Irrefutable proof in video from China of 5G kill switch weapon in action as CCTV video records the actual DEW EMF wave as it strikes down cyclist, FAA forced to ground US inbound/outbound flights

La Quinta Columna: "The pulse that made the interference in the camera made the interference in the heart rate." #InstantFlatline #cardiacarrest

FOR THE VACCINATION TRUTH HESITANT: COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer BNT162b2 Vaccine – Modified RNA has a direct effect on DNA

KNOW THE ENEMY: BNT162b2 Here is the package insert for the one-dose BioAPI SARS-COV2 mRNA CRISPR technology genetic destruction Covid-19 injection / vaccination death of human race by EMPCOE injection known as THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

Your adversary the devil is behind all of this!


SUPERBOWL 55 HALFTIME DECODE: A BLATANT ADMISSION - IN BIBLICAL GEMATRIA DECODE, THE NUMBER 55 MEANS "TO RESIST TRUTH". Last Sunday's 2021 Superbowl Halftime is openly foretelling what will happen to all who march in lockstep with the CV-19 agenda, accepting the vaccine.

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