Our bodies require LIGHT as sustenance to finish the human RACE and return to SOURCE

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THE TRUTH THEY HIDE TO KEEP YOU ENSLAVED. More than just The Ascension Diet, Human Ropeworm & parasite protocols, my “remote writing” as a high VMAT2 visionary seer helps readers identify the patterns of mind control programming & psycho-social, physical and spiritual conditioning used to prevent them from realizing the glory of the Divine Beings they really are. The unprecedented crime against humanity pharmakeia fraud of allopathic western medicine, Antedeluvian true world history, the Freemasons’ Illuminati world cabal of MK-Ultra, satanic ritual cannibalism & industry human sacrifice, Anunnaki alien genetic modification, Monsanto’s GMO, Lyme & Morgellons, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, weaponized language syntax, heavy metals, molds, yeasts, depopulation agendas, transhumanism, geoengineering climate change lie to hide Nibiru while shutting down the 3rd eye pineal gland soul-seat & poisoning us, 5G & cymatics, the sorcery of Hollywood & the news media, decoding the revisionist web of world history, how to make probiotics foods like kombucha and fermented cabbage, and more – all here. For daily updates you owe it to yourself to click to follow the blog and remove the veils from your eyes. Writing my heart out for you with all my love, @EatingToAscend
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If you really understand the physics of reality, the fact that every cell in our body is replaced every seven years, the fact that at the atomic level, there’s no such thing as matter as much as there is waves of energy that matter is composed of, and of arranging the molecules in your brain to engage with the rest of the world, to be a part of the universe, to enjoy the experience that it is to be a spinning wave of energy, the spinning spiral of light that we are as humans…


THE RAPTURE ALGORITHM: A two-part study (PART 2 OF 2)

Correcting programmed Rapture deceptions, Part II provides a comprehensive list of Rapture promises, descriptions, types and keys for the Believer to be ready, for the time is at hand as CMEs, solar flares and geomagnetic storms are occurring, with comets falling from the sky and asteroids nearer and nearer. The world theater dominoes are in place. Are you? This treasury of rapture wisdom will help!

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Derek Prince on OSAS: Vital, Neccesary and Timely for Finishing the Race

Derek Prince teaches on how we purchase our Salvation with endurance. Listen carefully, for he diligently points out accurate word interpretations as intentional mis-translations obscure truth to deceive the very Elect. The English language is the most weaponized language of…


THE RAPTURE ALGORITHM: A two-part study (PART 1 OF 2)

Correcting programmed Rapture deceptions, we look at some of the deceptions occluding knowledge of the rapture. Part II lists all the Rapture verses I have been able to amass in my studies since May of this year when my eyes were opened to the truth of the Rapture as the event which takes place before tribulation. Prior to that, as so many believers, I had been deceived into thinking that it was at the Second Coming somehow, and that we had to stand fast and endure God’s Wrath. The labyrinth of lies this world instills is deep and convoluted indeed.



Originally published September 16, 2018 Because I have been speaking the truth of this world for all of my life, and now stand alone in life having lost family and old friends, because of this, I dedicate this post to…


Solutions to Chemical and Radiation Poisoning

Solutions to chemical, microwave, 4G, 5G activated graphene and ferric oxide, nanotechnology and synthetic biology mRNA, Spike Protein poisoning, because “A monetary value is assigned to disease, impairments and shortened lives and weighed against the benefits of keeping a chemical in use.” – E.P.A.

God Bless you Pastor Laura !!! 🙂
I just spent 2 hours in the bathroom, and I will spare you the details…. but basically the worms wouldn’t stop coming out !!! In total it looked like kilos of ‘dead worms’ and also one full length (with head). I’m doing water enemas followed by coffee enemas. About 7 in a row !!!
I don’t have the herbs you mentioned yet… but I have Reishi mushroom powder also, which I took last night. And also charcoal powder before bed.
Yesterday I made the cabbage, so just waiting for that to ferment.
This morning, I almost cried with a mix of joy and disgust…when all this stuff came out…I’m sure you know what I mean…
So now I know this is the beginning of my REAL detox (I’ve been detoxing for years !!!! … with no avail).
And also the beginning of getting my life back. I’ve been so sick since 2014… truth be told probably longer than that. And I was sick of being sick.
But finding you just seemed like the missing piece of the puzzle.
Please let me know when your book is ready. I’ll be your first customer, for sure !!!
Now, I have no idea how long this will take… maybe months, maybe years before I regain my health. But I’m just so grateful to you and all you do.
Love, Peace, Health and Freedom !
Tanya XO

Published here https://eatingtoascend.com/2021/05/11/missing-puzzle-piece-found/

Hi, When I have time I sit and look. I always pray for guidance on what to look for & what to share. I had told my husband 6 months ago that I didn’t believe Islam was a real religion but made up to create chaos. You sent the link to confirm what I had said about that. Thank you not us but the Spirit inside. – Nancy in VA, October 15, 2019

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