Harald Kautz-Vella warned of this and Morgellons/Lyme targeted individuals have seen this coming. Our eyes were opened to truth years ago. This is fulfillment of prophecy, for which Yeshua, Jesus Christ, came to earth in a DNA rescue mission. Great are the tares, few is the wheat. Please! If you are called, if you feel GOD – the MOST HIGH GOD – within you, pray and study for awareness and to remove and overcome the impediments in the way, which entrap your soul. Keyword search this blog. Detox the parasites and their heavy metal, toxin, mold, yeast and nanotechnology strongholds.

Time is literally running out. I add this pleading to round out the video and what activists are saying: without TRUTH, which IS CHRIST, your soul is going to be destroyed. The narratives of lies have been hiding truth forever. WAKE UP.


You pick your side.

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