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The organs regenerate, we are light, and food is death. Nothing in this world they provide exists to better us and at this point we must take strong action to detoxify.

THE ASCENSION DIET ROPEWORM PROTOCOL BIBLE HUMAN ASCENSION MANUAL will help you cleanse your temple and help you secure your place in the book of Life. Why? Because we are truly what we eat, and all of the accumulated genetic material, heavy metals, fungii, yeasts, pesticides and other toxins have grown monsters in our bodies – or as Jesus called them in The Essene Gospels of Peace, “little satans”. These are the cause of internal struggle, emotional and mental fluctations and instability, disease and death. This intensive combined protocol will help you take back your own life – body and soul.

THE ROPEWORM PROTOCOL BIBLE – HUMAN ASCENSION MANUAL is available in paperback and electronic forms, links below

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Now all has become clear as the enemy’s gloves are off and the assault on the human DNA genome is in full swing with the mark of the beast vaccination program.

The book is the best option because it not only includes THE ASCENSION DIET – EATING TO ASCEND COMBINED ROPEWORM PROTOCOL, but all the major natural detox protocols for the ropeworm and parasites, and in doing so addresses so many other issues of toxicity.

This is the truth hidden from humanity, just as they hid the Essene Gospels.

I have spent the last few months writing this book, which was originally only one chapter in what will now be the next book (making this book a prequel, like in the STAR WARS releases, which began with showing TATTOOINE, the RED PLANET NIBIRU overhead – JUST AS IT IS NOW) coming out in JUNE which I had planned in 2018 to have published first, but COVID CHANGED EVERYTHING AND I KNOW THAT PEOPLE NEED TO GET THE ROPEWORM AND PARASITES OUT to survive what’s coming. I also know that many don’t have a clear picture of the BIG PICTURE and I am trying desperately to get this out into everyones eyes, ears and hands so they can save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

These parasitic entities the medical establishment denies are the serpent in the gut, and believe it or not, they travel throughout the body. I EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS – WITH HISTORIC AND SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENTATION – in THE ROPEWORM PROTOCOL BIBLE HUMAN ASCENSION MANUAL. It is available in every nation on the face of the earth,but for now, only in English (I will make other languages available and welcome suggestions in the comments below, through the Let’s Talk page, or via email.

Everyone has ropeworms, yet the medical establishment is in complete denial of this fact. You see them everywhere, in the big bellied, protruding abdomen, saddlebag-hipped big-butt bodies. On the other end of the spectrum, they exist hidden deep in the gut of other-wise lean figures who still “just don’t feel quite right”. Some feel them move, even. Almost everyone, however, struggles in their own internal narratives. Ropeworms in the body are disturbers of our peace, and robbers of our sovereignty.

It’s time to evict these monsters. Whether you believe the last days are at hand because the skies are being hidden from us or not, you just don’t need these unwanted guests sapping your lifeblood. It is the foreign DNA of all systems not original to humans when we were created that is responsible for all things negative, all of which lead to disease, death of the the body, and loss of one’s soul. For more information on why, read THE BODY KILLS THE SOUL.

It is my fervent wish that what I share grows your wholeness on all levels.

Below is just one testimony:

[name withheld], June 22, 2019
“I am in a bit of a state of shock. I can’t believe that something as big as giant parasitic worms in our bodies can go so unnoticed so long by the mainstream health “services.” I mean these ropeworms don’t show up in X-rays, or MRI’s? And then I saw your link to the article about all the mysterious deaths/murders of doctors and health practitioners and two and two is starting to add up. If what you are saying is true, that we all have worms and that they are essentially one and the same with demons that have been plaguing us and causing all the diseases, all the addictions, all the laziness and hatred, then your book and detox protocols may be the most important thing since the bible and should be mandatory reading!”


Amazon Kindle
Amazon Paperback
Lulu Paperback

May The Most High GOD remain forever the LIGHT you seek within.

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