key excerpt.

Those versed in Morgellons, Lyme, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and the underground bases, which many gave their lives to expose including Phil Schneider, Bill Cooper and Max Spiers are well aware that the technology behind the alien hybrid in the images above, taken from the video shot by the midwife who delivered this real and valid rationalization for abortion – indeed, no other reason exists – know that these hybrids have been secretly developed for decades. Only now is it becoming mainstream as the devil works to destroy the human race and replace it with Supersoldiers, black goo-eyed serpent seed enemies of humanity.

I wouldn’t put it past one to kill and eat its own parents and siblings and the family pets.

I was not joking when I said that this is a valid reason for abortion. The nephilim eat their own young and have always sacrificed them to Satan.

Midwife: “Let me tell something to you. If you don’t have a pandemic baby, then you cannot sit with me. Do you understand what I mean? These new pandemic babies are built different. Completely different. 

If I have had my last baby that I had during a pandemic, first, I’d be the child of one mother. I mean, I’d be the mother of one child. I wouldn’t have three because they’re built different. I’m trying to tell you they’re built different. They’re not like these other kids. They come out with an attitude. 

If I have had her first, I would only have one child, I’m telling you. So if you don’t have a 2020 baby or 2021 baby, you can’t sit with me. Don’t talk to me. leave me the fuck alone. Get out of my face. Because you don’t know the struggle of having a pandemic baby. Like I said…”


Dr. José Luis Sevillano: OK. I didn’t want to say much more. Only that, regarding pregnancies, I’d like to know on what basis these people are saying that vaccines are safe. We don’t understand. 

I mean, they start vaccinating at the end of 2020. At the end of 2020, I think I remember they started vaccinating in the UK. December… 

Ricardo Delgado: They started on December 27th. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Let’s imagine that the children start to gestate there, at that time. In other words, they already started mass vaccination of populations. And, then, at the end of December, women started getting pregnant. Well, children are being born now. They’re being born now. These children are being born in September. 

On what basis have they been saying for 9 months that the vaccine is safe and can be injected into pregnant women? Where have they studied that the vaccine is safe to be applied to populations of this magnitude? On which pregnant women have they studied these vaccines before being able to authorize it in 2020? 2021, sorry. 

These are nothing but lies. Everything is a lie. And they’re going to do whatever they want by lying because they’re the ones who say what to do. They rely on the authority of science. They have bought science because they pay the health professionals, and those do and say whatever they are asked to. People will only transmit the message that comes from them. 

But the serious issue here is that people are seeing it, and they don’t realize it. You can’t give a pregnant woman almost anything. Not even paracetamol. And if they put pressure on me: ‘No, don’t take too much. It may cause this and that…’ You have to measure everything with a magnifying glass and look at it carefully before giving medication. 

And yet, it’s supposed it hasn’t even been, let’s say, on the market for a year and a half. And it happens that it can be given to pregnant women. 

Hey, hey… This disease only affected very old people. What are they doing vaccinating pregnant women when it can be extremely dangerous for them? And who have they tested it on? On what and how many women have they tested it on to say that it’s okay to use it? 

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. They just go ahead and vaccinate pregnant women. Period. And they don’t care about anything. 

Ricardo Delgado: Well, as I say. You have to take this video with a grain of salt. The translation of what the midwife says is that she sees that vaccinated parents’ babies are especially different. However, until we have seen several cases, as happened with the issue of magnetism —there were millions of them—, right now, we will take it with a grain of salt, as we say.” – Source:

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